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2023 Tiffin Phaeton Class A Diesel motorhomes overview


The Tiffin Phaeton has long been regarded as the pinnacle of luxury in the Class A motorhome segment. For almost two decades, the Phaeton series has been responsible for ensuring their occupants are treated to an abundance of amenities while traveling. The journeys are always smooth and quiet in a Phaeton thanks to the chassis engineering, and the diesel engines provide plenty of efficient power. Once you reach your destination, five available floorplans give you plenty of options to enjoy. Whether relaxing, cooking, or even sleeping, Phaeton’s various models are loaded with smartly designed touches, both inside and out, that guarantee your activities will be both fun and memorable. With interior space available up to 440 square feet, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out, and more storage than many competitors, you can bring plenty of guests and their gear along for the trip. Customization is a key component of the Phaeton series, with upwards of 15 different possible paint schemes, three possible interior palettes, and numerous possible combinations for flooring and cabinetry. And with the comfort and technology loaded in to the driver’s cab, the miles will slide by effortlessly while you’re at the wheel. In Greek Mythology, the name “Phaeton” refers to “the shining, or radiant one.” Tiffin Motorhomes has been the premier luxury motorhome manufacturer for multiple decades, and Phaeton is their shining example of quality and uncompromising extravagance. Come and experience the Tiffin Phaeton at McClain’s RV Superstores.

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2023 Tiffin Phaeton Class A motorhomes floorplans


The Tiffin Phaeton collection of motorhomes has been constructed in the strictest adherence of their MORE plan philosophy. Every Tiffin motorhome floorplan must meet four essential criteria: Maximum space, Optimal organization, Relaxation plus, and Elegant atmosphere. These requirements ensure that owners are enjoying the most comfortable layout for life on the road. The 35CH is the first model in the lineup and packs quite a bit of features into its relatively compact frame. Enter through the front steps and you’ll notice how the dash wraps around the driver’s seat, giving a commanding view of the road. The passenger seat sits slightly behind the stairs and both reclines and swivels for additional comfort. You have the option of a row of storage cabinets above the cab area, or a drop-down bunk can be installed for an additional rest area. Behind the driver’s seat is the first slide out, containing an Air Coil sofa bed, which can be laid out into a sleeping area for two people, or substituted with theater style recliners if so desired. Next to the sitting area is the kitchen. Arranged in an L-Shape, the stove top, plus overhead microwave and cabinets are situated on the slide out, plus there’s space for an optional dishwasher. To the left is a dual-basin sink, with additional countertop space. Across the coach, at the front of the full-length slide out that spans the entire passenger side of the vehicle, is a dinette set which can double as a workstation. One of the TV’s is installed here, in a powered riser that elevates the TV into viewing position at the touch of a button. Next is a set of two full size pantries, with plenty of storage room, and the residential sized refrigerator. Through the sliding door is your master suite, with a King or Queen-sized bed on its own slide out, with nightstands on either side and a bank of overhead cabinets. At the foot of the bed are several storage drawers, pus an entertainment center with another big-screen HDTV installed. At the back of the RV is your full-sized bathroom, with an amazing amount of floorspace available. Against the driver’s side wall is the shower and toilet, and across the floor is the his and her sinks with a wide bank of mirrors concealing the medicine cabinets behind them. The back wall is equipped with an optional washer/dryer location, a large countertop and storage closet. The 36SH moves the AirCoil sofa to the passenger side slide, and replaces it with a host of seating optons. The standard arrangement is now a Flip-and-Fold sofa next to a sizable booth dinette for up to four people. Optional seating includes theater-style recliners, a computer workstation dinette, or a Dining bar with a flip up table and multiple cabinets. The kitchen is now one compete section, placed on the passenger side slide out. A nice retractable table-top slides out for additional counterspace. A bank of overhead cabinets sits above the food prep area, as well as your multiple-burner cooktop, and dual-sink area. The residential fridge resides next to the sink along with a slide out pantry. Back across the hall is the mid-coach restroom, featuring a toilet, full-length counter and sink area, and shower with a skylight. Through the sliding door is the master suite, which has a queen bed as standard, but a King bed is optional if desired. Cabinets are both over the bed and at the foot of the bed, where the TV stand and bureau are located. The rear wall of the coach has additional closets, cabinets and a slot for an optional washer/dryer set. The 37BH has a very similar layout to the 36SH, but replaces the full bath with a half-bath in the middle of the coach, as well as adding an optional U-Shaped Dinette option to the seating choices. The master suite keeps the same layout as well, but now the master bath is at the rear of the coach. The toilet is against the passenger side, with a washer/dryer area, sink and linen closets against the rear wall. The shower is a good size and placed against the driver’s side of the coach. The 40IH is the first Phaeton to break the forty foot limit. At over 41 feet in length, it is an impressive model to say the least. The cab has the same layout as the previous models, but that’s where the similarities end. The slide out behind the driver’s seat contains the three-person AirCoil sofa bed, with theater seating being an option. The kitchen is also on this slide, and overhead cabinets have the convection microwave stationed in the middle. On the passenger side main slide, you have another sofa bed and a booth dinette as standard furniture. You also have four additional seating options available for this slide, including a U-shaped booth dinette, a computer workstation dinette, a recliner and fireplace, or another AirCoil sofa, all equipped with a big screen TV on the motorized lift. The residential fridge is at the end of this slide-out, across from the half-bath. The master bedroom is similar in layout to other models, with a queen bed included and king optional. The rear bathroom has a nice-sized dual vanity on the passenger side, a full length closet at the rear wall, and shower and toilet on the opposite side. The 44OH is the crown jewel of the Phaeton collection, spanning over 44 feet in length, and packed with every luxury you can imagine. Laid out almost exactly the same as the 40IH, the 44OH add a massive rear walk-in closet to the back of the coach with two large banks of closets and washer/dryer connections as well.

