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2024 Winnebago Solis Class B motorhome Overview



The 2024 Winnebago Solis Class B Motorhome for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is a flexible, family-oriented camper van that is ready to serve in a number of situations. Because it can carry up to six passengers, the Solis may be utilized as a family transporter during the week and an off-road adventure seeker on the weekends. The Solis series exemplifies Winnebago's commitment to quality and innovation. The optional pop-top roof expands the choices for sleeping and resting, as well as the versatile seating and storage arrangements. Because the Solis has all of the amenities of home, such as a kitchen, dinette, and bathroom, there are very few difficulties that it cannot meet head on. The galley provides a choice of culinary alternatives both inside and outside the coach, and a brand-new high-performance heating system keeps chilly temperatures at bay. The sturdy chassis of the Ram ProMaster offers a solid foundation that is easy to use and packed with cutting-edge safety measures. The chassis is also very easy to utilize. Whether you want to go mountain biking in the woods or take the kids to the seaside, Solis can get you there in utmost luxury and flair. The chances Solis offers will be enjoyable, even for those who must work while in the woods. When the day is over and the door is shut, no matter what kind of adventure you're looking for, you'll feel entirely at home in a Solis. At McClain's RV Superstores, you may take a Solis for a test drive. It serves as your gateway to the vast outside!

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2024 Winnebago Solis Class B Floorplans


The 2024 Winnebago Solis Class B Motorhome for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX was designed to deliver the finest degree of quality while also providing the most adaptability. Clients may tailor their camping experiences to their specific interests owing to the availability of three unique floorplans. The 59P is the collection's initial model, and it includes a configuration designed to make your time away from the grid more pleasurable. The vehicle's front cab contains two rotating captain's seats. These seats allow the occupants to face the vehicle's interior. The sitting space for two people is located directly behind the driver's seat and is equipped with three-point safety belts that, if necessary, may also accommodate a child safety seat. A detachable pedestal table may be used for work or play, and it can even be entirely dismantled and relocated to provide more floor space. If the vehicle has a pop-top, this is the point where the ladder may be placed to gain access to the roof space above. The pop-top has zip-up screened windows and a mattress that measures 52 by 79 inches. The galley is located directly across from the sitting area and has a sink, refrigerator, and gas burner. The wet bath, which houses both the toilet and the shower, is located opposite the car and is accessible by a large bi-fold door. A murphy bed measuring 59 inches by 77 inches in the back provides a suitable resting place. When more space is required, the bed may be lifted and pushed up against the wall. This gives you access to the storage room beneath the floor as well as the pillows on the other wall. The Winnebago Control Center, which houses all of the water and utility hookups as well as several more storage compartments, is conveniently accessible via two doors at the rear of your camper. The 59PX has a bigger floorplan and many of the same features as the 59P, but it has a longer wheelbase. This gives the user an extra two feet of floorspace for storage at the back of the unit. The 59PX's onboard Cummins Onan 2800 watt generator and roof-mounted air conditioner boost off-grid mobility because they are included in the package. The lineup is completed by the Solis NPF special edition, which has an off-road look and feel. Sumo springs improve ride quality while also contributing to the vehicle's more aggressive appearance, which is accentuated by the higher suspension and blacked-out wheels. A non-slip floor covering that can be completely removed and is simple to maintain has been put in place. Additional storage is provided by a unique Smart Space Overland Drawer system that is built into the NPF design.

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2024 Winnebago Solis Class B motorhome exterior


The 2024 Winnebago Solis Class B motorhomes for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX are constructed to last and are intended to enhance the RV experience. The Ram ProMaster chassis is powered by a 3.6L V6 gas engine with 280 horsepower, which is more than enough to get across those mountain passes. A 3500 pound trailer hitch is also provided, capable of hauling a boat, ATVs, or even a compact trailer. The standard Solis versions come in three distinct colors. The 59P and 59PX are available in Brilliant White, Deep Cherry Red, and Bright Silver. All of the Solis NPF models are brilliant white with distinct mountain motifs. The Solis chassis incorporates several safety elements. Crosswind assist is one of the technological aids that helps to keep the vehicle stable in windy circumstances. There are also front collision warnings and pedestrian safety alarms, which provide instant braking assistance. External lighting with strong LED lights is provided on both the driver's and passenger's sides. A long metal running board on the passenger side assists you in accessing the vehicle through the side sliding door. Both the side and rear doors include screen doors, allowing you to leave the doors open when out in the woods while keeping insects out. The unique fiberglass pop-top roof is standard, although it may be removed if desired. It is completely enclosed and guaranteed to keep the elements out while also providing extra sleeping and leisure space while parked. The electrical system is constructed around two Group 31 deep-cycle batteries, which may be charged by either the basic solar system or the vehicle's AC/DC load center, which has a built-in converter/charger. The solar panel on pop-top variants is 220 watts, whereas the panel on solid roof models is 170-watts. In addition to the 30-watt shore power connectors, the 59PX variant incorporates a 2800-watt Cummins Onan generator. Behind the passenger seat is an external wash station with hot and cold water for a fast clean up at the end of the day. All additional outside water and propane connections, as well as your Eco-Hot water system, are accessible from the back of the vehicle. The LP tanks are permanently mounted below the car. The Truma Combi compact furnace keeps things warm inside in cooler climates. The 59PX is the only model with a roof-mounted air conditioner. The Coleman Mach 10 features directed ventilation throughout. The 13,500 BTU A/C unit on the 59P is only available in non-pop-top form. The graphics package used on the exterior of the Solis NPF model is characterized by mountains. Big off-road tires and blacked-out wheels are additional prominent upgrades that give the RV a more aggressive look.

