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2024 Winnebago Boldt Class B RV Overview


The 2024 Winnebago Boldt is the perfect RV for adventurous individuals wanting an energy and fuel-efficient camper van to explore with. Inspired by the German naturalist and explorer Alexander Von Humboldt, it inspires you with its boundless spirit, and thanks to its innovative engineering, provides a perfect blend of excitement and comfort. Employing the sturdy Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis as its foundation, the Boldt can be your home away from home in just about any environment. The available 4WD system allows any driver the ability to go off-grid, and the advanced Pure3 lithium-ion system gives you the ability to stay there without concern for power. Extensive insulation and weatherproofing make Boldt truly a van for all seasons, with heated tanks and lines protection against the cold, and a roof-mounted A/C system keeping the van nice and cool. Premium furnishings and ergonomics allow you to relax in comfort while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. Boldt is an RV that has been built to take advantage of every possible inch of space, maximizing storage and room to lounge at the same time. The comforts of home are brought with you thanks to a well-packaged galley and bathroom, and adaptable sleeping arrangements allow for stress-free, peaceful nights. Boldt is designed to meet your demands and provides a wonderful experience, whether you are heading to the mountains, parking close to the beach, or even working while touring the country. Visit McClain's RV Superstores today to test drive one and see what the future has in store for you.

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2024 Winnebago Boldt Class B RV floorplans


The 2024 Winnebago Boldt Class B RV series is built for both comfort and style. Two floorplans are available to suit the needs of travelers. The 70BL emphasizes flexibility in its setup, allowing you numerous ways to utilize the interior to your advantage. In the cab are two large chairs that can swivel and face the interior of the RV when needed. Above the cab is a large shelving unit that spans the width of the RV, with plenty of room for bags or suitcases. A swivel table is able to be mounted in front of the passenger seat when it is turned, providing you with either a workstation or play table. Behind the driver’s seat is a large pedestal table, similar in function but a bit larger, intended more as a dinner table. It is also removable and able to be positioned in other areas of the coach. The dinette seating has room for two, and is also able to be expanded into a small chaise lounge seat area by moving the base over towards the door. Behind the dinette is the wet bath, encompassing your swivel toilet and shower in one place. Directly behind the wet bath is a large pull-out wardrobe for your clothes to hang in. Across the RV from the bathroom is the kitchen, which has a large countertop area for food prep and service. A stainless-steel sink is to the right and has plenty of room for cleaning. Both a microwave and refrigerator are located in the base cabinets, and there are multiple overhead cabinets for storage. At the rear are your two twin beds, accessible by a small walkway between them. Individually they can function as couches or even small beds, but the Flex Bed system is designed to add bracing to the middle and use the cushions as additional mattress and expand the total sleeping area to a full queen bed size. The 70KL floorplan moves things around a bit. The cab layout is that same, but behind the driver’s seat is now a flip up table, which is connectable to the kitchen, now on the driver’s side as well. The twin bed layout remains, but they are offset slightly now, with one next to the galley, and one on the opposite side, moved closer to the front of the coach. There is still multiple mounting points available for your swivel table. The major change to the 70KL is the bathroom is now moved to the rear of the vehicle. You have two wardrobes next to it, one on the outside and one inside. The wet bath is larger in the 70KL, and has a sink and countertop area as well.

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2024 Winnebago Boldt exterior


