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2023 Winnebago Journey Class A diesel motorhome overview


The 2023 Winnebago Journey Class A diesel motorhome could be considered the pinnacle of all the motorhomes we have ever offered. Built to offer its owners an absolute oasis of comfort and luxury, Journey’s innovative and quality refinements are unmatched. Amazing attention to build quality is the primary focus of any Journey’s beginning. With decades spent developing their manufacturing processes, Winnebago emphasizes safety and reliability in all their Class A vehicles, and Journey leads the way. Three different floorplans are offered, utilizing SmartSpace technology to maximize any owner’s sense of roominess and proportion. The flowing living areas are complemented by modern and stylish refinements throughout. The multiple slides available in each floorplan give a true residential feel to each coach, and the exclusive features in the kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms will make you think you are in the ultimate lap of luxury. As the sun rises on a new day, and it’s time to hit the road for the next adventure, Journey provides you with a remarkably quiet and smooth ride. The immensely powerful diesel engines give you enough power to handle any challenge, and do so while providing the best-in-class efficiency you expect. The amazingly smooth and sleek exterior has an aerodynamic look that is sure to draw a stare or two as you cruise down the highway, and the DriveTech system provides you the most advanced display and control system in the RV industry. Combine all this incredible technology and opulence with Winnebago’s legendary customer service and support, and you will begin to see why the Winnebago Journey is the clear choice. Unbridled freedom to explore, a connection to the American dream, and a promise of fulfillment await you. Those who settle for nothing less than the finest know that there is no rehearsal for life, and your journey is waiting.

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2023 Winnebago Journey Class A diesel motorhome floorplans


The 2023 Winnebago Journey Class A motorhomes offer three distinct floorplans, each with an amazing amount of luxury features sure to compliment your lifestyle. The 34N is the shortest wheelbase of the series, checking in at a total length of 35 feet 6 inches. At the front of the vehicle are two large recliners with expandable footrests, both also rotate to face the interior. You have the option of installing a bunk bed above the driver’s station as well for additional sleeping and storage space. As you move from the front, you will observe the kitchen slide, which houses the cooktop range, microwave and entertainment system. This moves rearward to your single or double basin sink, with ample counter space, and even more room for the optional dishwasher. Across from this is the Rest Easy sofa, which can expand out into a bed for guests, or you have the option of theatre style recliners instead. Next is the handsome buffet table and your Glide and Dine table and chairs. AS you continue rearward, you will find the large residential fridge and pantry next to the dining area. Across the hall is your bathroom, which includes a sizable shower with integrated seating, an electric-flush toilet and wide sink with medicine cabinets. The large sliding door isolates your master bedroom, which features a king bed, overhead cabinetry and bedside nightstands. The nightstands also feature medical device storage, and both USB and 110v plugs. At the foot of the bed slide you have multiple storage cabinets, as well as room for another television and even a washer/dryer prepped closet. An expansive customizable wardrobe completes the storage compartments, and the ceiling fan overhead adds an air of exclusivity. The Journey 36K increases the overall length of the chassis to 37 feet 9 inches, and shifts the seating around a bit. The driver’s side slide will now contain the theater-seating as well as a good-sized storage cabinet. The Rest Easy sofa is optional now. The buffet, dining table and entertainment center are now on the opposite side of the coach, with an additional fireplace and television position to the right of the seating. You will enter the kitchen in this model by rounding the L-shaped countertop. The double basin sink also has a pull-up countertop extension for additional workspace. The stove and microwave are integrated into the lengthy counterspace, as is the fridge and pantry, completely filling the slide length. Across from the fridge is the bathroom, which now has a full width counter, with a large sink and two separate faucets for couples. There is an overhead cabinet above the toilet, and the shower retains the integrated seating. The bedroom keeps a similar layout to the 34N, as far as the bed and nightstands are concerned. The far wall at the end of the bed is now one large dresser, with your concealable TV stand and numerous drawers. To the right of the bed are more storage cabinets, as well as the optional washer/dryer hookups, and the impressive customizable wardrobe as well. The 40P is the ultimate Journey floorplans, designed for not only travel but for entertainment purposes as well. With an overall length of over 41 feet, this model is all about spaciousness. The available space is enhanced by now having four slide outs. At the front, you have the large overstuffed recliners, as well as the optional bed above the driving station. There are now slides on either side of the front section. The driver’s side slide contains the Rest Easy sofa setup, with a pop-up TV behind it, and theater-seats on the opposite slide across the coach. To the right of the sofa is your kitchen appliances and counter top, with a counter top extension for more workspace. Continue around the counter to the sink and cabinets, with room for an optional dishwasher. This leads you to the dining area on the passenger side, with the Glide and Dine table and chairs and buffet, right next to the residential size fridge and pantry. You now have a convenient half-bath across from the fridge, with an electric flush toilet and sink/countertop combo. Open the sliding door to the master bedroom, and you will find the king bed and nightstands are similar to the other two models still, but at the foot of the bed are not only the TV and dresser, but two fully customizable wardrobes on either side. The master bathroom is now through another sliding door, and features a huge countertop space with two full sinks, a shower with the integrated seating, the toilet with its own overhead cabinet, and two large storage dressers, one which contains the washer/dryer connections.

