2024 Winnebago EKKO Class C RV for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX

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2024 Winnebago EKKO Class C RV overview


The 2024 Winnebago EKKO Class C RV for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is a completely new type of RV with many desirable features. The EKKO is poised to become a true game changer in the RV industry, with the fuel economy of a camper van, the size and passenger space of a Class C, and the go-anywhere capabilities of all-wheel drive. Built on the dependable Ford Transit chassis and powered by an efficient 3.5L EcoBoost engine, this incredible RV can truly take you on any adventure, on or off the road. The vehicle's twin bed can be easily converted to a single queen bed, and an available pop-top bedroom sleeps up to four people. The back storage garage has plenty of room for all of your camping gear, and the EKKO is well insulated to keep you warm whether you're camping in the summer or winter. You'll have plenty of time to stay once you arrive, thanks to the solar system and gas generator, which provide plenty of off-grid power. Inside the coach, there is plenty of seats, a well-equipped kitchen for cooking, and a novel wet/dry bathroom with a wall that can be used as either a toilet or a shower, depending on your needs. On one side, a sizable patio space is covered by a motorized awning and a sizable batwing-style awning. You can bring everything you need in the optional outdoor kitchen if you wish to cook outside. The Winnebago EKKO is equipped to handle any situation in any setting. Whether you choose to camp near the shore, in the mountains, or deep in the woods, EKKO offers a cozy, practical home. Visit a McClain's RV Superstore location to test one out. Learn more about the Winnebago EKKO's thrills.

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2024 Winnebago EKKO Class C RV floorplan


The 2024 Winnebago EKKO Class C RV for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX has a single floorplan that focuses on adaptability and customization to meet the needs of each owner. The 22A begins inside the cab with two large, well-padded captain's chairs that pivot to face the vehicle's interior. If you need more room to prepare food, you can use the workstation table in front of the passenger seat to extend the galley countertop. A large fold-down table and two bucket seats with 3-point seat belts are located behind the driver's seat, making them ideal for child seats or other passengers. If you have the optional pop-top, there will be an access panel here, and after ascending the roof ladder, you can use the two-person sleeping section. There is a huge sink and two-burner cooktop in the galley, which is across from the dinette. There is also an overhead microwave and a small refrigerator. Numerous storage cupboards under the counter offer plenty of room for supplies. On the opposite side of the carriage are a tiny pantry and the wet/dry bath door. By moving the pivoting wall, you can utilize it as a stand-up shower or a sink and toilet lavatory. There are several really cutting-edge features you'll see when you reach the back sleeping space. On either side of the bus are two twin beds that size 32x76 inches and with storage drawers and closet space underneath. With the cushions and extension that are available, you may easily create a queen-size bed.

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2024 Winnebago EKKO Class C RV exterior


The 2024 Winnebago EKKO Class C RV for sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is a fun and unique RV motorhome with a lot of unique features on the outside. The proven Ford Transit chassis is extremely durable. It has been used in RVs for many years and has a proven track record of reliability. The 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine with two turbochargers generates a lot of power while still getting good gas mileage. The front end is sleek and aerodynamic, and the large, sloping windshield offers a 360-degree view of the road ahead. The dark cab paint contrasts well with the light-colored fiberglass body, and the two available graphics packages, Raw Sienna and Verdant, add a distinctive touch. The large patio awning provides adequate shade from the sun and rain, and when combined with the batwing-style awning at the back of the coach, there is plenty of room to sit outside. The awnings are outfitted with LED lights, allowing you to spend more time outside late into the evenings. A two-burner cooktop, a quick-connect faucet with a collapsible sink, a chest-style fridge, and propane connections for a grill are all available as options for the outdoor kitchen. When the big game comes on, there's even an outside TV connection. An oversized Gear Garage with pass-through doors is located at the back of the vehicle. It's large enough to store bikes, large containers, or almost anything else you can think of, and it's well-insulated enough to keep it stored all year. The electrical system combines the high-tech solar package with the power of a Cummins Onan QG gas generator. To keep the green energy flowing, roof panels feed into lithium batteries that are connected with a 2000-watt inverter. Your 13,500 BTU air conditioner will keep you cool, while your Truma VarioHeat furnace will keep you warm. Your insulated water service center has all of your water controls as well as your cable and satellite hookups. Without the requirement for conventional water heater maintenance, the Truma AquaGo tankless water heater provides rapid hot water whenever it is needed.

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2024 Winnebago EKKO Class C RV interior


The 2024 Winnebago EKKO Class C RV motorhome for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX floor plan is one of the most unique and adaptable in the RV industry. The dashboard is simple and easy to use. The 8-inch touchscreen is the center of attention. Using Ford's SYNC software, this system brings together your navigation, radio, rear camera, Apple CarPlay, and Android systems into a single, easy-to-use place. Adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, and moisture sensitive windshield wipers are among the electronic safety systems available on the Transit chassis. The two seats in the cab can swivel and face the interior, and they can be adjusted in a variety of ways for comfort. The area above the cab can be configured to house a TV and has additional storage bins. Large privacy panels that are thermally coated to keep heat and light out can be used to isolate the cabin from the rest of the interior. As you enter the coach, the LED ceiling lights provide plenty of light without being too bright. The tinted dual-pane windows have factory-installed shades that help keep heat out. The Boho with Teak color palette is one of your two interior color palettes. This design incorporates light vinyl flooring, dark walls, red countertops, and accented fabric surfaces. For a more industrial look, the Veredis interior features multiple layers of grays and light greens. Your dinette comes with two bucket seats and a folding table that can be used for eating or working. Next to the glass-topped two-burner grille is a large stainless sink with a high-rise faucet and sprayer. A movable table can be used to expand the countertops, and there are several storage cabinets at the bottom of the galley counter. The counter control panel has all of your coach's features, and you can access them all via the Winnebago app. If the pop-top is equipped, a ladder is provided, and there is a sizable two-person sleeping area on the roof with sizable mesh-covered apertures for breathtaking views. The wet/dry bath is an unforgettable experience. To show two separate chambers, the inner wall can be moved to the left or right. There is a swivel cassette toilet and a basin with a mirror when the door is opened in one direction. The bathroom moves out of the way to reveal a fully sealed stand-up shower with a flexible shower head when the wall is pushed in the opposite direction. This engineering achievement embodies Winnebago's industry-leading excellence. Two substantial twin beds or a queen-size braced suite are your options as you enter the bedroom space. Storage spaces are abundant and conveniently accessible in overhead and under-the-bed cabinets.

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2024 Winnebago EKKO Class C RV why buy

Why Buy?

The 2024 Winnebago EKKO Class C RV for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is a great example of how Winnebago has always been innovative, made high-quality products, and put the customer first.The EKKO is an RV that has altered people's perceptions of motorhomes. It has a plethora of safety and convenience features and is designed in such a way that it is simple to store items and live outside. The AWD system enables off-road travel to a variety of locations, and the all-weather insulation and heated compartments keep you comfortable in any weather. Energy-saving appliances, adaptable sleeping arrangements, and specialist wet/dry bathrooms offer all of the conveniences of home. The commitment of Winnebago to their customers is unmatched by other manufacturers. Owners can be sure that the EKKO is of the finest caliber thanks to its unmatched warranties. Being sure that you are operating the greatest RV available will allow you to embark on your vacation. Visit a McClain's RV Superstore to observe how the EKKO is altering public attitudes of recreational vehicles.

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