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The 2024 Winnebago Travato Class B motorhome series for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK is perfect for anyone who wants to go on a trip that is both fun and relaxing. The Travato has been the best-selling camper van in North America for a long time. This is because Winnebago is known for its quality, creativity, and customer service. Consider the following elements: Travato's four varied floorplans allow you to utilize it as a daily car or for extended camping vacations. The Ram ProMaster chassis' 280-horsepower V6 engine delivers enough power for cruising around town or on the interstate. This chassis also provides excellent handling. Regardless of the weather, the construction quality is unrivaled, with enough insulation, heated storage tanks, and optional two-pane windows that keep the elements at bay. Travato's industry-leading Pure Advanced Energy System can offer energy even if you don't have a generator or electrical hookups if you wish to go off the grid. This enables you to go out and explore even the most distant locations without fear of running out of power. With the option of a Murphy bed or a double bed layout, there is plenty of sleeping room. For overnight guests, an inflatable front cab bed is also available. The luxurious Winn Sleep system, which includes beds and suspension to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep, is a component of every design. The coach has a lot of storage space, so whether you're taking a short trip or a lengthy one, you may bring a variety of stuff with you. The galleys are also well-equipped with contemporary technology, giving you a variety of gastronomic options. The Winnebago Travato enhances every journey's comfort, enjoyment, and all-around experience with its modern and classic comforts. Contact your neighborhood McClain's RV Store to arrange a visit and test drive in one of these fantastic camper vans.

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2024 Winnebago Travato Class B Vans floorplans


The 2024 Winnebago Travato Class B Motorhomes for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK come in four different floor plans. Each one has a unique layout that may be adjusted to the user's specific camping needs and preferences. The cab floor of the 59G is elevated, providing an unobstructed view of the road from both the driver's and passenger's seats. A storage container that covers the whole width of the bus is located above the cab. This is an ideal spot for privacy blankets or drapery. While the car is parked, both seats may twist around to face the cabin. A table can also be attached to the mounting point in front of the passenger seat. Just behind the driver's seat, the RV includes two full-size seats, each with a three-point safety belt. There's also a mounting spot for the table right here, providing you with two more options for where to put it. A pantry and a two-door combination refrigerator and freezer are located behind the room's two seats. The microwave with touch control is located above the refrigerator, providing you with more cooking possibilities. The sink and two-burner stove are on the opposite side of the bus, on the passenger side. The countertops were made of Corian. Following that, you can enter the wet bath through a sliding door. The foot flush step on the toilet is perfectly positioned, and the flexible shower head is conveniently accessible above the sink. If you want additional sleeping space, use the fold-up Murphy bed, which is attached to the wall and extends to a 49-by-77-inch sleeping area. Under the bed, there is a superb variety of storage drawers and bins, offering plenty of space for whatever you want to bring with you. The 59GL model has the same floorplan layout as the 59G model, but it features the remarkable Pure Energy Management System technology, which eliminates the need for the generator seen in the 59G model. The layout of the 59K differs substantially from that of the 59G and GL. The two front swivel chairs are still there, but the area behind the driver's seat has been converted into a kitchenette. As a consequence, you now have your sink, refrigerator, and stove right in front of you. The table attachment on the carriage is mobile and adjustable, so you may use it for both eating and working. Two twin beds, one on either side of the automobile, have taken the place of the original Murphy bed. They are each 28 by 74 inches in size. However, with the help of Flex Bed technology, the overall sleeping area can be increased to 74 by 76 inches, easily accommodating the weight and size of two people. At this time, the restroom has been moved to the back of the car. A whole wardrobe is shown on one side when the sliding door is opened, complete with waterproof doors to keep the contents of the closet clean and dry. The restroom sink may be folded up when not in use, and the foot-operated flushing system on the toilet frees up your hands. The 59KL model has the same layout as the 59K but adds an energy management system, giving you more options for off-grid living.

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2024 Winnebago Travato Class B Van exterior


