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Thor Delano Overview


The 2025 Thor Delano Class C motorhome is built to make lifelong experiences. The Delano stands out from the rest of the RV competition with its outstanding list of amenities and features since it was designed from the ground up to give a cozy and roomy home on wheels. The robust Mercedes-Benz chassis and turbodiesel engine offer economy and safety, and the RV's interior is a testament to Thor's reputation for top-notch craftsmanship. Delano offers the convenience and luxury you want, whether you're taking the family on a trip to the mountains, having friends over by the river, or just bringing your significant other on the road trip of a lifetime. You may choose from a number of sleeping and sitting arrangements thanks to the four creative floor plans, and you can carry all the necessary stuff with you on the trip thanks to the numerous storage cupboards both inside and outside the coach. You can prepare delicious meals with the help of fully equipped galleys that make use of the most up-to-date cooktops and equipment, and there is plenty of space for everyone to sleep thanks to the adaptable bedding options. The queen bunk, fold-out chairs, or Murphy bed set up with the overhead cab bunk will give you plenty of room to relax after a long day of exploring. Outlaw has many kinds of TVs so that toy haulers can find one that suits their needs. The WineGard Connect Wi-Fi system lets you watch your favorite shows if you have a high-end Blu-ray player and are not in signal range. You might not have to waste fresh water while you wait for the hot water to heat up if your bathroom shower has portable hot water recycling technology. The porcelain toilet is another beautiful luxury item. It has a base made of durable metal diamond plates. To keep your toys in place while you move them, you put down tie-downs that can hold up to 2,250 pounds.

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2025 Thor Delano floorplans


The 2025 Thor Delano Class C motorhome has four different floorplans, each with a number of unique features that help owners get the most out of their fun and enjoyment. The 24FB has been a popular setup for many years because it is a great deal and can be used in many ways. When stopped, the driver's cab has two captain's seats that turn to face the interior of the coach. Above the chairs is the cabover bunk, which has a 30x80 sleeping space and a beautiful built-in skylight. Between the two seats, there is also a mounting place for a detachable standing table. The Dream Dinette, with seating for up to four, can be folded and transformed into an extra bed space, is housed in the wide slide out on the left side of the coach. Above the dinette is a row of storage cabinets. This is situated next to the Murphy bed/sofa combination. When the bed is stored in the wall, it changes into a big couch with its own pedestal table. The bed slides down over the couch when needed to create a queen-sized sleeping space, and you have a privacy curtain that be expanded to give you peace and quiet. The kitchen is located across from the bed and features a big sink, storage cupboards, a two-burner range, and plenty of counter space. The fridge and storage closet are both located next to the range. The restroom is accessed through a sliding door in the back. The shower, spanning 24 by 36 inches, can be found on the driver's side of the vehicle, close to the toilet and sink. A big wardrobe cabinet on the other side provides adequate room for apparel, towels, and whatever else you may require. The 24TT, the shortest Delano floorplan, is similar to the 24FB in overall layout, but there are some subtle differences. The cab and dinette arrangements, as well as the galley, are essentially identical to the ones found in the 24FB, with the exception of the pantry, which has been relocated to the section opposite the seating area on the driver's side. The Flip-up bed has been relocated to the rear of the vehicle. The bed measures 60 inches by 75 inches, which is plenty of room for two people, and there is even a TV placed in this space. At the foot of the bed is the door to the neighboring bathroom, which has a sizable sink and countertop area, a 24x32 shower basin and a foot-flush toilet. The 24RW changes up the layout in a few very notable ways. Behind the cab, on the slide out, is a slightly smaller dinette than the Dream setup. Above the dinette is your TV, and across the coach are two theater-style recliners. The kitchen is split between the two sides of the coach, with your sink and stovetop next to the dinette, in an L-Shape with some overhead cabinets as well, and the Fridge back on the passenger side, with the microwave above it. The bathroom is also split, with the toilet and sink directly behind the sink and stove, and the shower next to the refrigerator. A retractable curtain separates the bedroom, which has a rear-deploying slide, and a full size flip up bed. There is also a big closet on the right side of the bed that can hold a lot of clothes and other things. The 24XL type is different from the others in small but important ways. The slide-out has been changed to include two theater-style seats, a fridge, and a movable table. The cab, on the other hand, has not changed from earlier versions. The kitchen is on the other side of the coach, next to the sink and stove. There are a lot of storage cabinets above the kitchen. When the bathroom door is opened, the 24x32 shower is on the side of the car facing the driver, where the toilet and sink are. The back of the car has been split into two separate twin beds, each measuring 31 by 76 inches. With the Flex bed rails and bars, this can be turned into a huge king bed. There is a large room for storage at the end of each bed.