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2023 Winnebago Journey Class A diesel motorhome exterior


The 2023 Winnebago Journey features a slick, aerodynamic exterior designed with both efficiency and a striking appearance in mind. The tapered front end and wrap around windshield are incredibly unique in the RV industry, and have been specifically engineered to both maximize your visibility and reduce the wind noise. By rounding off all the corners, fully integrating both the awning and slide out trim, and eliminating the exterior cargo door latches, Winnebago has further reduced wind resistance, and enhanced the sleek, modern look that Journey is famous for. Underneath the shiny parts is the sturdy Freightliner Maxum XCM chassis, and the 380 HP Cummins diesel engine, each considered among the industry leaders in strength and durability. The Neway air suspension ensures a smooth and care-free driving experience, and the HWH hydraulic leveling keeps everything nice and even, whether parked or on the move. The Allison 6 speed transmissions are geared specially to handle the impressive torque that the diesel engines provide, while also emphasizing efficiency as much as possible. Air brakes and the engine exhaust brake ensure you can bring Journey to stop both quickly and safely when needed, and the 10,000-pound trailer hitch allows you to tow just about any chase vehicle you can imagine. The glossy side panels are painted with Sikkens premium high-gloss paints and are available in six varied color palettes for you to choose form. The 22 foot Carefree Apex powered awning provides an impressive area of both shade and rain protection, and is equipped with wind sensors that will automatically retract the awning if things get too breezy. Even your entryway has its own awning, and specialized LED lights. When you open the door, the automatic residential sized steps expand out, and then retract once you’re inside. There’s even a lighted entry-asst handle. The slide-outs are equipped with sweepers that will remove any dust or debris automatically as you close them up for the next trip. The numerous storage compartments all feature the SureStore push button releases, and the powered cinch close makes sure your cargo stays secure and safe. Further enhancing the storage capacity are massive slide-out trays that can hold hundreds of pounds of baggage, but easily slide out and in for convenience. The ergonomically designed QuickPort service center allows you to get up and running very quickly in any campground by integrating both shore power, water and sewage facilities in one location. Full house filters also keep your drinking water free of harsh chemicals or other pollutants. A tankless water heater gives you unlimited hot water at the turn of a faucet. An exterior wash station with retractable freshwater hose makes washing up while outside the coach a snap, and there’s even a pet leash tie-down to get your furry friends from running off. The outside entertainment options are endless with Journey, starting with a standard 43 inch television with a home theater style sound system. Satellite TV is available and there are even HDMI switchable connectors as well. The electrical system has either a 8,000 or 10,000 watt Cummins Onan generator with automatic start, coupled with a 3,000 wat sine wave inverter/charger. This feeds 6 deep-cycle Group 31 marine/RV grade batteries, all to ensure that no matter where you are, you’ve got power on demand. You can even upgrade the power system with an available solar package which includes lithium batteries and roof mounted solar panels. Multiple roof mounted air conditioners keep everything cool, and there’s even a standard Wi-Fi router to keep you online.

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2023 Winnebago Journey Class A diesel motorhome interior


