2025 Thor Outlaw Class C Toy Haulers for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX

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Thor Outlaw Class C Overview


The 2025 Thor Outlaw for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX is a luxury Class C RV as well as a portable garage. You won't ever have to choose what to take and what to leave behind with the Outlaw. You are free to go on as many excursions outside of civilization as you choose, and the spacious garage is the perfect place to keep all of your recreational equipment. You, your companions, and any equipment you bring with you may travel comfortably thanks to the Ford E-Series chassis and 7.3-liter, 325-horsepower V-8 engine. Whether you're camping or driving down the interstate, you can't help but like the contemporary design. After parking, open the awning and relax in the shade while cooking or watching TV. There are numerous opulent amenities offered. Thanks to the high-tech amenities, plush furniture, and modern interior design, you'll feel like you're in a five-star hotel and up to six people can be accommodated comfortably inside. You'll have plenty of time to venture off the grid and explore thanks to the 4000-watt generator, the big holding tanks, and the efficient heating and filtration systems. The Thor Outlaw is the best RV toy hauler, whether you want to take your ATV to the sand dunes in the desert, your snowmobile to the ski slopes, or even a small boat to a fishing spot far away. You can learn more about the things you can do in a Thor Outlaw by going to one of McClain's RV Superstores.

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2025 Thor Outlaw Class C floorplans


A luxurious toy hauler and the greatest characteristics of a Class C motorhome are combined in the 2025 Thor Outlaw for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX , a stylish yet tough vehicle. Both of the Outlaw series' floorplans distinguish themselves from the competition in unique ways. The first boat in the line is the 29J, which has an overall length of just over 31 feet. When the car is parked in the front cab area, two large captain's chairs may be turned to face the inside. the bunk that sticks out from the roof of the cabin. When not in use, it may be raised out of the way, and when parked, it can be lowered to free up additional space. It allows two passengers to stretch out across the width of the vehicle. There is a large TV in the bedroom area. On the slide-out behind the driver's seat is a sizable 70" jack-knife sofa with seating for up to four people and removable pedestal tables. On the other side of the carriage is another, smaller jack-knife sofa. The two sofas may be altered as necessary to offer additional sleeping spaces. The sofa and entry stairs are located across from your kitchen. You also get three glass-covered, three-burner gas cooktops, a big, deep sink with domestic faucets, and other luxuries. A flip-up counter-top extension makes it feasible to use the available counter space. The convection microwave and many overhead storage cupboards are positioned over the stove, while a pantry and a closet are next to the kitchen. The refrigerator and the wall-mounted TV are located on the slide-out across from the coach, and they are both viewable from either sofa. Along the wall is where the bathroom entrance is situated. The restroom features a toilet in the middle, a sink and counter space on one side, and a 24"x36" shower on the far wall. By leaving the bathroom and entering the door directly opposite it, you may access the room that serves as both a bedroom and a garage. A queen-size bunk bed that folds down may be put on a motorized railing system that can be raised to the ceiling in an 8 by 8 garage storage area. The garage has a TV, an audio control panel, and an air conditioner for the patio. There are several cabinets under the bed that may be used to store items like clothing. The enormous garage door at the back of the coach may be fully opened to the ground and used as a ramp for loading your toys into the vehicle, or it can be extended out flat and utilized as a patio with its own umbrella. You may relax and take in the view on the terrace's patio, which is more than 56 square feet in size. There is also a movable awning that can be opened for even more shade. The arrangement has been changed a bit for the 29T. A big Murphy bed was put in place of the two chairs on the slide-out. When this bed is opened, it can be used as either a sofa or a regular bed. There is a big room next to the Murphy bed where clothes can be put. You can still eat at the two platform tables that can be moved around. The kitchen is located across the coach, next to the steps that lead into the vehicle. There is a long rack of cabinets that goes from the floor to the ceiling that gives you a lot of room to store things. The stove and sink are next to each other. The full-size refrigerator is right next to the stove. The next thing is the bathroom door, which can be turned to make more room on the floor. The sink and bar are on the wall next to the toilet on the driver's side of the car. On the other side of the shower from the train are people. When you go into the basement through the front door, the bunk bed is gone. Your garage has grown (8' by 10') and now has a TV in the ceiling as well as more storage room.