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2024 Winnebago Solis Class B motorhome interior


The 2024 Winnebago Solis Class B Motorhome for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that will transport you into the woods and offer you years of enjoyment. Winnebago's interiors have been meticulously constructed to use every available area. The convenience features begin in the cab, with a simple and clean dash layout that puts all of your critical driving aids close at hand and easily accessible. The huge touch screen provides you complete control over your radio and rear-view camera, while full power accessories like windows, locks, and mirrors make every adjustment simple. At the touch of a button, the smart rearview mirror transforms from a mirror into a live video feed. While parked, both cab seats turn to face the interior, increasing living space. The interior color scheme of the Nomad is intended for simplicity of use and endurance. The beige ultra-fabric furniture textiles and the thick non-slip vinyl flooring provide water and stain protection. The cabinets are composed of aged teak wood, with laminate counters and tabletops. Recessed LED lighting in the ceiling lights up the entire RV in a brilliant but not overpowering way. The kitchen has lots of countertop room for food preparation, as well as a pull-out extension for even more space. A large stainless-steel sink and a two-burner range top with its own glass cover are included. A modest but efficient 3 cubic foot refrigerator with a small freezer is located at the base of the galley cabinets. The wet bath houses both the toilet and the shower in the same chamber. The five-gallon capacity swiveling toilet may be readily removed and disposed of at any roadside stop. When you're ready to take a shower, close the folding door, and the flexible shower head makes it even simpler. A detachable shower pole is also available for hanging clothing. The Murphy+ bed system, which can be elevated or lowered, is housed in the trunk. The bottom cubbies and cabinets remain open when the bed is lowered for sleeping or relaxing. To create a practical workspace, you can raise and secure the bed in a vertical position while also lowering the corresponding table top. The 59P and Solis NPF variants have a sofa bed with two 3-point seat belts as an alternative if you don't need a bed. The NPF model's interior color scheme is distinct, with darker tones in the furniture and cabinets. Additionally, the NPF-only Smart Space Overland Drawer system is present. The two sliding drawers work in a manner akin to that of typical floor storage cabinets. The passenger side drawer contains a flip-out stove and an extended basin for easy outdoor cooking and cleaning, and each drawer offers plenty of space for gear or bags. Additionally, the NPF has cabin blackout curtains that enhance thermal performance.

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2024 Winnebago Solis Class B motorhome Why buy

Why Buy?

The 2024 Winnebago Solis Class B motorhome for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX was made with the same focus on quality and innovation that has helped this company stay at the top of the market for more than 50 years. Solis not only performs conventional family hauling duties, but also those of an adventure seeker. It was designed to last for a long time. You may enjoy your time away from the grid without sacrificing elegance or convenience since it provides all of the comforts of home. You may take the entire family on trips that are only limited by your imagination because there is capacity for up to six passengers. You may stretch out and rest on the fold-out Murphy bed and pop-top sofa when you get to your destination before continuing your adventure the next day. Because of the ample solar power and onboard generators, the electricity stays on, enabling contemporary life even while disconnected from the grid. Solis' clever storage compartments, which utilize every available square inch of space to ensure that you have everything you need, also let you to transport a range of outdoor equipment. The National Parks Foundation edition's off-road features include modified springs, a higher suspension, blacked-out wheels, and off-road tires. These characteristics are in addition to the off-road equipment that is standard. Choosing your new recreational vehicle becomes simple when all of these advantages are added along with Winnebago's exceptional customer service and guarantees. Experience the Solis family firsthand by getting behind the wheel at any McClain's RV Superstore location.

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