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2023 Tiffin Phaeton Class A motorhomes exterior


The Tiffin Phaeton Class A Diesel Motorhome family has long been regarded as one of the most stunning designs available, by both consumers and competitors alike. Tiffin’s Premium Paint system uses an eight-stage full body paint process. High quality paints are sealed with three layers of clear coat infused with ultraviolet protection for years of fade-free performance. An additional film is added to various high-impact areas for even more protection. The Generation 10 and Generation 11 paint schemes each offer a unique graphics package, and when combined with the 7 various color palettes, offer up to 15 different arrangements for a true personalized look. The Fire Opal is a dramatic combination of reds, backs, and grey, giving a volcanic look. The Frosted Granite cools things down by combining greys, silver, and whites for a hazy, light scheme. The Nasa option uses very light blues, grey and black for a sharp, industrial look, while the White Mahogany goes with a beige, white, and cranberry look, reminding one of fine furniture. Maroon Coral truly recalls old-world Mediterranean looks in its colors. Dark charcoal, beiges and whites highlighted by bold red stripes are sure to grab attention. The Euro Blue employs a similar look, but does so with dramatic teals and sea green highlights. And the special 50th Anniversary scheme gives impressions of a 1st place trophy, with its combination of black and gold and white. Large awnings cover both your entrance and patio areas, providing shade on sunny days and protection from the elements when the rain clouds come along. Slide toppers are also included, protecting your slides from debris. A slew of exterior entertainment features are available for the Phaetons, including exterior big-screen HDTVs, Bluetooth convert-level speakers and even pull-out grills can be added for the full outdoor cooking experience. The exterior appearance is further amplified with shiny chrome wheels and exterior mirrors equipped with cameras, adding a touch of old-school style. No fewer than 14 exterior compartments, all with gas shock equipped doors combine for over 200 cubic feet of basement storage space, in addition to housing most of your plumbing and electrical equipment. All doors have flush mounted lockable handles, and every compartment has motion sensing lights, plus 120 volt and 12-volt plugs. Phaeton provides its owners with a choice of chassis setups, either the workhorse Freightliner XCR Raised Rail rear engine diesel chassis, or the Tiffin exclusive PowerGlide chassis. Either will give you years of smooth travels, and complete peace of mind with their amazing safety features. Power is provided by either a Cummins 380 or 450 horsepower, each with well over 1,000 lb-ft of torque, pushing you up any hill or across any plain you can imagine in your travels. Electrical power is provided by a combination of 50-amp shore power, a 10-kilowatt Quiet Diesel generator, solar, and propane. Or you can opt for the full electric coach, which eliminates propane and adds a 2,000-watt sine wave inverter to keep the power flowing. The Extraordinaire A/C system provides three 15,000 BTU air conditioners to keep the heat at bay and either dual furnaces or the Aqua Hot heat exchange system keeps you nice and toasty on those winter nights. Massive holding tanks for your black, grey, and fresh water extend your off-grid time, plus the full house filtration system keeps the drinking water safe and tasty. All models have instant-on Truma AquaGo tankless water heaters for ease of use, and to that you and your guests always have plenty of hot water.

