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2023 Tiffin Wayfarer overview


The Tiffin Wayfarer Class C motorhome is one of the most luxurious, feature-rich RVs currently on the market. The Tiffin name has been associated with building some of the finest RVs for over 50 years. They are designed to offer both modern styling and unprecedented levels of comfort. Four diverse floorplans are featured, each proving its owners a spacious environment, five-star amenities, and industry leading safety technology. The diesel-powered Mercedes 3500 dually chassis provides a strong foundation, both efficient and durable, and is equipped with world-class electronic driver aids that enable the miles to glide by. The fiberglass exterior can be adorned with six different color palettes, giving each client an avenue of personal expression. The customization is continued in the interior, with the selection of up to four different décor options available. You can choose from different rich wood cabinets, granite countertops, linen wall covering, and residential wood-look vinyl flooring to truly personalize your interior space, making it a sumptuous retreat to retire to at the end of the day. Outside, large awnings provide a shady respite from the sun, and a large patio area from where you can enjoy all the sights and sounds of nature. Expansive storage cabinets, both inside and out, ensure that every convenience needed for the journey can be brought along, and multiple sleeping arrangements make bringing company along for the trip a breeze. Whether you are considering a visit to the beach with family and friends, a long promised intimate getaway to the mountains with your partner, or a journey with business partners to explore new opportunities, the Tiffin Wayfarer will transport you in style and class. Come to McClain’s RV Superstores and experience the world-class motorhomes that Tiffin offers.

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2023 Tiffin Wayfarer floorplans


The Tiffin Wayfarer Class C motorhome collection is built around the philosophy that each floorplan must meet four essential criteria: Maximum space, Optimal organization, Relaxation plus, and Elegant atmosphere, better known as the MORE plans. Each of the four available plans offer a comfortable layout for life on the road, and are designed to meet whatever needs the client requires. The 25JW starts with two adjustable seats in the cab, both power adjustable for comfort on ling trips. Each chair is capable of being swiveled around to face the interior when parked. Above the cab is a large loft, able to be used for sleeping, storage, or just lounging about. On the driver’s side of the coach, just aft of the cab is the slide-out, where the queen-sized Murphy bed is located. When folded up in to the wall, there is a couch underneath for seating purposes. Across the cabin is a combination desk and entertainment center, with a retractable desktop and spacious cabinets both beneath and above. As you move past the coach door, you move into the galley area, you have a stainless-steel fridge, next to the washer ands dryer combo and a large wardrobe for hanging clothes or additional storage. Back on the driver’s side is your kitchenette, with a round stainless sink, plenty of counter space, and a two-burner cooktop plus overhead microwave. At the rear of the vehicle is the restroom, which includes a full-sized shower pan, a porcelain toilet and sink with overhead and underneath cabinets. The 25TW changes up the floor plan by replacing the Murphy bed on the slide-out with either a tri-fold sofa, or the optional theater-style recliners. And there is an optional entertainment center that can be added above the cab in place of the loft bed if desired. Also, the fridge is moved to the slide-out as well, which moves the kitchen to the passenger side, and adds an extendable countertop and TV mount as well. The bathroom is spilt between each side of the coach, with the standalone shower on the passenger side and toilet and sink on the driver’s side, each with their own door. At the rear of the coach is the sleeping area, with twin 32x76 beds that can be converted to a huge king bed area with the included removable platform. Overhead cabinets, plus pullout closets under the beds give you plenty of usable storage. The 25RW keeps the same cab configuration as the 25TW, but has a much large slide-out on the driver’s side. Housed in the slide is a standard dinette with room for two people, but both a tri-fold sofa or theater seats are optional as well. All down the passenger side of the 25RW is the galley, starting with the sink and stovetop area next to the entrance. Overhead storage cabinets provide plenty of space for accessories and run several feet down the side of the RV. Next is the fridge, followed by a large cabinet which has the TV, then a wardrobe for garment storage. Across the floor, art the end of the slide-out is the Murphy queen bed. A sliding door at the back of the coach opens into the bathroom. The final MOREplan is the 25LW, which is identical to the 25TW twin bed model, but it adds a large pass-through storage cabinet on the outside of the coach, adding a huge amount of cargo capacity.