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Thor Outlaw Class C Exterior


The 2025 Thor Outlaw Class C for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX, thanks to its bright graphics packages, has a distinctive look. The outside of the Blue Sparx is beige and has eye-catching blue, black, and gray patterning. The graphics on the Red Ryder box have been changed from blue to red to give it a somewhat stronger look. Thanks to technological developments, The Outlaw is built with a sturdy foundation and a cutting-edge, robust platform. The wraparound windscreen provides excellent visibility of the road ahead. The front cap is made of fiberglass and has an aerodynamic shape that is favorable to windscreens. The vacuum-bonded laminated and insulated walls, roof, and floor are held in place by a welded tubular sidewall cage and roof framework, which are supported by the Ford E-Series chassis, one of the most durable in use. The 7.3-liter V-8 engine is strong and effective, producing over 350 horsepower and 468 lb-ft of torque. The storage areas are visible as you proceed down the RV's side; when combined, they provide Outlaw with a staggering amount of outside storage. Large awnings are present on the patio area and the back entrance to the garage. Each provides a ton of shade, allowing you to spend more time outside. Additionally, there are Bluetooth speakers for the TV's surround sound and a 32" portable external TV. Due to the LP hookup and the gas grill, cookouts can be enjoyed well into the night owing to the integrated LED lighting. There is a cover above each slide-out to stop trash from falling into the equipment. You can see that the rear door is being utilized as a terrace or ramp as you get closer to the coach's back. There are also different lights available to help at night. The car's 8,000-pound trailer hitch lets it pull a chase car or even a small trailer. To keep the toys running, you can also use the extra fuel tank, pump, and nozzle at the gas station. A 100-watt solar panel system keeps the four house batteries charged while off-road, and the 4,000-watt gas engine is more than enough. Before going inside, you can clean up in the outside shower after a long day of sightseeing. Dual-roof A/C units keep the main coach and garage cool all the time.

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Thor Outlaw Class C Interior


The 2025 Thor Outlaw Class C toy hauler for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX skillfully strikes a balance between a cozy cabin and a useful storage room. The first thing you notice as you enter the Outlaw are the tall ceilings, which measure 84 inches at their lowest point. This gives a more realistic evaluation of the coach when compared to similar RVs. The vinyl flooring of the coach is designed to be as sturdy and cleanable as possible, and it has a photo-realistic wood grain pattern. From the two roomy captain's chairs at the front of the cab, you get a commanding perspective of the road. Every coach and vehicle feature is conveniently accessible from the dashboard, allowing for quick modifications and stress-free driving. The central 10-inch touchscreen, which is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allows you to operate every radio feature. Several driving aids are at your disposal, including cruise control and side vision cameras built into the outside mirrors. Use the audio and visual controls on the steering wheel to keep your hands where they belong. The dining room sets and couches as you approach the living areas wow you with their lavish leatherette upholstery. There are two inside color options. The Black Talon's interior design has gray bedspreads with black accent pillows and furniture covers. The Vapor Blue design enhances the room with its light wood cabinetry and light gray upholstery. The models include dazzling nickel accents on every piece of hardware, which complement the smooth surface of the cabinets and give them a sleek, modern appearance. A cook's fantasy comes true in the kitchen. The double-door refrigerators have more than enough capacity for all of your supplies, and the solid-surface worktops offer plenty of area for food preparation. If you need more cooking power for pan cooking, use a cooktop, an induction cooktop, a convection microwave, or a two-burner gas range. Above and below the cooking area, there are several storage cabinets. There is also a stylish spice rack hanging on the wall. There are many places to stay in Outlaw. The queen bunk, fold-out chairs, or Murphy bed set up with the overhead cab bunk will give you plenty of room to relax after a long day of exploring. Outlaw has many kinds of TVs so that toy haulers can find one that suits their needs. The WineGard Connect Wi-Fi system lets you watch your favorite shows if you have a high-end Blu-ray player and are not in signal range. You might not have to waste fresh water while you wait for the hot water to heat up if your bathroom shower has portable hot water recycling technology. The porcelain toilet is another beautiful luxury item. It has a base made of durable metal diamond plates. To keep your toys in place while you move them, you put down tie-downs that can hold up to 2,250 pounds.

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Thor Outlaw Class C Why Buy

Why Buy

The 2025 Thor Outlaw Class C RV for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX is a unique toy hauler that blends elegance and convenience, making it a great choice for anyone looking to get outside and experience nature. An Outlaw's spacious cabin and exceptional storage allow it to go across any terrain. Bring a crowd of people and as many motorized toys as you want to the garage. One of the most well-known models of the Class C toy hauler is the Thor Motor Coaches Outlaw. One of the few competitors, the Thor Outlaw, offers the same level of comfort and versatility in a single collection. Thor is a company that has achieved significant success and a distinctive grasp of the demands of its consumers, producing one out of every four motorhomes sold in North America. The motorhome market is presently dominated by these vehicles, following years of research and development. Because of their extensive nationwide dealer network, you can find a nearby service center to keep your Outlaw on the road for many years to come. Visit McClain's RV Superstores to witness firsthand how much these toy haulers can enhance your camping trip.