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Winnebago Hike 100 Overview


The 2025 Winnebago Hike 100 is a lightweight travel trailer series designed for outdoor adventures. Most vehicles, even smaller SUVs and trucks, can easily tow the Hike 100 because its dry weight is just over 3,000 pounds. Five different floorplans maximize the available space in the Hike, allowing sleeping space for up to four occupants. The clever packaging allows you many comforts of home, including well-equipped kitchens and a wet bath with a cassette toilet, and they are fully prepped for TV and satellite. The interior ceiling height is among the tallest available in any compact RV, allowing taller guests to move around freely without feeling confined. For off-grid driving, the single-axle design facilitates improved agility, which makes parking and setup simpler. Extended camping stays are made possible by large storage tanks, propane-powered water heaters and furnaces, and a 200-watt solar package. This is fantastic news for people who appreciate spending time in nature. With the incorporated wardrobes, cupboards, and drawers, the steel exoskeleton offers for maximum storage capacity in addition to lots of storage space within the camper. The entire Hike 100 range showcases Winnebago's renowned construction quality. These fantastic tiny campers are capable of four-season camping because to the industry-leading insulation in the sidewalls and roof, which ensures that you will always be comfortable regardless of the weather. The Hike 100 is a one-of-a-kind trailer with cutting-edge features that appeal to a wide range of clients. The Hike 100 is ideal for anyone desiring quiet time in the woods, a romantic getaway for two, or a lakeside getaway for a small family. Visit any of McClain's RV Superstores to learn more about these excellent travel trailers.

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2024 Winnebago Hike 100 floorplans


The 2025 Winnebago Hike 100 collection is designed to provide a great variety of options for campers to maximize their outdoor experiences. The five available floorplans, in either the Hike 100 or Hike 100 FLX setup, all provide the amenities expected from Winnebago but also emphasize certain features, depending on which one you choose. The H1316FB begins the lineup with a well-packaged interior. As you enter the coach, you will see the sleeping area to your left, with a queen-sized bed with room for two and a unique flip-up bunk bed above, spanning the width of the trailer with room for one more. Next to the bed is a good-sized wardrobe for hanging clothes and other storage. This leads to the bathroom door. The wet bath has a good-sized shower pan and a rotating cassette toilet with built-in wall racks, allowing you to have wet-dry storage. When you exit the bathroom, at the front is the kitchen area. You have a large sink with a large storage area beneath it. Next to the sink are the convection microwave and 12-volt refrigerator, with a fold-out table for food prep. The H1316MB changes up the back of the RV's sleeping arrangement by removing the queen bed and bunk and replacing it with a Murphy bed setup. You now have a 58-inch-long sofa that turns into a queen-size bed when flipped down. You also have end tables on either side of the bed and a folding table for when the couch is in use. The front of the RV remains the same as the 1316FB. The H1316DB also maintains the same front layout, with the kitchen and bathroom areas identical to previously mentioned units, but now there is a very roomy U-shaped dinette at the rear. The dinette can seat four very comfortably and can be collapsed into a sleeping area using the table top as a base and the cushions for padding. Above the dinette is a loft bunk, with plenty of room for one. The H1316SB changes the design of the back of the coach again, this time with two large rollover couches instead of a bed or dinette. Each couch, one on each side of the RV, is 64 inches long and can fold flat into a bed when needed. Also, there is a large bunk bed above the couches, which can be stored up by the ceiling when not in use and dropped down when needed to provide additional sleeping room for up to two more adults. The H1316TB has bunk beds that are 30 inches wide and 74 inches long, taking the place of the rollover sofa on the left side of the trailer. To make your camping trip as comfortable as possible, the Hike 100 series offers a variety of sleeping and seating options.