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2023 Tiffin Wayfarer exterior


The Tiffin Wayfarer models are all built with amazing attention to detail. The sleek and modern exterior look is achieved by limiting exterior handles and other protrusions, and the eight-step full body paint really shines, attracting envious stares from other while driving down the road. Gen 4 and 5 paint schemes offer a slightly different graphics package using four color palettes. Silver Sand uses a base silver coat with dark grey and white accents to give an arctic look to the vehicle. The Sand Drift uses a muted beige as its primary look, emphasized with dark gold and red accents, reminding you of a desert landscape. Sea Mist also employs a bright silver as it’s base, but goes with darker greys and black to create the appearance of a seaside cliff. And the Obsidian scheme reverses the lighter schemes by starting with a dark grey coat, and highlighting it with light silvers and white, providing a dark and commanding road presence. And the unique 50th Anniversary scheme starts with an all-white base, highlighted by a string black and gold accent package for a truly individualized statement. The seamless fiberglass front cap is one-piece gelcoat, adding to the smooth look of the front. At the side of the models is a large Girard patio awning with integrated LED lighting and built in speakers, giving you an area outside to enjoy music or just lounge in. The cargo storage doors along the side all have flush-mount handles to improve aerodynamics, and the aluminum wheels add a nice touch to the appearance. Hydraulic leveling is standard, as is the SumoSprings ride assist, making sure your ride comfort is unmatched while you’re driving. Your electrical system includes a 3.2-kilowatt generator, and a 2000-watt sine wave inverter, controlled by a Spyder multiplex system. You have the option of your heating and cooking power coming from either propane or all-electric setups, depending on your preference. Temperatures are regulated by a 15,000 BTU air conditioning system, and a 30,000 BTU ducted furnace keeps things warm and toasty. Plumbing is top-of-the-line with the Truma AquaGo instant water heater providing an endless supply of hot water, and your holding tanks are among the largest in the class, allowing you longer off grid times. A ladder provides roof access, where you can also add an optional satellite receiver, or additional solar panels.

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2023 Tiffin Wayfarer interior


The Tiffin Wayfarer Class C motorhomes are fully equipped with impressive interiors, resembling those of a five-star hotel. Wayfarer’s customization options allow you to personalize your décor, so you can live and arrive in style. The Mink interior scheme starts with a light beige wall covering, then transitions to a grey wood-look vinyl floor. The furniture is a light grey and the countertops are Solid Surface and light grey with dark flecks. Grey and black curtain accent your tinted windows, and the bedrooms are accessorized with dark bed covers and pillows, with a light headboard. The Champagne interior keeps the flooring and countertops, but lightens things up with a family of beiges and tans in the bedroom and furniture treatments. Three separate cabinets colors schemes are available. The Line is a light cream colored, Sandstone is a darker tan, and the Shadow cabinets are a muted grey. The Driver’s cab features the Mercedes MBUX multimedia system, featuring a 10.25-inch touchscreen, integrating your stereo, climate and reverse camera system while also utilizing CarPlay and Android Auto as well. Moving into the interior of the units, you notice the real-wood cabinets, equipped with soft-slides and doors. The vinyl ceiling has plenty of recessed LED lighting, and ceiling mounted speakers can be controlled by zones. Accent light in the lounges, galleys and bedrooms can be adjusted for different moods at the touch of a button. aS you move to the galleys, stainless-steel appliances are included and give a residential feel. The sinks are also stainless, featuring a single deep bowl with built in sprayers in the faucets. A 12 volt 6.5 cubic foot refrigerator has plenty of room for groceries, and the combination of 2 burner cooktops and convention microwaves give you plenty of food prep options. The bathrooms are the definition of opulence, featuring porcelain toilets and sinks. Skylights add ambient light and additional headroom in the shower, and all the fixtures are chromed. Lighted mirrors, large cabinets, and thoughtful additions like toilet paper and towel holders complete the look. The bedrooms all have at least queen sized sleeping areas, with the twin bed models expandable to king size, so there is plenty of space to stretch out in. LED reading lights are at either side as are charging ports for both 110v and USB cords. Storage compartments are plenty, both under the bed, and overhead, plus you have large wardrobes to hang garments in.

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2023 Tiffin Wayfarer why buy

Why Buy?

The Tiffin Wayfarer is the class leader in the luxury Class C motorhome market. The different models feature many standard luxuries that are either optional or not even available on most of their competition. The Tiffin family has always stood for no compromises, since their humble beginnings in the hardware supply business. In 1972, Tiffin Motorhomes was started with the express purpose of providing a travel experience like no other. Tiffin products have consistently been voted tops in quality by every industry publication and survey. The Wayfarer line highlights many of Tiffin’s quality build processes, such as their hand-crafted cabinets, the form fitting roofs, and the numerous other individualized features. With excellent warranty coverage, and unrivaled customer service providing you peace of mind, these motorhomes are guaranteed to provide a lifetime of memories. Come to McClain’s RV Superstores and check out our amazing inventory of Wayfarers in stock. You will see why they are considered the best Class C motorhomes around.

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