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The 2024 Regency Xalta Touring Class B van for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK is a distinctive hybrid between a Class B camper van and an opulent touring coach. Long trips are meant to be as enjoyable as possible, so some RV components are blended with the beauty and elegance of a limousine. The renowned vintage highway cruiser known as the Xalta was transformed by the venerable Regency conversion van company. With diamond stitching, the beautiful upholstery covers the whole seat surface. Inside, a sizable smart TV is prominently ornamented from all sides. Corian worktops and a porcelain toilet give the private bathroom an opulent feel. Both the coach and the cab include wide, multiple-adjustable captain's chairs for your pleasure. You have access to a microwave and a refrigerator for food and beverages, and any motorized couches you use may be converted into a daybed. The Mercedes Sprinter, one of the strongest and best-built modern platforms, serves as the foundation for the Xalta Touring's chassis. The 3.0L V-6 diesel's dependability and efficiency are widely recognized. Three alternative floorplans are used by the 144" or 170" wheelbase Xalta Touring vehicle, which can accommodate up to 10 passengers and carry owners in the lap of luxury along routes. When it's time to spend the night, there are a ton of amenities available to you in the form of an RV. A 30-amp shore power connection and municipal water connections let you add certain conveniences to your home. The Regency Xalta Touring models are for you if you want a luxurious automobile that will treat you well no matter how far you have to drive. Visit one of McClain's RV Superstores to take one of the unique coaches for a test drive.

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2024 Regency Xalta Touring floorplans


The 2024 Regency Xalta Touring Class B vans for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK are an innovative combination of opulent limousine-style coaches and leisure vehicles. For the Xalta Touring line, Regency provides three different floorplans, each with a distinct function. The 144" Sprinter chassis was only used to build the Xalta Tour 2.2 variant. Two captain's chairs may be rotated to face the inside of the van when it is parked in the cab area. Your 32" smart TV is mounted to the ceiling and is partially dividing the cab from the rest of the bus. The configuration allows everyone on the bus to see it in a theater-like setting. In the center of the bus are two more captain's chairs with motorized leg rests and ten-way adjustable comfort seats. When you spin around to face the back of the car, you can see two motorized loveseats that can be dragged out to create a spacious sleeping space. A microwave is housed in cupboards above the seating area on the passenger side. The overhead cupboards, which are also placed over the driver-side seating regions, provide you with a ton of storage room. The back sliding door leads to the executive-style bathroom. The faucets feature matte nickel finishes, and the sink has a deep bowl shape. Corian is used for both the counter and the medicine cabinet, which also has a mirror. There is a tiny refrigerator under the sink where food and drinks can be kept. The Sprinter's 170" wheelbase allows for the possibility of enlarging the Xalta Tour 4.2. With the addition of a second row of captain's chairs in the middle of the vehicle, the arrangement essentially stays the same as the 2.2, giving you a total of six captain's seats, including the cab. The executive restroom's opposite-facing sofa arrangement is still there. There is enough for the second row of seats, which will increase the overhead area and provide room for two extra storage cabinets. For a total seating capacity of 8 people, the Xalta Tour 6.0 completely eliminates the couches and adds a third row of captain's chairs. Behind the third row of seats, there are two end tables with Corian tops and eight overhead storage spaces.

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The 2024 Regency Xalta Touring class B van series for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK from is extremely sleek and subtle. The Touring series vehicles stand out because to their four distinctive colors—white, silver/grey, tenorite/grey, and black—as well as their Black Rhino custom wheels and powered running boards. One of the most known chassis for high-end recreational vehicles is the iconic Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The massive, motorized awning on the 144" and 170" chassis may be employed as needed to give shade or weather protection. When the wind picks up too much, an integrated wide-area sensor retracts the canopy automatically. A motorized step that assists you in entering the coach is immediately evident when you open the side sliding door. The vehicle's tow hitch, standard backup camera, municipal water hookups, and 30-amp shore power connections are all neatly concealed under specially painted panels. The 188 horsepower of the 3.0-liter diesel engine can tow a 5,000-pound trailer. The Xalta may utilize smaller water tanks because it doesn't have a shower, which would save weight and improve fuel economy. Each fresh water and sewage tank may hold 8 gallons. Your low-rise 13,500 BTU air conditioner and solar panels for the Spark Lithium system are both on the roof. The Spark system, included as standard on the Regency Xalta Touring, uses 12-volt batteries, a multi-watt sine wave inverter, a twin alternator kit, and a 320-watt solar panel to power your coach without the need for a generator.

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The inside of a 2024 Regency Xalta Touring Class B van for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK is unmistakably bizarre. Once inside, the Xalta looks and feels like a first-rate limousine and has all the luxurious amenities you would expect from an actual executive coach. The two flippable captain's seats, distinctive floor mats, and color-coordinated headliner are all located in the driver's cab. Additionally, both seats feature privacy coverings and tinted windows. You can view the wood-look vinyl flooring that is prevalent throughout the whole cabin by scurrying beneath the TV and returning to the passenger area. The captain's seats on the coach include motorized footrests and ten-way power adjustments. Diamond stitching gives the leather a really distinctive look. For complete privacy, every window has motorized MCD shades. Additionally, each seat features a 110-volt outlet and a USB connector for personal equipment. American hardwoods were used in the construction of the handcrafted storage cabinets in each seating area as well as the cherry or maple wood accents that surround them. For a presentation in a theater setting, your audio system is installed on the ceiling and may be connected to either specific Bluetooth devices or the 32" SmartTV. In order to access a range of entertainment alternatives, there is also a built-in DVD or CD player, and you can add a game system or a satellite feed. The couches may be flattened if necessary to provide a roomy sleeping space. The captain's chairs' needlework pattern is also present on these seats. The four colors that may be used for inner leather are white, black, grey, and sand. Your cabinets may seem like they are made of dark cherry or brown maple. Because there isn't a shower pan in the bathroom, the toilet is rather roomy. The sink area includes Corian countertops and stainless-steel fittings, while porcelain is frequently used for the toilets. There is a little refrigerator with room for a few beverages or a small snack in the cupboard behind the sink. The passenger cabin has an overhead microwave that may be used to reheat food or prepare meals.

2024 Regency Xalta Touring inventory

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The 2024 Regency Xalta Touring for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK is an exceptional van for transporting the entire family. Many other Class B vans on the market fall short of the extensive list of options and focus on organizing the ideal road trip that the Xalta Touring provides. Regency creates an unrivaled Class B touring bus by putting trip comfort above camping. The Xalta Touring Series will get you there in unparalleled comfort, whether you need to take the family to the beach or employees out to dinner. Since Regency started making conversion vans in the 1980s, several of the most well-known consumer groups have acknowledged them as creating high-quality goods. They were really committed, despite having only recently entered the RV industry. They are dedicated to producing high-quality recreational vehicles with true workmanship and a great eye for detail, and their selection is constantly expanding. One of the most complete warranties available is the 3-year, 36,000-mile guarantee that comes with every new Regency RV. This guarantee serves to underscore Regency's commitment to quality. You are warmly welcomed to stop by any of our locations to check out the great RVs built right here in Texas by McClain's RV Superstores.

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