2023 Tiffin Phaeton Class A Diesel motorhomes interior

2023 Tiffin Phaeton Interior


The interiors of the Tiffin Phaeton Class A motorhome series rival the opulence found in the finest palaces in the world. When you step inside a Phaeton, your senses are immediately treated to the sights of hand-made, real wood cabinetry, heated ceramic tiled floors, stainless-steel appliances, and beautiful solid surface countertops. Three different color palettes are available, allowing the owners to make their road experience uniquely individualized. The Morocco scheme evokes the beauty of the middle east, with mosaic style backsplashes and light surfaces in the kitchens, a hand-knitted look to the accents in the living rooms and light linens in the master suites. Oceanside gives the impressions of a seaside cabin, with light tile backsplashes and counters, and muted greys, blue, and beigess in the furniture accents and bedroom tapestries and covers. The Capri interior scheme contains a large variety of tans and beiges to give a totally relaxing vibe to every section. Three cabinet choices allow you to emphasize light or dark patterns to your desired levels, and a light marble look or dark wood appearance are available for the flooring. The Ultrafabric coverings of all the couches, chairs and dinettes is smooth, durable and supremely comfortable, padded just enough to sink into and relax after a long day exploring. All the slide outs have treated carpet in them for additional comfort, and LED lighting is both in the ceilings and under the counters for both accent and natural lighting enhancement. All the window are equipped with solar shading for keeping out the heat when necessary, and increasing privacy when the time comes to retire for the evening. The dash in the cab wraps around the driver like the cockpit of a fighter plane, keeping every gauge and control within easy reach. The Spyder Control system allows the occupant of the passenger seat complete control of practically every function of the vehicle, from electrical to fuel, to as minute as the tank levels and awning deployment, and yes, there is an app as well! The huge panoramic windshield provides an amazing view of the road ahead, always spurring you on to the next destination. Back to the interior, the soft touch ceiling has speakers mounted throughout with zone controls, allowing for different music in different areas. The galleys are highlighted by massive residential-style fridges, and convection microwaves, each built of stainless steel. The double basin sinks have high rise faucets with sprayers, and the solid surface countertops provide plenty of space for food prep. The lavatories feature large showers, with glass doors and skylights. The porcelain toilets add a luxury touch, and there are linen closets and storage cabinets for all your accessories. IN the bedrooms, the beds are flanked by bedside nightstands equipped with USB and 110 volt plugs for charging your electronics. LED reading lights are also at each side, and each bedroom features a big-screen TV for entertainment. Laundry hampers, closets and wardrobes are in abundance, and the Power Smart beds allow you to dial up your comfort levels. There are truly too many luxury features in the Phaeton to list each and every one, but there are very few RVs built to this level on the market anywhere.

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2023 Tiffin Phaeton Class A Diesel motorhomes why buy

Why Buy

The Tiffin Phaeton Class A Diesel motorhome family has long been the luxury standard to which all others are measured. The handsome exteriors are a sight to behold, and the highly customizable interiors allow clients to truly make each model their own. The various MOREplans come equipped with a number of luxurious features that are either expensive options or just absent from the vast majority of their direct rivals. Since the Tiffin family's beginnings in the hardware supply business, they have never, ever compromised on their standards of integrity and quality. Tiffin Motorhomes was established in 1972 with the specific intention of delivering a RV experience that is incomparable to any other. Each and every publication and poll pertaining to this sector awards Tiffin motorhomes the highest possible rankings year after year. The Phaeton collection showcases a number of Tiffin's high-quality construction methods, such as the hand-crafted cabinets, the multiple-layer full body paints, and an exhaustive list of other high-end treatments and details. These motorhomes are certain to provide you with memories that will last a lifetime, as they come with extensive warranty protection and unparalleled customer care that will give you the peace of mind you need to make a purchase. Visit us at McClain's RV Superstores and take a look at our incredible selection of Phaeton models that we have available. You will quickly understand why they are regarded as perhaps the best Class A diesels currently available.

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