The 2024 Winnebago Boldt Class B RV has numerous exterior features that enhance both its flexibility and benefits. The Mercedes-Benz heavy duty chassis provides a solid platform, keeping the ride smooth and quiet. The 3 liter diesel engine provides 188 horsepower, plenty of power for you to utilize however is needed. The available 4WD system enhances your off-road excursions as well. Other Mercedes safety features such as lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise and crosswind assistance are standard equipment. Three colors are available for the Boldt. The Arctic White has a bright, almost pearlized look. The Iridium Silver sparkles in the sun, and the Tenorite Grey has a dark, cloudy day appearance to it. Boldt’s technology is very apparent in its various power and climate systems on board. The Pure 3 Advanced Energy System utilizes a combination of solar panel, a 3600 watt Pure sine wave inverter and lithium ion batteries to produce upwards of 12,000 watt hours for extended off-grid times without the worry of losing power. The enhanced heating of the Truma Combi EcoPlus heating system is twice as efficient as any other on the market currently. And the roof-mounted Mach 10 Coleman system provides more than enough cooling for the entire RV thanks to its directional venting. Along the passenger side of the RV is a large powered awning, giving you plenty of shade when deployed, and it has built in LED lighting for nighttime activities as well. The powered sliding door allows access from the passenger side, and you have magnetic screens both there and at the rear doors for keeping out bugs while enjoying the fresh breezes. Aluminum running boards, with rubberized non-slip surfaces and ground effect lighting are also standard, giving you a nice step up in to the RV. You can flush all the tanks and lines by using the main control panel to access the winterization system. Your city water connections, drainage valles, and the external wash station may all be set up with the help of the Service Center, which is color coded. You have a permanent liquid propane connection that supplies the internal propane tanks and, if desired, can be used for an outdoor barbeque. The vehicle has a 5,000-pound tow hitch at the back as well as a mobile ladder that can be used to access the roof for repairs.

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2024 Winnebago Boldt Class B RV interior


The 2024 Winnebago Boldt wraps its users in comfort and style thanks to its modern and efficient interior spaces. The dash layout is meant to make the driver’s experience simple and enjoyable. Bright digital gauges are large and easy to read, and the MBUX infotainment systems integrates several vehicle systems into one convenient touchscreen setup. Voice guided Navigation, WiFi hotspot and even the rearward camera are all available for use here. You have two possible interior color palettes to choose from in the Boldt, both with distinctive moods. The Bleu is available with either dark walnut or light macchiato cabinetry, and a combination of tan vinyl flooring and grey linen-like materials for a clean look. The Mecca interior has the same cabinetry choices, but utilizes lighter materials for the furniture and walls for a brighter appearance. Led lights are recessed into the ceiling, and there are blinds on all the windows for when you want some privacy. The 24” HDTV lets you watch your favorite programs and the detachable Bluetooth speaker lets you take your tunes with you. Storage is a major point in the Boldt series, and the Ram Tough Trak mounts, storage baskets, and huge cabinets give you plenty of space for your equipment. For most meals, the galley's induction cooktop is available, and a microwave is installed beneath the counter for extra preparation. Your drinking water is kept free of bacteria thanks to an accessible clean water filtration system under the sink. The bamboo sink cover, which doubles as a cutting board, and the Corian countertops lend a sense of luxury. The motorised ceiling vent in the shower keeps the fresh air flowing while allowing the steam to escape, and the Oxygenics showerhead helps ensure that you are only bathing in clean water. You will always have access to hot water at a moment's notice thanks to the water-on-demand heating technology. With the help of the Flex Bed system, you can easily transform your two twin beds into a spacious sleeping space that fills the whole width of the RV and has capacity for two people.

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2024 Winnebago Boldt Class B RV why buy

Why Buy?

The 2024 Winnebago Boldt Class B RV is a great example of Winnebago’s quality and innovation over the years. Utilizing their 60 years of RV expertise, the Boldt has superior craftsmanship, steel-focused construction, and advanced technologies that far exceed their competitors. Their heritage is on display with Boldt’s innovative packaging and floorplans, as well as it’s off-grid capabilities. When you add in Winnebago’s decades of customer service and commitment to excellence, the choice becomes clear. The vast array of safety features and lengthy warranties offered by Winnebago and Mercedes clearly provide the owner piece of mind. The Boldt RV is the one for you when you're prepared to travel and experience new things. Visit one of McClain's RV Superstores to have a test drive. Boost your outlook.

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