2025 Winnebago Sunstar Class A Gas Motorhome for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX

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Winnebago Sunstar Overview


The 2025 Winnebago Sunstar Class A Gas motorhomes for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX offers a contemporary look and feel for people who want to travel. Due to smart packaging, each of the four different floorplans exudes a beautiful sense of openness and space, and the attention to detail embodies the renowned Winnebago quality. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with lovely details like wood cabinetry and luxurious upholstery on the furniture. The choice of delicate hues creates a serene atmosphere throughout the interiors, from the lounges to the bedrooms. The Sunstar has sleeping space for up to 6 people and is designed for relaxing travel and entertaining your closest friends. If you gaze out the expansive panoramic windshield, you can catch a glimpse of the enormous universe of possibilities. The sturdy Ford chassis offers a solid platform, while the powerful V-8 guarantees a quiet and effortless ride. Take advantage of nature's best-kept secrets with more time off the grid and on the road thanks to class-leading storage, spacious holding tanks, and other improvements. With its new look on the outside, Sunstar commands attention in parks and on highways. The Sunstar's very apparent paint, which practically shimmers in the bright sunlight, sets it apart from its competitors. Thanks to integrated technology like the Winnebago Control system, which gives you complete control over the coach's operations, you can operate these fantastic RVs with ease and simplicity. When driving a Sunstar, the excitement of the next hill is always something to look forward to. To enjoy the gorgeous surroundings that the Winnebago Sunstar has to offer, stop by one of McClain's RV Superstores.

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2024 Winnebago Sunstar floorplans


The 2025 Winnebago Sunstar Class A gas motorhome brand for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX strives to deliver a premium RV experience. Each of the four varied floorplans provides a selection of unique features to enhance its owners' active travel lifestyles. Although the 29V is only 30 feet long, it is equipped with several comforts. The two captain's chairs are at the front and may be entirely reclined as well as turned to face the interior. You may even put a StudioLoft bed over the driver's seat for a added secluded place. A single, large slide-out runs the whole length of the driver's side of the 29V. In front, it offers either a typical sofa bed or optional theater seats. Four people may eat in the Hi/Lo dinette, which is situated across from the RV. When even more sleeping space is needed, the dinette may be extended to become a bed. Just next to the dinette is a large bathroom with a walk-in shower, a toilet, and a sink area. The kitchen includes an L-shaped counter with a double basin sink, a three-burner stove, and a full-size fridge and is located across from the bathroom. Via two sliding doors, the master bedroom, which features a king-sized bed, is reached. Storage cabinets are located on either side of the bed, and a large storage dresser is positioned at the foot of the bed between two wardrobes. The layout of the 31B model, which comes after the 29V, is similar but differs in a few ways. The sofa bed has been moved around and is now on the other side of the bus from the dinette, which was previously on the slide. The refrigerator is now next to the bathroom, but the slide-out with the kitchen counter and stove is still there. There is now an inclined shower in the bathroom with a large pan and a curved entry. Over the 29V, and across from the bathroom, are the bunk beds, an extension. The two extra beds are available to them. The king-sized option has been replaced with a queen-sized one as the first change to the suite. In addition to the nightstands on either side of the bed, there is a sizable closet and storage cabinet at the foot of the bed that has a TV mounting point. The 33K model's layout is somewhat similar to the 31B model's; in fact, the coach's front is the same, but the rear has seen several significant changes. Instead of the massive bathroom in the center, you now have a little half-bath with a nice-sized sink area and a toilet across from the kitchen. With its own slide-out, the bedroom's king-sized bed significantly expands your floor area. At the foot of the bed is a dresser with a TV mount and two spacious closets. The bedroom now includes a full bathroom, with a pretty spacious walk-in shower and a long countertop that matches the sink and toilet. The 34R, one of the more creative floorplans in the Winnebago lineup, is unique from the other models in several respects. The driver and passenger still have their familiar captain's seats up front, but a sizable U-shaped dinette now slides out from behind the driver's compartment. It boasts a ton of seats, measures 95 inches wide, and has extra storage to boot. There is an optional theater seat or a fold-out couch sleeper across from the dinette. There is now a slide-out kitchen on the passenger side that has a burner and a long countertop that is ideal for preparing meals. There is a residential-style refrigerator and pantry on each side of the bus. This is followed by a sizeable pantry. Your large bathroom and a corner shower are located in the room after. A innovative king-sized Murphy bed in the master bedroom can be reached through the sliding door. When pushed up against the wall, the dinette workstation welcomes you and turns your bedroom into a useful workspace. There is still plenty of room because nightstands and wardrobes each provide a ton of storage space.

