2024 Thor Quantum Mercedes-Benz Class C Motorhomes for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX

2024 Thor Quantum Mercedes-Benz inventory

2024 Thor Quantum Mercedes-Benz inventory


The 2024 Thor Quantum Mercedes-Benz for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX is a luxury recreational vehicle with a brand-new Mercedes-Benz V-6 chassis that can comfortably accommodate up to four individuals. The Thor Quantum is an innovative motorhome designed for clients seeking a more luxurious camping experience. The Thor Quantum RV is distinguished by its sophisticated exterior design. Due to its immaculate full-body paint job, the RV has a dazzling appearance as it travels down the interstate. Inside the Quantum, you will find a spacious, elegantly appointed living area with luxurious sofas, fine furnishings, and ample storage space. In addition to Mercedes vocal control, the RV is equipped with surround sound speakers, multiple flat-screen televisions, and a touch-screen dashboard that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Quantum also includes smart home features that allow users to control numerous aspects of their home, such as illumination, temperature, and security, via voice commands or a mobile application. This level of automation and communication enhances the overall convenience and comfort of RV living. Quantum offers two distinct floorplans on the Mercedes chassis, in addition to the nine floorplans available on the Ford chassis. No matter if you are taking a cross-country road trip or a weekend getaway, the Thor Quantum RV redefines the world of Class C RVs with its opulence. It offers a remarkable combination of elegance, comfort, and technological advancement.

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2024 Thor Quantum Mercedes-Benz Floorplans


The 2024 Thor Quantum for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX offers two distinct floorplans on a Mercedes chassis. each measuring 25 feet 9 inches in length. The DS24 has a rear bedroom slide and theater seating, while the MB24 has a dream dinette and a settee with a Murphy bed. As you enter the DS24 through the mid-entry door, theater seating with footrests is to your right. Your 40-inch television will be mounted atop the convertible settee located opposite the theater seats. Your cab-over bed with built-in skylight will be in the front of the taxi. The kitchen, which is the focal point of the design, is equipped with a basin, two cooktops, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a countertop extension that can be flipped up. The restroom, which includes a toilet, sink, and shower, is located after the kitchen. You can use the lavatory with the door closed, allowing you to move freely about the coach. Additionally, you can completely seal off the bathroom so you can use the basin mirror, take a shower, and get ready in the mornings. Following the restroom is the master bedroom, which features a full-size bed that can be raised and is located in a bed slide. Additionally, a 32-inch television and a spacious closet for apparel storage will be provided. Compared to the DS24, the MB24's floor plan is more open. This camper's entrance door is located closer to the front of the vehicle; as you enter, the front cab will be to your immediate right, and the living room and galley will be to your left. This design features a larger queen-sized mattress in the master bedroom, but the rear bed slide, which can be closed off from the rest of the camper, has been replaced with a privacy curtain. Thanks to a Murphy bed, this queen-sized bed can be transformed into a settee in the living room. Your ideal dinette table with a footrest is situated next to the settee and opposite your 32-inch television. Your kitchen, which includes a large bowl sink, pot stowage in the ceiling, a two-burner cooktop, a microwave, and a refrigerator, is located beneath the mounted television. The restroom of this RV is located in the rear of the camper and features a sliding pocket door, a linen closet, and a clothes-hanging closet. Both designs are constructed on the identical Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and can accommodate up to four passengers. Mercedes is a well-known luxury vehicle brand, and all of Thor Motorcoach's RVs are renowned for their exceptional build quality and luxurious interiors. For everyone's enjoyment, they created the ultimate camping experience. This recreational vehicle serves as a hotel on wheels. Immediately visit McClain's RV to see for yourself.

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2024 Thor Quantum Mercedes exterior


The 2024 Thor Quantum Mercedes-Benz for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX is a class C motorhome with a svelte and contemporary exterior. This recreational vehicle is likely to attract attention on the road due to its aerodynamic profile and attention to detail. The bodywork of the Thor Quantum Mercedes Benz is built on a sturdy Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, providing a dependable and comfortable journey. It has a modern look that is eye-catching and stylish, due to the clean lines and modern graphics. Large, tinted windows enhance the aesthetic allure of the motorhome while allowing in an abundance of natural light. These strategically positioned windows provide panoramic views of the surroundings, allowing you to take in the splendor of your travel destinations. The Mercedes-Benz Quantum was designed with functionality in mind. It has practical features such as an electric awning that opens at the touch of a switch to provide shade and protection from the elements. Your camping gear and other belongings can be stowed in the numerous exterior storage areas, ensuring an uncluttered interior. The Quantum Mercedes-Benz is also equipped with high-quality LED exterior illumination, which increases visibility and reduces energy consumption. During nocturnal camping trips, this lighting system illuminates the exterior of the RV to create a welcoming environment. Overall, the exterior of the Thor Quantum Mercedes-Benz has a contemporary and fashionable design along with practical accoutrements for a pleasant and comfortable RVing experience. Whether you are camping or traveling, this motorhome's exceptional appearance will command attention. Visit any McClain's RV location and see for yourself to believe it.

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2024 Thor Quantum Mercedes interior


There is guaranteed to be a configuration among the two distinct floorplan layouts that suits your requirements. Upon entering the accessible entrance door, it is clear that Thor is aware of the requirements of RV owners in 2024 and has created an aesthetically pleasing and functional design. Even with the slides extended, the interior space of this RV will amaze you. When the slides are extended, it is simple to reach the refrigerator and navigate the RV. The cockpit of the Mercedes-Benz chassis displays all of the newly upgraded features, including the control panel and lane assistance. A icon allows you to control and modify your mirrors. Additionally, turning cameras and a rear-view camera will provide a 360-degree view of the RV's surroundings. Additionally, your dashboard will include a touch-screen control interface with "hey Mercedes" voice control, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Over the front vehicle is a dormitory with a maximum weight capacity of 800 pounds. This space is ideal for storing items or adding additional sleeping quarters for your children. For privacy and cooling purposes on hot days, the RV is outfitted with stunning blackout roller shades. The windows have modern valances that are quite refined and lend a feeling of coziness. The Quantum's overhead stowage is dispersed throughout the structure to maximize storage options. Each of the living room's seating options is incredibly comfortable and situated near the television. In the kitchen, there will be ample space for food, pots, and cookware, as well as beautiful counter space. Thor has two gas burners, an induction cooktop, and a large convection microwave. Additionally, a dual-fuel Norcold refrigerator will be provided. Additionally, the Thor Quantum can accommodate a tandem washer and dryer, which is particularly useful when camping. The master bedroom is large enough for you to maneuver around the bed with ease and has ample storage space. Visit one of our five locations to observe the new Class C RV from Thor in 2024. There is much to admire about this exceptional RV.

2024 Thor Quantum Mercedes-Benz inventory

2024 Thor Quantum Mercedes-Benz inventory

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There is nothing else in this price range that can compete with the 2024 Thor Quantum Rockwall Dallas Garland TX on the Mercedes-Benz chassis, so it is the best Class C on the market. The largest RV family, Thor Industries, was recognized as the most responsible RV manufacturer. This is significant because, in addition to producing high-quality RVs, they also stand behind their work and will assist unhappy customers. In addition, Mercedes is a well-known luxury automobile manufacturer. While relying on the chassis' safety features, enjoy a luxuriously comfortable driving experience. The Thor Quantum is laden with opulent features that will significantly improve your camping experience. In this recreational vehicle, you and your visitors can travel and camp in comfort. Visit any McClain's RV location immediately to schedule a test drive.

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