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Thor Outlaw Class A Overview


The 2024 Thor Outlaw Class A toy hauler motorhome for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX combines the luxury of a Class A motorhome with the practicality of a mobile garage. When utilizing the Outlaw, you never have to make a decision about what to take and what to leave behind. The full-sized garage gives you the freedom to load up any gear you desire and go on travels as far off the grid as you can dream. Thanks to the car's strong 7.3L V-8 engine and Ford F-53 chassis, you, your traveling companions, and any other items you may bring with you may be transported with more than enough power. When you reach your location, the toys will be fully charged and ready thanks to the remote filling station. The car's stunning appearance with full-body paint looks great whether it is parked at the campground or being driven along the highway. After parking, you may relax outside under the canopy's comfortable shade while grilling or watching TV. There are several opulent amenities there. Everyone will have enough room, and the upscale kitchens, contemporary decor, and cutting-edge technology will make you feel at home. Aside from other advantages, the 5500-watt generator, extra-large storage tanks, energy-efficient heaters, and filtration systems provide multiple unbroken hours of off-grid exploration. The Thor Outlaw is your all-in-one RV toy carrying option if you want to take your ATV to the desert to play in the sand dunes, your snowmobile to climb the mountains, or even a small boat for some quiet fishing time. Learn about the experiences you might have by going to the Thor Outlaw. Visit the RV Superstores at McClain's.

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2024 Thor Outlaw Class A Floorplans


Thanks to a unique but sturdy platform, the 2024 Thor Outlaw Class A toy hauler motorhome for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX combines the best qualities of a Class A motorhome with a high-end toy hauler. The two floorplans in the Outlaw series each distinguish themselves from the competition by virtue of certain qualities. The first on the list is the 38KB, which is 39'10" long. When the car is parked in the front cab area, two large captain's chairs may be turned to face the inside. the bunk that sticks out from the roof of the cabin. When not in use, it may be raised out of the way, and when parked, it can be lowered to free up additional room. It provides two people with space across the width of the vehicle. There is also a coffee table that can be folded up and slid in between the seats. With room for up to four people, the first slide-out behind the driver's seat offers a sizable Dream Dinette. Both the dinette and the sofa bed on the other side of the car can see the 40" TV, which is mounted above the dinette. When necessary, the dinette and couch bed may both be reconfigured to offer additional sleeping spaces. Behind the sofa and across from the entry steps, on the driver's side of the car, is the kitchen. There is a lot of counter space, dual-basin sinks, and induction and gas cooktops. Over the stove, there are multiple overhead cabinets for storage, as well as a convection microwave. The refrigerator and the bathroom door are close to one another. The bathroom's center is where the toilet, sink, and counter space are located. Across from it, a 30" x 36" shower is mounted on the wall. You use the bathroom, then slide open the door to the master bedroom. The floorspace is significantly increased while parked thanks to the installation of a huge tilting king bed with its own slide-out. In addition to a hanging closet and a washer and dryer at the foot of the bed, there are several cabinets above the bed. A glass sliding door that opens to your garage is located at the back of the bedroom. A big overhead bed will provide you with additional room to sleep while you're inside the garage without taking up any interior space. The two pullout couches in the garage may be pulled up against the walls to maximize the area when more seating is needed. The wide garage door at the back of the coach may be entirely opened to the ground and used as a ramp for bringing your toys inside the coach, or it can be stretched out flat and utilized as a patio with its own canopy. You may relax and take in the landscape on the terrace's patio, which is more than 56 square feet in size. Some small layout changes have been made to the 38MB. The fridge is moved to the entire slide next to the cooking area, leaving the dinette, sofa, and the majority of the galley's equipment in place. The king bed in the main bedroom has been replaced with a queen bed, which still has a slide-out but is now on the driver's side of the RV. Despite the absence of a washer or dryer hookup, the closet and dresser at the foot of the bed are still there. You walk through the glass door into the garage, but the SkyBunk is no longer there. The folding coaches and garage seats have been completed, and you also have a raiseable bunk bed installed on movable rails.

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Thor Outlaw Class A Exterior


