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2023 Winnebago Roam Accessibility Enhanced Class B Van Overview


The 2023 Winnebago Roam Accessibility Enhanced Class B Vans for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX are a one-of-a-kind model in the Winnebago lineup. Even though they've been building wheelchair-accessible RVs for years, the Roam represents a significant advancement in the area. Roam provides its consumers with the sense of independence and freedom that comes with being mobile and self-sufficient. It may be used as a daily vehicle or for lengthy road trips because it has all the conveniences of home and is simple to drive. The Roam is built on the Ram ProMaster's robust and fuel-efficient chassis. Its tried-and-true V6 Pentastar engine is not only frugal, but also provides enough power when needed. The three various layout choices accommodate up to four guests, with each emphasizing the wealth of room and the ease of the location. Braun provides our wheelchair users with a motorized wheelchair lift that can handle up to 750 pounds, providing them with an incredible sense of independence. The vehicle's incredible level of technology just makes it easier for wheelchair users to go around on their own. Roam has a wider floor area than other cars in its class, giving you lots of room to walk around. To make things easier for those who use the car, the kitchen and cabinets are likewise situated at a lower level. The simplicity with which the back sofa converts to a bed will astound you, and no other bathroom has as many practical features as this one. Roam is ready to assist you wherever your travels take you, be it the beach or the mountains, and will do so without interfering with your enjoyment of the event. Visit McClain's RV Superstores for a free test drive and discover for yourself how the Winnebago Roam can elevate your outdoor adventures.

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2023 Winnebago Roam accessibility enhanced Class B Van floorplans


The 2023 Winnebago Roam Accessibility Enhanced Class B motorhomes for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is designed to enable maximum mobility and self-sufficiency for its users. The Roam series has three distinct floor plans, each geared to a certain set of customer desires and duties. The Roam collection was started by the U59RAC. The two captain's chairs at the vehicle's front swivel to face the back of the coach. You'll notice an overhead storage bin as you get out of the driver's seat. It spans the whole width of the cab and has plenty of room for a variety of items. A privacy curtain has also been created behind the driver's seat, which can be utilized to isolate the cab from the rest of the bus when it is parked. Along the driver's side wall is also a kitchenette. With a 3 cubic foot fridge, a 12 volt fridge on the floor, and a microwave built above, you have various options for food preparation. There is plenty of space thanks to the stainless steel sink, countertops, and fold-out extensions. The remote-controlled motorized sliding door is placed across from the galley on the passenger side. When the door is opened, the Braun wheelchair lift system, which stores under the car when not in use, may be used. Once inside, the floor tie-downs allow you to secure your wheelchair before utilizing the wall-mounted three-point safety belt. Your control system is mounted on the wall opposite the elevator. This allows various components to work, including holding tanks, power, the lift system, and the thermostat. There is also a lift-up dinette table with an extension that may be used for food service or as a work station. A magnetic privacy screen separates the restroom from the coach when it's in use. The cassette toilet turns to allow wheelchair users to access, and the stainless support rails on the wall are also beneficial. The flexible shower head makes cleanup easier. Following that are the roof-mounted cabinets, which are located on both sides of the vehicle. The first cabinet on the passenger side pulls down for wheelchair access and may hold a lot of storage. When it's time to call it a night, the motorized sofa bed in the back has two 3-point seat belts and can fold flat in about 30 seconds. Behind the coach is additional storage space and your water control center, allowing you to connect to city supplies while parked. The U59RAC also has a roof-mounted A/C system that is meticulously ducted to keep air circulating throughout the vehicle for maximum comfort. The configuration of the U59RPT is largely similar to that of the U59RAC, but it adds a fiberglass roof-mounted pop-top that can be raised when parked and provides two extra sleeping spots. An aluminum ladder provides access and is completely storable when not in use. The vehicle design is the same, with the exception of the lack of a roof-mounted A/C system. The U59RX combines the best characteristics of both coaches, including a Coleman A/C unit positioned on top and a pop-up cover.