The 2024 Winnebago Travato Class B Vans for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK exterior features and comforts let visitors enjoy their off-road and on-road adventures. Travato comes in four distinct hues, so there's certain to be one that matches you. Granite, Deep Cherry Red, Brilliant White, and Ceramic Grey are the standard colors, but the new premium exterior packages greatly improve the appearance by eliminating some of the black body covering to let more painted area shine through. The Ram ProMaster chassis gives a comfortable ride, and the 280-horsepower V6 engine collaborates with the 9-speed transmission to bring power to the road quietly and effectively. The front end of the automobile has a broad, sloping, aerodynamic windshield that decreases road and wind noise while allowing a panoramic view of the road. The updated front grille looks more contemporary as well. Turning around to the passenger side, you'll see the huge motorized awning, which gives excellent coverage when you're parked and ready to relax outside. It also includes a huge LED under the awning that emits light throughout the night. Exterior features include entrance help bars, which operate in conjunction with the aluminum step bars to make entering the coach easier. When the sliding door is opened, a screen door with magnetic seals keeps the fresh air in and the pests out. You may gain access to the rear annex features by opening the twin back doors. Between the two doors, a device-supplied support bar, a shower curtain for privacy, or another screen door for a bug-free outdoor living space may be fitted. Outdoor AC/DC receptacles and TV connections make it easier to enjoy the outdoors. Models have different electrical systems. Cummins Onan 2800-watt generators power the 59G and 59K. You'll have plenty of power wherever you go thanks to two deep-cycle marine batteries, solar panels on the roof, and a 1000-watt sine wave converter. The Pure Energy Management System, available in the 59GL and 59KL models, uses a lithium battery pack, solar panels, a 3200-watt inverter, and an auxiliary alternator to provide over 9,000 watt-hours of energy without the need for a generator or electrical hookups. This gives the owner the best off-grid capabilities available today. Outside the car, on the patio, a liquid propane hookup is also provided, making it simple to attach a grill for cooking. All of your water and storage tank valves, as well as any city water hookups, are controlled via the water center control panel in the back of the truck. Winterization is also a breeze thanks to the siphon tubes, heated drainage systems, and clearly labeled bypass valves. The Eco-Hot system's on-demand water pump, which may run on electricity or propane, quickly produces hot water. It includes a sizable internal LP tank and a gauge on the outside that lets you know when to refuel. If necessary, you can enhance your adventure with add-ons like a mobile ladder, roof rack, and bike rack.

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2024 Winnebago Travato Class b Van interior


The 2024 Winnebago Travato Class B RV for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK is designed to make your off-road and on-road trips more comfortable and pleasant. The controls in the cab are well organized for the driver's convenience, and the seats are multi-adjustable for comfort. Powerful motorized mirrors, locks, and windows are standard, as are a variety of 12-volt and USB connections. The high-definition camera in the digital rearview mirrors provides a clean, sharp image. The Travato has several safety features, including lane assist, collision warning, pedestrian safety braking, and crosswind assist. The "blue" color scheme is revealed by flipping the two cab seats inside out. Grays, blues, and beige create an appealing aesthetic that highlights the three cabinet options: walnut, walnut and white, and aged teak. LED lighting is recessed into the soft vinyl ceiling, supplementing the natural light streaming in through the huge, tinted windows. The thick vinyl flooring may be dressed up with the optional woven floor mat to offer a touch of sophistication. The galley counters are made of Corian, one of the nicest surfaces available, and the stainless-steel sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms are easy to access and use. A microwave and a two-burner stove are available for cooking, while the fridge/freezer combination units give enough storage capacity. A cold-water filtration system put beneath the sink helps purify the water you drink. For cooking, a spice rack is also offered. Your vehicle's system controls are all located above the sliding door. In order to control HVAC systems and energy management, touchscreen displays are employed. The coach is kept cool by roof-mounted Coleman Mach 10 A/directional C vents, and its heating system, the Truma Combi Eco Plus, may be powered by either gas or electricity. Additionally, Winnebago provides a smartphone app that enables you to control most of the vehicle's features even while you are not within it. Bathrooms ought to be both functional and enjoyable. Visitors who are six feet or taller can use the shower, which has a hands-free option. You have a real glass mirror and a medicine cabinet. Fresh air enters via a motorized roof vent. The wood-look flooring adds a sense of sophistication. The fold-up Murphy+ bed system glides and locks into the wall when not in use, and when installed, the twin bed system is fully expandable with the Flex Bed system to provide a queen-sized sleeping area.

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The 2024 Winnebago Travato Class B motorhome for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK is always ready to go. Winnebago's decades of experience in producing the greatest motorhomes on the market have resulted in exceptional success with this line of RVs, including the production of North America's best-selling camper van. From its smooth ride to its fuel-efficient engine to its wonderful variety of amenities, the Travato was built to keep you moving no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. Travato was created to deliver years of memories, so it can function as a typical family hauler as well as an adventure seeker. Because it gives you all the conveniences of home, you can enjoy your time away from the grid without compromising elegance or convenience. Because there is enough room for up to four people, you and your loved ones may go on adventures only limited by your imagination. When you arrive, you can spread out and take a nap on one of the twin beds or the Murphy bed that is set up. You can use this to get ready for your vacation the next day. Due to solar power, the onboard generator, or the Pure Energy Management System, the electricity is always on, enabling a modern lifestyle even when off the grid. You can transport a variety of outdoor goods thanks to the Travato's innovative storage components. It's simple to choose your new recreational vehicle (RV) when all of these qualities are taken into consideration, along with Winnebago's great customer service and guarantees. Discover why the Travato is the ideal Class B motorhome for you by taking one for a test drive at any McClain's RV Superstore location.

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