The Winnebago Journey contains one of the most feature-rich and luxurious interiors to be found anywhere in the RV universe. The experience starts up front in the cab, with the adjustable pedestal style driver’s and passenger lounge seats. These maximize long-distance comfort with armrests, lumbar and recline support, and swivel features. The OptiView dash and digital instrument cluster are well lit to prevent eye fatigue, and the impressive instrument panel gives you compete access to the entire coach’s operation within an arm’s length. The Xite Radio center completely integrates your infotainment and GPS systems, along with your color backup camera within the large 12 inch LCD touch screen. Of course, power steering, cruise control and other driving conveniences are all standard, as are the large roller shades that give you privacy and sun-blocking capabilities when parked. As you move from the cab, you will notice the clean and airy feel the entire RV gives you. Two custom interior color schemes are available. The Laurel provides the classic farmhouse look, using light cabinetry to offset the dark wood-look flooring and furniture. The white countertops and wallpaper accent the metallic surrounds and drawer pulls. The Hewing is the new industrial look, utilizing dark wood in the cabinets to highlight the beautifully light floors and furniture. And the wood/metallic tile backsplashes are both stunning and attractive. The luxury plank residential flooring is designed for years of durability and attractive service. The ambiance of the lounge areas is truly impressive with the real wood cabinetry typical of upscale homes abundant throughout the cabin. The standard dual-pane windows, both tinted and frameless, give you a panoramic view of the landscape outside. The sofas and theater seats are soft and comfy, and equipped with lap tables for reading or writing. The electric fireplaces provide both a pleasant glow and heat when needed. The Glide and Dine tables and chairs allow you to dine easily and store everything away quickly when the time comes for travel. The buffet can also convert into a workstation on the 36K model. Cleanup is also made very easy with a central vacuum system. High-definition televisions are included as is the home theater sound system. Recessed LED lighting in the ceiling provides plenty of light without being overpowering, and the accent lighting in the cabinets and cab has a nice complimentary glow as well. Other standard conveniences are a large amount of both USB and 110v plugs to keep everything running. As you move into the galley, you are greeted with gorgeous Corian countertops and tile backsplashes. Modular stainless single or double basin sinks have high rise faucets for added wash room, and flip up countertop extensions make food prep so easy. An 18 cubic foot residential fridge/freezer has both a filtered water dispenser and icemaker, as well as a pull-out freezer bottom. There is an oversized Convection/Microwave oven in each model and you even have a 2-burner portable induction range top you can take outside if needed. The double-stacked pantry has plenty of room for your groceries and supplies, and retracts into the wall for space saving. The bathrooms are all equipped with large 30x42 showers, each with integrated seating, rainfall shower heads and textured glass sliding doors. There is a powered roof vent to let in fresh air. The toilets are all porcelain with electric flush capability, much more capable than the standard gravity systems. The countertops are Corian as well, and there are tile backsplashes in here as well. Large linen cabinets compliment the standard medicine cabinets, with a lighted mirror and USB ports and plugs as well. The master bedrooms are the true centerpiece of these magnificent motorhomes. The king size bed is both comfortable and spacious, and has the EasyMake system, providing full walkaround capability. Having a great night’s sleep is no issue since the beds come standard with power incline, helping keep your snoring quiet. It also features two nightstands on either side of the bed. These provide medical device storage, such as CPAP machines, and also feature both USB ports and 110 volt plugs for any other electronics you may need to charge. Smart storage solutions abound throughout the master suite. You have multiple cabinets both over the bed, and in the various dressers and wardrobes giving you a staggering array of storage. There is even a large lockable area under the bed that can be utilized. The Baldacci customizable wardrobe system features modular shelving and basket to fit any need you may have. Hanging clothing is a breeze as well, and you have more than enough storage for weeks of garments. The dressers also have the very cool retractable TV, which uses a motorized platform to raise or lower upon command. And you also have washer/dryer capability in the bedroom closets if desired. Adaptability and convenience are built into every bedroom in the Journey.

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2023 Winnebago Journey Class A diesel motorhome Why Buy

Why Buy?

The 2023 Winnebago Journey Class A Diesel Motorhome represents the culmination of decades of research, engineering and manufacturing prowess. Everything from the chassis, to the exterior features, to the interior amenities has been crafted to provide clients with the ultimate road-going experience. When you sit at the wheel, you see the future adventure ahead, and it promises you and your family a lifetime of memories. Journey’s best-in-class storage allows you to bring anything you desire along for the ride, and the sound deadening built into the cabin keeps your attention on your activities, not the noise outside. The Winnebago Connect system allows you to control every aspect of the vehicles operation from a smart app on your phone, or from the control screen in the hallway. Climate, battery and tank levels, slides and awnings, etc. can all be controlled from the palm of your hand if desired. The driving experience is second to none, using the DriveTech controls and OptiView dash gauges. They ease the operation so that practically everyone can drive these like a professional, greatly reducing your stress levels and letting you focus on the joys of the open road. And safety is always at the forefront of Winnebago’s methods. Standard smoke and carbon dioxide monitors keep you breathing easy. Ground fault circuit cutoffs ensure that no electrical problems can get out of hand, and there are standard fire extinguishers handy for any emergency. Stacked LED headlights, and running lights around the exterior keep you visible while on the road, alerting other drivers to your presence. And if an accident were to occur, the Cab metal superstructure will keep the occupants surrounded with reinforced steel and airbags. The 36 month/100,000 mile limited warranty covers the coach from front to rear, and the fiberglass roof skin carries a 10 year warranty as well. Winnebago’s factory training and advanced parts supply system give their owners peace of mind that they will always have support in place, and the factory also provides 24/7 access to online technical support. With over half a century of motorhome experience under their belt, Winnebago has a deep understanding of the needs and expectation of their clients, for now and the future. Schedule an appointment at McClain’s RV Superstores, and see what makes the Journey such an incredible choice.

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