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Thor Delano Exterior


The outside of the 2025 Thor Delano Class C motorhome is elegant and stylish, which shows how well it was built. After years of reliable work in the RV business, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has acquired an incredible reputation for both quality and dependability. The 3.0L turbodiesel V6 produces 188 horsepower and smooth torque for easy travel, and it can haul up to 5,000 pounds. Hydraulic ABS brakes are standard, as are numerous other safety features such as lane keeping and crosswind assist, active stopping and adaptive cruise control, and even concentration assistance, which assists you in keeping your eyes on the road. Each of the three external color sets has a distinct appearance. The Boca II design highlights its black and gray two-tone appearance with white accents and its full-body paint is guaranteed for years. The Atlantic II full body paint scheme has a lovely motif with black, blue, and dark gray accents. The Summit III has long been a favorite, with a delicate smoke and silver color scheme for a distinct appearance. As you progress along the exterior of the RV, you will ultimately approach the streamlined entry door. For your comfort, this entrance also has powered stairs that move out of the way when closed. A powered outdoor awning with great covering includes a nighttime LED lighting system. Because of the large pass-through storage compartments, you will be able to carry a lot of equipment with you. While camping, remote electricity connections enable you to remain linked to the outside world. Both the 3200-watt Cummins Onan generator and the roof-mounted expandable solar arrays can fill and sustain the two deep-cycle marine batteries. You may be able to spend more time without power if you have more lithium-ion cells. There are great heating, cooling, and air systems built in. It has a 15,000 BTU air conditioner and a 20,000 BTU low-profile vent heater to keep you cool and cozy. Because it has an outside service center, you can quickly connect and take care of all of your water systems, whether they come from the city or your tanks on board. Traditional water heaters have been replaced by tankless water heaters, which provide fast and endless hot water.

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Thor Delano Interior


The 2025 Thor Delano Class C motorhome is equipped with an opulent cabin fit for a five-star hotel. First of all, the MBUX touchscreen system combines a number of important features, such as navigation, voice control for the entertainment system and the temperature, and even your rearview camera. The chairs are heated, powered, and multi-adjustable for maximum convenience, particularly on lengthy journeys. The cab-over bed is located inside the damaged fiberglass shell and provides a safe and peaceful place to rest. You can choose between two internal color schemes. The Snow Leopard features darker cabinetry and light furniture covers and accents. The Greystone setup favors a lighter cabinet color, and darker couches and theater seats. Durable vinyl carpeting is placed throughout the vehicle, and a smooth vinyl roof keeps noises at bay. Subtle LED illumination is accessible but not overwhelming, and the tinted carriage windows keep the glare at bay. There are laminate worktops, stainless steel basins, and a cold-water filtration system in the kitchen. There are plenty of soft-close cupboards and drawers for stowage, as well as a two-burner induction or propane stove. Accent lighting around the cupboards lends a pleasant glow as well. For groceries, the fridges have an ample 10 cubic feet of storage room. Similar quality bathroom amenities include self-cleaning retractable shower screens and skylights in every bathroom. The ceramic toilets and mirrors made of glass in the medicine cabinets look nice. Thor paid a lot of attention to the little things, like the tissue holders, towel racks, and powered top ventilation. Many sleeping options are available, such as the Murphy bed, the 24RW's back slide-out bed, and the 24XL's huge Flex bed system. These show how flexible Delano is. It's not possible to find a Class C that gives clients this much freedom.

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Thor Delano Why Buy

Why Buy

The 2025 Thor Delano Class C motorhome is a versatile companion who is always up for an adventure. The Delano is the only RV that can keep up with your most ambitious travel plans, whether they entail a once-in-a-lifetime road trip, a family camping excursion, or a weekend with friends. Because it blends efficiency and spaciousness, there are very few situations in which it will not be the best choice.Thor Motor Coach has been the unchallenged leader in the motorhome industry for many years, and the Delano collection shows how highly they regard excellence and original thinking. It's simple to decide which recreational vehicle to buy next when you take into account their superb customer service and guarantees. To see the Delano in person, you must go to a McClain's RV Superstore as soon as possible. You should also schedule a walkthrough and test drive. The Delano won't let you down.

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