The 2024 Thor Outlaw Class A toy hauler motorhome for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX has four different paint jobs, and the full-body paint gives it a contemporary look. The Aftershock paint scheme uses reds, whites, and black to produce a fiery picture that will catch people's attention. For a camouflage-like look, the color scheme for Electric Breeze employs more muted gray tones and substitutes red for green. The High Voltage and Razor Blue palettes may be distinguished from one another because of the highly similar yet somewhat distinct blue and gray tones employed in them. Thanks to technological developments, The Outlaw is built with a sturdy foundation and a cutting-edge, robust platform. The wraparound windscreen provides a stunning view of the next road. The fiberglass front cap's aerodynamic shape allows it to integrate seamlessly with the windscreen. The vacuum-bonded laminated and insulated walls, roof, and floor are supported by the Ford F-53 chassis, one of the most resilient ones now in use, which is installed on a welded tubular sidewall cage and roof structure. The 7.3-liter V-8 engine is strong and effective, producing over 350 horsepower and 468 lb-ft of torque. As you travel down the side of the RV, you can see the many compartments that, when combined, give Outlaw up to 141 cubic feet of outside storage. The patio area and the back entrance to the garage each feature sizable awnings. You can spend more time outside because each provides a ton of shade. A 40-inch external TV in its own container and Bluetooth speakers for the TV's surround sound are also included. The LP hookup enables the use of a gas grill for cookouts, and the integrated LED lighting extends the enjoyment into the evening. There is a cover on each slide-out to stop trash from falling into the equipment. You can see how the rear door is being utilized as a patio or ramp as you go closer to the coach's back. There are also many lights provided for evening assistance. The vehicle can tow a pursuit car or even a small trailer thanks to its 8,000-pound trailer hitch. You can also keep the toys fuelled and operational by using the distant gas station's auxiliary fuel tank, pump, and nozzle. While you're off-road, the Onan 5500 gas generator can provide enough power, and the 100-watt solar array helps keep the four house batteries charged. You can wash off in the outside shower after a long day of touring to keep the interior pristine. The main coach and garage space are kept consistently cool by twin roof A/C systems.

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Thor Outlaw Class A Interior


The 2024 Thor Outlaw Class A toy hauler motorhome for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX combines the luxurious interior of a top shelf motorhome with the practical storage of a toy hauler. The huge ceilings of the Outlaw, which reach 80 inches at their lowest point, are clearly noticeable as soon as you walk inside. This gives a more accurate evaluation of the coach when compared to comparable RVs. The vinyl flooring of the coach is designed to be as sturdy and cleanable as possible, and it has a photo-realistic wood grain pattern. The two roomy captain's chairs that are placed in the front of the cab provide you with a commanding perspective of the road. Every coach and automobile feature is readily accessible on the dashboard, allowing for quick modifications and stress-free driving. The central 10-inch touchscreen, which also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allows you to operate every radio function. Several driving aids are available to you, such as cruise control and side vision cameras built into the outside mirrors. The steering wheel's audio and visual controls allow you to keep your hands where they belong. As you approach the living areas, the couches and dining room sets astound you with their luxurious leatherette upholstery. There are two possible interior color options. The Black Talon's interior design mixes gray bedspreads and accent pillows with black accent pillows and furniture covers. The Vapor Blue design brightens the room with its light gray furniture and light wood cabinetry. The models include dazzling nickel accents on every piece of hardware, which complement the cabinets' smooth surface and give them a sleek, modern appearance. The kitchens' solid-surface countertops offer enough room for food preparation, and the double-door refrigerators have more than enough space for all of your belongings. It is a joy for foodies. If you need more baking power, choose a two-burner gas range, an induction cooktop, a convection microwave, or a cooktop. There are various storage cabinets above and below the cooking area, and there is even a chic spice rack hanging on the wall. There are several areas for guests to sleep in the Outlaw Class A. The queen or king beds in the master suites, the overhead bunk above the driver's seat, and either the SkyBunk or descending bunk in the garage ensure that you'll never want for room when it comes to unwinding after a long day of touring. A toy hauler requires entertainment; therefore, it's only natural that Outlaw provides four separate TVs for your viewing pleasure. With the WineGard Connect Wi-Fi system, you may stream your favorite shows if you have a high-end Blu-ray player and are outside of the signal range. The ShowerMiser hot water recycling technology in the bathrooms prevents you from wasting fresh water while you wait for it to heat up. Another stunning luxury item is the porcelain toilet. Your garage's flooring is made of durable tread-plate non-stick material, and you installed tie-downs that can hold toys that weigh up to 2,500 pounds while being relocated.

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Thor Outlaw Class A Why Buy

Why Buy

The 2024 Thor Outlaw Class A toy hauler RV for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX is a distinctive toy hauler that provides its guests with luxury and convenience. Due to its expansive floor plans and excellent storage, an Outlaw can travel across any terrain. Bring a crowd of people and as many motorized toys as you want to the garage. The Thor Motor Coaches Outlaw Class A toy hauler is one of the most recognizable brands on the market and a pioneer in its category. One of the few competitors, the Thor Outlaw, offers just as much comfort and versatility in a single collection. Thor has achieved incredible success in the industry and has a unique insight into what its consumers desire, as one of every four motorhomes sold in North America is Thor. After years of research and creation, these cars today rule the motorhome sector. Thanks to their extensive nationwide dealer network, you can also find a service center nearby to keep your Outlaw on the road for many years to come. Visit McClain's RV Superstores to witness firsthand how much these toy haulers can enhance your camping trip.