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Winnebago Sunstar Exterior


The 2025 Winnebago Sunstar Class A gas motorhome for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX contains a vast variety of exterior updates to help stand out from the crowd. Sunstar's sturdy Ford F53 chassis provides a solid foundation and strength from the ground up. The 6-gear gearbox works well and effectively to deliver the power from the 7.3L V-8 engine to the road. Moreover, Sunstar has a 5,000-pound towing capacity, so you can pull a chase car behind you. You may select from one of five different exterior colors for Sunstar to help you show your own style. Moonlight's exterior color scheme contains undertones of frigid black, blue, and gray. Toreador has a fiery appearance because of the use of dark red and maroon accents together with grey highlights. Cloudburst is a collection of various greys and silvers that mimic an alpine sky on a cloudy day. Both Flintstone and Deep Sea feature a beige background with the customer's option of a blue or red accent package to draw attention to the coach. Sunstar has a distinctive, colorful appearance that helps it stand out thanks to these exquisite paint treatments. A protective plastic coating that runs the length of the front shields it from stones and bumps. A substantial motorized awning that will give you a ton of shade over your outdoor enjoyment area can be seen as you get close to the automobile. They have LED lights embedded into them so that the party may continue into the night. Every Sunstar includes an outdoor entertainment space equipped with Bluetooth surround sound systems and HDTVs. The Sunstar series provides industry-leading storage with large compartments with side-hinged doors and paddle-style closures. For your comfort and belongings' safety throughout the winter, the compartments are lit and heated. You can use the outdoor shower, which has both hot and cold water, to wash off your clothes or yourself after a strenuous day in the woods. Cummins Onan MicroQuiet generators, which generate a staggering amount of electricity for use both on and off the grid, are standard on all variants. The coaches' pre-wired solar systems can be upgraded to 460 additional watts if they are still insufficient. The Service Center offers all of your water and sewage hookups in one handy location, simplifying the process as much as possible. A 35,000 BTU heater keeps you toasty in colder climates, while a single 15,000 BTU air conditioner or two 13,500 BTU air conditioners keep the coach cool in hotter climates.

Winnebago Sunstar National Parks Foundation

2025 Winnebago Sunstar National Parks Foundation Special Edition

A special package honoring the long-standing partnership between Winnebago and the National Parks Foundation is the 2025 Winnebago Sunstar NPF Class A gas motorhome. The NPF has a distinctive appearance and feel of its own while providing various extra features above the normal Sunstar series. A blacked-out grille and wheels have been added to the exterior to give it a more aggressive appearance. The NPF Sunstar is the sole vehicle with the mountain-inspired paint schemes; the Canyonlands option features browns, reds, and beige for a desert mesa-style aesthetic, while the Glacier design is blue, grey, and silver for views of the Rockies. In addition, Sunstar NPF includes a twin awning setup that is not seen on any other Winnebago motorhome. A sizable, semi-circular batwing awning at the back of the regular 17-foot awning adds flair and provides an amazing 310 square feet of covered outdoor area. A modernized solar energy system with three upgraded solar panels, a charge controller, and a 320-amp lithium-ion battery is also included in the NPF package. You can also benefit from the Tailgate Package, which includes LP, an outside fridge, a sink, and a grill or stovetop hookup. The Sunstar NPF, named "Town and Country," features a unique color scheme, gorgeous Monterey oak cabinetry, odd dark wood-style vinyl flooring, and dark furnishings that give the space an outdoor, woodsy feel reminiscent of our most well-known national parks. Similar to the standard Sunstar 29V, the floorplan, dubbed the 29NP, has a large king bed in the rear, lots of seating, including a fold-out dinette and couch bed in the front, and a roomy gourmet kitchen. With these special features and the integrated state-of-the-art technology, the Winnebago Sunstar NPF offers you a feeling of comfort and independence. It is welcome in all of the stunning national parks in the United States. Check out these limited-edition RVs at McClain's RV Superstores before they're all gone.