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2023 Winnebago Roam Accessibility Enhanced class b van exterior


The 2023 Winnebago Roam Accessible Enhanced Class B Van for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is one of the best motorhomes because it is compact and has innovative features on the outside. Its length of 19 feet 9 inches makes it extremely maneuverable in tight spaces, making it a superb city or highway driver. The Ram ProMaster chassis has been utilized for years and is a dependable foundation, while the 280-horsepower V6 engine is a smooth and strong worker. The latest iteration has several safety measures, such as a blind-spot monitor, a rear camera system, and Crosswind Assist. The 9-speed automatic transmission allows the engine to operate quietly at highway speeds while also enhancing fuel efficiency, which is especially important when towing up to 3500 pounds with the included hitch. Roam comes in three colors: brilliant silver, rich cherry red, and ceramic grey. The Braun UVL wheelchair lift is installed on the passenger side of the car and offers a big entry point through the sliding door. Its 750-pound weight capacity allows for a straightforward and quick entrance. The operation is carried out through remote control when the machine is not in use. The platform grows and falls from beneath the truck in less than a minute. The wheelchair then glides onto the platform, and you click the lift button to be gently elevated to a level position with the interior floor, allowing you to roll right in. You're ready to depart when you close the door and stow the elevator. On the passenger side, a large porch light is installed to improve visibility when using the lift or to brighten your patio area when camping. To facilitate entry, there is a mounted aid bar next to the sliding door, as well as an aluminum running board with a leash holder. On equipped models, the roof-mounted Coleman Mach 10 A/C delivers 13,500 BTUs of temperature control and a Maxxair fan to significantly boost airflow throughout the coach. For shore power demands as well as charging the two deep-cycle marine-grade batteries, a 30-amp access port and connection are supplied. The Roam collection's elegant design and outstanding usefulness are two of its most notable exterior features.

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2023 Winnebago Roam accessibility enhanced class B van Interior


The 2023 Winnebago Roam Accessible Enhanced RV Series for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is a marvel of space and storage efficiency. Every aspect has been built with the wheelchair user in mind, making it easier for them to enjoy their camping experience alone or with friends. Once inside, the driver's seat swivels to assist entry. After you're comfortable and ready to go, the dash systems are meant to make driving easier. The radio, rear camera, and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto settings are all controlled through the 7-inch touchscreen. All the accoutrements are motorized, and both cab seats are height adjustable. The inside is available in the magnificent Black Sands color scheme, which has a combination of red and grays, as well as dark walnut cabinetry that complements the dark gray vinyl flooring. To keep prying eyes away, you can use a light-blocking privacy screen to enclose your living space behind the cab. If you have the pop-top roof, you can climb the ladder to the bedroom space, which has wonderful views via the zip-close screens and a really comfortable mattress for two. The galley on the main floor boasts Corian countertops, which provide a touch of refinement. The countertops are slightly lowered so that wheelchair users may use them without having to stretch or extend their arms. To increase the food prep area, a fold-out table may be added to the counter surface. If the included microwave is inadequate, there are extra hookups for an induction cooktop. LED ceiling lights create a bright but soothing illumination, while tinted coach windows keep outside glare at bay. The wheelchair tiedowns in the floor, with their revolutionary Q'Straint attachments, secure the wheelchair and allow it to be used as an extra seating space if needed. Water is kept out of the bathroom by the floor-to-ceiling wall surround and the cool magnetic privacy curtain. When it's time to sleep, the traditional motorized sofa bed in the back seats two people while in motion and quickly changes into a two-person bed. Separate lights and attachable cupholders allow for late-night reading. The dark walnut cabinets offer lots of storage space, and the unique single pulldown cabinet is easily accessible to everybody. Underneath the sofa is your water control system, which houses all of your pumps, valves, and connection points.

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2023 Winnebago Roam Accessibility Enhanced Class B van why buy

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The 2023 Winnebago Roam Accessible Enhanced Class B Vans for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX are a standout in the Winnebago motorhome lineup. It empowers our wheelchair users to be self-sufficient, opening up a whole new world of travel and camping options for them. The Braun UVL lift technology, which allows each owner to quickly load and operate the car, makes Roam an ideal choice. Not a single convenience has been overlooked because each element was designed with usability and accessibility in mind from the outset. This recreational vehicle is wheelchair accessible in every way, including the lowered worktops, motorized bed, and lowerable cabinet, as well as the floor mounts. Winnebago has made a name for itself as one of the industry's most forward-thinking manufacturers, and the firm maintains this reputation by bringing cutting-edge concepts to market with products like the Roam. They also have a solid reputation for offering outstanding customer service even after the transaction is finished. There is no better company to put your trust in than this one, which has almost 60 years of expertise in the motorhome industry. Visit any McClain's RV Shop to experience for yourself how the Winnebago Roam changes the game.

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