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Winnebago Hike 100 Exterior


The 2025 Winnebago Hike 100 travel trailer collection has a number of innovations that give it a serious advantage when it comes to outdoor adventures. The exterior engineering starts with the NXG frame, which provides a strong base. The 2-thick FILONMax fiberglass sidewalls, combined with the Azdel composite panels, are lightweight but provide an amazing level of both temperature and sound insulation. A standard, installed side ladder gives you access to the fully walkable roof for maintenance needs or just if you want a higher perch to look over the landscape. The off-roading capability of the Hike 100 series is due to the Premium BAL independent suspension, enhanced by the Dexter TorFlex torsion stub axles. This reduces bouncing when traveling on the road or off and adds a smoother ride sensation. The knobby Goodyear Wrangler tires give an aggressive look, and a spare tire is standard. At the front of the RV, you have a protective metal panel to prevent rock chips, and the integrated nerf bars provide a strong platform. The powder-coated exoskeleton gives the camper a unique look and an extensive network of storage capabilities. There is a large powered awning at the entrance that gives you a great deal of shade and rain protection, plus there is an additional rear-mounted batwing awning that expands your covered patio area. When you're ready to clean up after a hard day, there's an outdoor shower, and having an outdoor kitchen available enhances your outdoor experience. Additionally, the campers are typically equipped with backup cameras and TVs. Large, roomy storage compartments with sturdy, slam-latch doors for extra security are featured. A propane-fueled 18,000 BTU furnace provides warmth, while a 13,500 BTU air conditioning unit installed on the roof cools. Longer travels will not be short of water because to the 31-gallon freshwater tank and the 25-gallon greywater tank's ample capacity. When you're at an RV park, your electricity comes from a 30-amp hookup, and when you're off the grid, your 200-watt solar system—which can be upgraded with more panels—helps keep your batteries full.

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Winnebago Hike 100 Interior


The 2025 Winnebago Hike 100 collection of travel trailers is built so their interior spaces are optimized for maximum room and storage. The immediate feeling you get when you step in is one of spaciousness, despite the 15-foot-11-inch overall length of the trailer. This is due to the exceptionally tall ceilings, rated at 6 feet 5 inches in overall height, which means no more stooping over, even in the shower. The various bed layouts are all optimized to keep your floorspace open when you’re not sleeping, and the large cabinets underneath and above the bedding areas are plentiful, with up to 40 cubic feet of space. As you step into the coaches, you will find your Winnebago Control Panel just to the right of the door, at eye level. From here, you can monitor all your tank levels, as well as control your awnings, propane, and electricity. Both the shelving and the real wood cabinets feel lovely and strong, with enough strength to support a lot of cargo. The bathrooms feature a very handy cassette toilet that is also extremely easy to empty, and all of the shower and sink fixtures have matte finishes that give a nice touch of luxury. When paired with the TV and WiFi-ready sections, a rechargeable JBL sound speaker that can be utilized both inside and outside the coach may make for an incredibly cozy home theater experience. The fully equipped galleys come with both a portable induction cooktop and a convection microwave, giving you options for cooking, and the 3-cubic-foot 12-volt fridge can hold plenty of supplies. And there are multiple 110-volt and USB ports available for keeping your personal devices charged and ready.

Winnebago Hike 100 FLX

2025 Winnebago Hike 100 FLX

The 2025 Winnebago Hike 100 FLX model lineup is a technological advancement in the off-grid field. Developed to extend your off-grid activities, the Winnebago Hike 100 FLX travel trailer offers an impressive array of features designed to enhance your wilderness experiences. It comes equipped with a 200-watt solar panel, complete with a 30-amp charge controller and resettable breaker, allowing you to harness the power of the sun to keep your batteries charged. The Xantrex, GoPower! and Truma® control panels provide easy access to monitor and manage your trailer's solar, battery inverter and tankless water heater systems. Additionally, the side-mount solar prep allows for the installation of an additional solar panel for increased energy efficiency. The Winnebago all-in-one control panel centralizes all essential functions for convenience. With a 320-amp hour Lithium-ion battery and a 3,000-watt pure sine wave inverter, you can enjoy reliable power even when off-grid. The trailer also features 12-volt tank pad heaters with an interior switch, USB/USBC charge ports, Wi-Fi Prep integrated into the King® Omni Antenna, a wireless cellphone charger, and Tire Pressure Monitoring System prep, ensuring you stay comfortable, connected, and safe throughout your adventures.

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Winnebago Hike 100 Why Buy

Why Buy?

The 2025 Winnebago Hike 100 series is an exciting entry into the ultralightweight compact travel trailer market. Winnebago has utilized its years of engineering prowess to put together a solid, rugged, off-road-capable RV with enough versatility to satisfy even the most demanding of campers. The Hike 100 is more versatile than many other compact trailers on the market thanks to its lightweight construction and small overall width. And the touch of independent suspension, single-axle design, and off-road tires gives you a wider variety of destinations you can travel to. Winnebago utilized superior craftsmanship to ensure safety, reliability, and durability in all of its campers. Their presence in the market for over 60 years gives customers peace of mind that their products meet the highest construction standards. And their excellent, real-world support is available 24/7. Come to one of McClain’s RV Superstores and see all the exciting floorplans available for the Winnebago Hike 100. You are sure to find one that will help you bring your adventures to life.

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