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Winnebago Sunstar Interior


The 2025 Winnebago Sunstar Class A gas motorhome family for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX makes you feel as though you are inside a portable palace while you are cruising. The clever additions within the cab are meant to support your operating efforts and offer a simple, uncomplicated ride. The panoramic windscreen offers a stunning view of the road in front of you. The 7-inch touchscreen's integrated radio and infotainment system is fully compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The two captain's chairs in the cab rotate to face the cabin after the day's travel is over, reducing driver fatigue. As you look inside the main cabin space, you can see the Town and Country design package. The wood-look vinyl flooring's deep tone promises years of durability. Wallpaper, bedspreads, and counters in light colors go well with contemporary light cabinetry. The Ultrafabric Linen choices for the furniture include both light and dark, and both are incredibly soft and comfortable in addition to being stain- and wear-resistant. Corian countertops in the kitchen provide lots of room for food preparation, while backsplashes made of real tile lend a lovely touch of luxury. There are offered deep fitted stainless steel sinks with residential-style faucets. For different meal options, you have a 3-burner stove and convection microwave combo. Each of the roomy pantries has plenty of room for food and other supplies. Beautiful textured glass shower doors are included in the bathrooms, and skylights provide a plenty of natural light and additional headroom. Along with sealed worktops, medicine cabinets with actual glass mirrors, tons of storage niches, and towel hooks, porcelain toilets also add a beautiful touch of domestic flare. The coach has a ton of storage space because of its spacious cupboards, but the bedrooms have the most of it. You'll have plenty of room for clothes and accessories on every floor plan thanks to the drawers, closets, and bedside nightstands. Every bed comes with upgraded sheets, foam mattresses, and comforters. Enormous frameless windows let in plenty of natural light and the surrounding environment. To further enhance the sumptuous feel of the space, pleated shades are installed on each window. The Winnebago Control system allows for the operation of every coach feature. You can manage all of your slides and awnings, check your levels, keep an eye on how much battery life is left, and even adjust the soundtrack using your touchscreen. Actually, you can perform the same tasks on your phone by downloading an app.

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Winnebago Sunstar Why Buy

Why Buy

The 2025 Winnebago Sunstar Class A gas motorhome for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX stands apart in the industry since it provides an astounding level of luxury and beauty at a very low price point. Winnebago has provided top-of-the-line, cutting-edge motorhomes for than 60 years, with Sunstar being one of the most known models. Whether you choose to drive on the highways or through a mountain pass, Sunstar ensures that you and your family will have a lifetime of memories. Although the powerful and efficient V8 gets you there securely and effectively, the tried-and-true Ford chassis guarantees a comfortable ride. With a steel safety cage encircling the cab, many safety belts conveniently located throughout the cabin, and even child seat tethers integrated into the frame, safety is always given top priority in Winnebago design. When camping, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors offer security, and ground fault interrupters—similar to those used in homes—prevent electrical surges. A three-year, 36,000-mile structural warranty and a 12-month, 15,000-mile limited coach guarantee are also included with every Sunstar from Winnebago. The roof also comes with a ten-year warranty. Sunstar is your sole option if you're searching for the best adventure car that will take you on breathtaking journeys. Visit us at McClain’s RV Superstores to learn more about the perspectives Sunstar has to offer.