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Winnebago Spirit Overview


The 2025 Winnebago Spirit Class C motorhomes for Sale are a classic, family-friendly range ready to accompany you on your next journey. For many decades, the term "Winnebago" has been synonymous with the RV lifestyle, and no other model inspires images of the wide road and exhilarating trips quite like the Spirit. The tried-and-true Ford E350/450 chassis is an industry mainstay that serves as a solid base for the RV. The 7.3L V8 engines are known for their dependability and efficiency, providing you more range on long interstate trips and plenty of strength when you need it. The Spirit models come with six very different and unique floorplans that give owners a huge amount of freedom in how they want to use their homes to get the most out of their pleasure. With room for up to eight people to sleep and a lot of storage space, you can bring a lot of people with you on your next camping trip. The high-end features are some of the best in an RV and are on par with those in a high-end hotel. Gourmet kitchens have state-of-the-art appliances, and there are lots of couches and dinettes for you and your friends to sit on. You'll be surprised by how big the bathrooms are and how they have bathtubs. The beds are also very cozy, so you can rest and relax after a long day of traveling. The Winnebago Spirit is the right RV for that long-awaited road trip with your special someone, a weekend trip with friends, or a trip to the beach with your family. Visit one of McClain's RV Superstores to see all the great features that these RVs have to offer.

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2024 Winnebago Spirit Floorplans


The 2025 Winnebago Spirit Class C motorhome collection is a highly versatile range, comprising six distinct floorplans that offer a wide array of features and benefits. The 22M model initiated the product range and has maintained its position as a top-selling model for several years. The capacious seats within the cab provide exceptional comfort and afford a commanding view of the roadway. Positioned atop the cab is a capacious cabover bed, affording ample room for slumber or leisurely repose. Located aft of the driver's seat is a U-shaped dinette that is equipped with lap belts for up to three individuals and can be transformed into a sleeping space. The galley is situated opposite the dinette and comprises a profound, dual-basin sink, a three-burner cooktop, and a refrigerator. Located at the driver's side is a spacious storage area intended for the storage of food items and other essential provisions. The powered slide-out mechanism that fits a queen-sized bed facilitates the aforementioned feature, which results in the expansion of the floor area within the bedroom section. As extra storage space, the bedroom has a nightstand and a closet. In addition, the TV stand is set up at the foot of the bed. At the end of the bed is the door to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, there is a stand-up shower that is 24x36 and has a window for natural light. There is also a toilet that you flush with your foot and a sink that is big enough. The next prototype in the group is the 22R, which has a number of changes. The model described above doesn't have a slide-out feature, but it does move the bedroom to the back of the vehicle. There is a bathroom right next to the bed area. The toilet and sink are close to the side wall of the RV, but there is still plenty of room to move around comfortably. The 25B floorplan is the first in its line to use the Ford E450 chassis. The 22M and 22R floorplans, on the other hand, are built on the E350. Making big changes to the inside starts with moving the table to the other side of the car and adding a large sofa bed right behind the driver's seat. On the passenger side of the car, across from the dinette and past the coach's front door, is the refrigerator, which is opposite the galley. At the moment, there is a large sink and oven next to the couch on the side for the driver. There is a large closet next to the sink that could be used as a storage pantry, and the entry to the bathroom is through the wardrobe. The bathroom and bedroom in the back of the 25B are set up the same way as they are in the 22R. With the addition of two slide-outs on the driver's side of the 26T model of the recreational vehicle (RV), a lot more room is made available. There is a first slide-out at the back of the driver's seat that stays in its normal sofa or bed configuration. However, adding two theater-style chairs is now an option that can be chosen while placing the order. There are places to store and cool things right next to this sitting area. There is a fridge and a pantry. Along with that, there is a large L-shaped countertop area that fits the oven, stove, and round sink. It has been moved so that the U-shaped dinette is now next to the entrance to the coach and on the side of the car where people sit. As you walk down the hallway and turn left, you'll see a large storage cabinet and closet on the left. These will lead you to the bedroom, which is accessed through a sliding door. The queen-sized bed is on a separate slide-out platform, and there are nightstands on both sides to make it more useful. When you walk into the bathroom, you'll see a folding door and a number of features, such as a toilet, sink, and standing shower. For your comfort, the bathroom also has a medicine cabinet that is mounted on the wall and storage cabinets. The 31H form greatly increases the collection's range by being over 32 feet long and making major changes to the way the furniture is arranged inside. There is some similarity between the front of the car and the 26T, but the back of the car moves a lot. As you go up from the cooking area, the bathroom is right next to the pantry, to the right. There is an expanded shower area in the bathroom that gives it more width, as well as a large bench next to the sink. The bunk beds are on the side of the vehicle facing the driver's side. They are 30x73 inches. There is a useful chest of drawers and cupboard that extends to the back wall next to the bunk beds. On the driver's side, there is a queen-sized bed with nightstands and hanging closets on either side. The 31K, which is the last model in the Spirit line, is probably the largest choice. The slide-out, which is on the driver's side behind the cab, is where the U-shaped table and couch bed are kept. The galley is located across from the car and is set up in a neat and practical way. Both the specified location for placing the television and the cupboards positioned above offer enough space for storage. The large countertop has plenty of space for food preparation, and the sink and three burners run the length of the cabinet. The split restroom, which has a washbasin and commode on the right side of the motorhome and a shower stall on the left, is accessible from an elevated platform next to the refrigerator. The queen-sized bed's position has been changed such that it now rests up against the recreational vehicle's back wall. End tables and wardrobes are next to the bed, and they are now placed on either side of it. There is plenty of room to walk around the bed.

