2023 Winnebago Micro Minnie Travel Trailers for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX

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2023 Winnebago Micro Minnie travel trailers overview


The 2023 Winnebago Micro Minnie travel trailer range for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX was created for people who want a well-equipped and spacious RV but also need something that is a touch lighter. Because of its maximum dry weight of less than 4,600 pounds and maximum length of less than 26 feet, the Micro Minnie series can accommodate a wide range of campers and journeys. Prospective owners have an incredible number of options to select from, thanks to the 10 different floorplans offered, allowing you to find the best trailer for you and your family. The fiberglass structure ensures that it is sturdy and long-lasting while remaining lightweight. Because of the extensive insulation built into the flooring, walls, and ceiling, you will be able to camp throughout all four seasons. The well-crafted interiors will make you feel perfectly at home regardless of the sort of camping experience you choose. There is plenty of floor space in every model, regardless of whether or not it has a slide, and the galleys and bathrooms are fully furnished with everything you could possibly need. The Micro Minnie series offers a wide range of sleeping configurations, allowing you to provide sleeping spaces for up to five visitors at the same time. The RV appears sturdier because of the higher suspension and off-road tires, but the sleek fiberglass body has an updated and modern look. The Micro Minnie is still a popular choice among RV owners and has been a part of Winnebago's lineup for quite some time. This is primarily due to the Micro Minnie's extensive collection of basic conveniences as well as the outstanding value it provides consumers, even those with the highest expectations. To book an appointment, please contact one of McClain's RV Superstores. Come out and spend some time in one of these incredible trailers to get a better sense of which one might enhance your outdoor activities.

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2023 Winnebago Micro Minnie travel trailers floorplans


The 2023 Winnebago Micro Minnie travel trailer series is one of the manufacturer's most adaptable and capable collections. There are 10 various floorplans to choose from to find the one that best fits your RV lifestyle. The 1720FB's entry door is at the rear of the vehicle. The bathroom is positioned near the back door, with a walk-in closet in the center. The four-person dinette is on your left as you approach the front, and the galley, which features a three-burner stove, stainless steel sink, and fridge, is on your right. The front of the RV has a 60-by-75-inch bed that covers the entire width of the RV, as well as overhead storage and a nightstand. The layout of the 1808FBS is identical, but the dinette is relocated to a tiny slide-out, increasing floorspace. In addition, instead of the dinette, an EZ Glide sofa sleeper with overhead hutch is available. The 1700BH is the only single-axle model available, but it still boasts plenty of sleeping space, with bunk beds in the back, a dinette that transforms into a bed when needed, and a large bed in the front. The 1800BH has two axles and is about a foot longer overall, although it is configured similarly to the 1700BH. While keeping the overall length at 22 feet, the 2100BH adds a slide-out with either a 44x72 dinette or the optional EZ Glide Sleeper Sofa w/Hutch. The floorplan of the 2108DS is dramatically altered by removing the large bed in the front and replacing it with a Murphy bed and coach arrangement. During the day, you have a lovely, spacious sofa that makes the most of your living space. The Murphy bed pulls down and covers the couch at night, creating a large sleeping area. There are large wardrobes on either side of the bed for clothing storage. The bathroom has been upgraded with a corner mounted basin and wardrobe, in addition to the dinette slide with optional sofa sleeper found in earlier models. The 2108FBS does not have a Murphy bed and instead has a conventional queen-sized bed, but the rest of the RV is the same. The 2108TB has a unique twin bed layout in the front of the coach. There is a nightstand dividing two 32x74-inch beds.There is a platform that can be added to the bed to make it a 74x82 king bed with lots of space. The sleeping capacity is prioritized in the 2306BHS model. It has a queen-sized Murphy bed in the front as well as a slide-mounted dinette that may be used as a sleeping area. Additionally, an EZ Glide sofa can be used as a dinette. The galley has an open floorplan that leads to two bunks in the coach's back for even more sleeping space, and the bathroom has a larger corner-style design with more space than the other models. The Winnebago 2225RL is one of the most popular models available in the business. At the back of the RV, there is a large dinette and an EZ Glide sofa on a slide. A huge galley room to the right has enough work space for meal preparation. The bathroom is straight ahead to the left of the sliding door to your private bedroom. You'll notice a nice-sized closet to your right as you approach the bedroom, as well as a bed that spans the width of the RV.

