Renegade RV

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Sometimes, rebellions start small. Twenty years ago, Renegade RV opened its doors with a focus on building heavy-duty products for the motorsports industry. A passion to do things differently, rebelling against the status quo, has shaped Renegade into a luxury motorhome legend. They offer remarkable vehicles that possess a unique blend of luxury, performance, and versatility.  Determined to carve their own path and fueled by an obsession for extreme quality, Renegade RV has become a popular choice among adventure enthusiasts and travel aficionados. Renegade sets itself apart as a top-tier manufacturer, combining elegance, functionality, and reliability. So, whether you're embarking on a cross-country road trip or seeking a weekend getaway, Renegade offers a truly exceptional travel experience. Reach out to any one of McClain’s RVs five stores and schedule a test drive today.