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Winnebago Spirit Exterior


The exterior design of the 2025 Winnebago Spirit is widely recognized within the RV industry. It can be argued that the configuration of the Winnebago, featuring a truck and box setup, is the most commonly associated shape with the term "RV". This is due to its longstanding presence on American highways for over fifty years. The Ford E350/450 chassis is designed with robustness and longevity in mind, and the 7.3L V8 engines, in conjunction with the TorqShift 6-speed transmission, deliver ample, smooth, and efficient power. The Spirit models come equipped with the Smart Driver Assist package, which offers a range of safety technologies to assist the driver. These include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and several other features. The fiberglass skin is available in various colors and features a premium high-gloss finish. The Chestnut package is mostly beige with dark brown accent drawings. The Catalina package, on the other hand, has blue and white accents on a beige background. The exterior color of the Cool Mist option is a dark gray with white highlights. The exterior color of the Suede option is a nice mix of grays and tans that makes you think of a high-end luggage set. All Spirit models, whether they are based on the E350 or E450 chassis, come with a large powered patio awning with built-in LED lights for relaxing outside at night. The models come with storage spaces on the outside that can be reached through insulated doors. This keeps your gear safe from bad weather. Additionally, the outdoor lounge has a TV hookup and an LP quick connect tool, which lets you watch TV and grill at the same time. A running board makes it easy to get into the coach, and a regular back ladder lets you do maintenance on the roof. All models have a standard cooling system with a 15,000 BTU air conditioner. The heating system is either a 20,000 or 30,000 BTU furnace, based on the size of the model. The electricity system has two deep-cycle batteries and a 4,000-watt Cummins MicroQuiet generator to make sure there is a steady power source. It was built to provide many off-grid conveniences. From the outside, you can see a water service center that brings together all of the city's water hookups in one place. A 6-gallon water heater is also included to make sure that everyone has enough hot water.

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Winnebago Spirit Interior


The 2025 Winnebago Spirit Class C motorhomes are created with ample space in mind while maintaining a luxurious feel. The spacious captain's seats in the cab have powered elements that make the kilometers fly by in luxury. Your dashboard is bright and easy to use. It has a big 8-inch tablet that can do a lot of different things, like controlling the temperature, playing music, and connecting to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. There are big windows with blackout shades all over the bus to help keep the heat out on hot days. The heavy vinyl flooring is made to last, and the vinyl ceilings are double sealed to block out even more noise. Both the living room and the guest rooms have USB ports so you can keep your devices charged and ready to go. The lounge areas are nice and cozy, making them a great place to hang out with other travelers, plan your next trip, or relax after a long day of traveling. The dining rooms are big enough for everyone to eat, and they can be turned into beds fast. When fully equipped, the reclining theater chairs are very comfortable and come with high-end features like massage and warm functions. There are real Corian countertops, vented range canopies over the three-burner stoves and ovens, and stainless steel sinks with big basins and high-end spray faucets in the galleys. Microwaves in the overhead cabinets give you more cooking power, and big refrigerator/freezer combo units give you enough cool space to store your things. Large showers have windows, curved glass walls, or screens that can be moved and clean themselves. Large medicine cabinets, towel racks, and tissue boxes are some other residential-style features. Each bed space has a TV for uncomplicated entertainment, and orthopedic foam mattresses are provided in every bedroom, including the queen, double, and bunk beds. Most variants come with nightstands and wardrobes or storage cabinets on either side of the bed for increased convenience.

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Winnebago Spirit Why Buy

Why Buy?

For a long time, the 2025 Winnebago Spirit Class C motorhome has been the industry standard. It makes fun and joy easy to get to by just turning a key. Winnebago has a great reputation for quality and innovation, and this collection lives up to that. It stands out for its high-quality build and focus on safety and reliability. And they care more than anyone else I've ever met. McClain's RV Superstores have training from the Winnebago plant and a high-tech parts supply system that makes sure our customers never run out of important parts that would keep them from going on a trip. Customers are never alone because they can always get expert information online. The Spirit line of RVs will give you years of reliable and enjoyable travel as well as a lifetime of memories to share with family and friends, whether you have lived in an RV before or this is your first time. To find out how these amazing RVs can help you enjoy the outdoors more, go to one of McClain's RV Superstores and set up a test drive.

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