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2023 Winnebago Micro Minnie travel trailer exterior


The external aspects of the 2023 Winnebago Micro Minnie collection for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX emphasize Winnebago's industry-leading improvements and distinguish it from other manufacturers' products in the same category. The external engineering begins with the NXG frame, which acts as a solid basis. Along with the Azdel composite panels, the two-inch-thick FILONMax fiberglass sidewalls, despite their lightweight composition, contribute to the structure's extraordinary level of thermal and acoustic insulation. A basic feature is a side ladder that provides access to the fully walkable roof. This is beneficial if you need to undertake roof repairs or simply want a better view of the surrounding region from a higher vantage point. The Dexter TorFlex torsion stub axles boost your off-road capability. This results in a smoother ride with less bouncing, whether you're riding on or off the road. The Goodyear Wrangler tires offer a rugged look, and each pair comes with a spare tire. A protective metal plate is fitted in front of the RV to prevent rock chips, and the RV includes power tongue jacks and power stabilizers as standard, making hookup and setup straightforward and stress-free. Because of the massive motorized awning placed at the entrance, you will have access to a substantial quantity of shade and shelter from the rain. Furthermore, the inbuilt LED lights extend the time you may enjoy engaging in outdoor activities into the evening. The availability of outdoor kitchens and a shower that you can use outside to refresh yourself after a long day heightens your appreciation for the great outdoors. Large storage compartments include strong doors with slam-latch mechanisms for an extra degree of security. Air conditioning is provided via a roof-mounted unit with a capacity of 13,500 BTUs; 15,000 BTU units are available as an option. Freshwater tanks with 31 gallons of water offer enough water for longer journeys, while greywater and blackwater tanks with 25 gallons of water each provide plenty of storage capacity. When you remain in an RV park, you have a 30-amp hookup, and when you are off the grid, your 200-watt solar system, which can be expanded by adding more panels, helps keep your batteries charged. A 2-inch receiver is positioned at the back of the vehicle if you need to add extra accessories to the motor coach, such as a bike rack or baggage platform. Furthermore, the underbelly is totally covered, which, when combined with the 12 volt tank heaters and radiant foil insulation, allows for camping in all four seasons without the fear of freezing.

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2023 Winnebago Micro Minnie travel trailers interior


The interiors of the 2023 Winnebago Micro Minnie range of travel trailers for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX are designed to optimize your living space while still providing a sense of light and airy openness. The Paragon decor's color palette mixes light cabinetry with vinyl wood-look flooring to create an environment that provides the sense of more room. The wall coverings and counters, which both provide a feeling of beauty while still offering a sturdy surface, contribute to this. The JBL Aura media center may help you integrate your various media devices into one space, and the surround-sound speaker system can genuinely blast out the music, whether it is played inside or outside the coach. In the galley, you'll find a convection microwave as well as gas or electric stovetops with two or three burners. These offer a variety of cooking options, and massive refrigerators powered by 12 volts or gas and electricity keep food chilled. Undermount stainless steel sinks with two basins come with covers for when the sinks are not in use and are designed to make cleaning easier. In contrast to previous versions, the bathrooms include a dry bath design with separate full-size shower stalls and skylights that allow more headroom. The Micro Minnie line's biggest strength is its bedroom arrangements, which can meet the sleeping demands of up to five people, and even more if absolutely necessary. In addition to dinettes and pull-out sofa sleepers, you will have lots of options for your guests, whether you choose a Murphy Bed, twin beds, or a queen-size bed configuration. The Winnebago All-in-One control panel allows you to handle all of the trailer's most vital characteristics, such as the amount of propane utilized, electrical connections, and tank levels. Every model has a high-definition television and WiFi that are pre-installed and ready to use. For your charging needs, there are several USB and USB-C connectors accessible.

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2023 Winnebago Micro Minnie travel trailers why buy

Why Buy?

For many years, our clients have preferred the Winnebago Micro Minnie travel trailers for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX because of their small form and competitively priced amenities. Winnebago has used its decades of technical knowledge to create a dependable, space-saving RV family with enough adjustability to suit even the most discriminating campers. Because of their lightweight structure and overall limited width, the Micro Minnie units may be transported by a wider range of vehicles than many of the other compact trailers on the market today. Because of the wide floorplans and exceptional sleeping capacity of these models, you may easily travel with a large group of people, including friends and family. Winnebago RVs are all built with high-quality craftsmanship to assure their dependability, durability, and safety. Customers may buy with confidence because the company has been in business for over 60 years and conforms to the industry's strongest building standards. Furthermore, they provide first-rate help in the real world around the clock. Visit any of McClain's RV Superstores to see all of the intriguing floorplans available for the Winnebago Micro Minnie trailers. There is little doubt that you will find one that will help you bring your travels to life.

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