2024 Regency Ultra Brougham Class B+ Motorhomes for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK

2024 Regency Ultra Brougham available

2024 Regency Ultra Brougham overview


The 2024 Regency Ultra Brougham for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK is an uncommon motorhome product. By straddling the line between a Class B van and a Class C RV, the Ultra Brougham creates a brand-new classification, the B+ motorhome. You get the enhanced economy and agility of a Class B motorhome together with the increased interior room and comfort of a Class C motorhome. The Ultra Brougham is built on the durable Mercedes Sprinter chassis with a diesel engine and is offered in a variety of floorplans to fulfill the unique needs of its clients. The four outside colors, four leather selections, and two different cabinet colors give you the ability to totally personalize the look and feel of your new Regency. Each model has a sumptuous appearance when traveling down the highway owing to the usual full-body paint, and the extensive exterior storage compartments make sure you can take everything you need. Inside, you'll find solid-surface worktops, diamond-stitched seams on the upholstery, and a bewildering array of luxuries that will make you feel at home. Each Regency Ultra Brougham is uniquely built at their facility in Fort Worth, Texas, ensuring that even the tiniest details are given the utmost attention. This commitment to quality has been a defining characteristic of Regency's products for many years, and it has helped them build a solid reputation in the RV industry. Any excursion you select may be accommodated by the Regency Ultra Brougham, and it does so with unmatched elegance. It may be used to hang out with friends by the river, take the kids to the beach, or finally take your significant other on that long-promised holiday. Everyone is welcome to visit and test drive these B+ alternatives, and McClain's RV Superstores is honored to partner with this storied Texas institution.

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2024 Regency Ultra Brougham floorplans


The 2024 Regency Ultra Brougham portfolio for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK offers five outstanding floorplans, each designed with a specific owner base in mind and equipped with conveniences to make their travels simpler. The Sprinter-style front cab of the Ultra 25MB is equipped with two opulent captain's chairs that can each be rotated to face the inside of the vehicle. Behind the driver's seat is a small slide-out that houses a Murphy bed and couch combo. The sofa is motorized and features a foot switch that makes folding it simple. When required, a queen-sized sleeping area may be created by folding the Murphy bed down over the sofa. Across from the sofa is a sleek counter with your TV, and the ceiling is lined with a variety of storage cases. Next to the motorized TV mount that may be raised or lowered are additional storage cabinets. Stepping backwards will allow you to access the galley, which contains a refrigerator next to a TV cabinet and a convection microwave hanging over it. Behind the unit is an L-shaped countertop area with a big sink and a two-burner gas stove. Your kitchen area has extra storage cabinets above and below it. A large hanging closet is located to the left of the room, and a sliding door leads to the bathroom. The room's center is occupied by the sink, which has a deep basin, storage below, and a mirrored medicine cabinet above. It is situated behind the coach. The shower has a curved pan, real glass sliding doors, faucets, and a satin-finished shower head. On the driver's side wall, above the macerator toilet, there is a towel rack and a storage cabinet. The Ultra 25TB significantly alters the layout. The 25TB doesn't have a slide, but the cab configuration is still there. Directly behind the cab are two opposing recliners, a folding table, and overhead storage. On the driver's side, there is an L-shaped kitchen counter with a two-burner stove and a big undermount sink. Along with the TV mounted on the wall above the sink, there are also extra storage drawers and cupboards above and below. Near the front entrance, across the coach, are your convection microwave and refrigerator. Moving to the rear will allow you to access the bathroom area. To your left is a standing shower with a strong wood privacy door. The restroom with the sink and toilet is located across from the standing shower. The bus has two twin beds in the back, one on each side. A large central nightstand with lots of storage and elegant cupholders is located between the two beds. There are multiple ceiling storage cabinets in addition to two wardrobes, one at the end of each bed. Using the included extendable platform, the space may be transformed into a single, roomy king-size sleeping area. A second TV is also in the bedroom. With the exception of moving the shower and bathroom to separate sides of the coach, the Ultra 25TBS features a bedroom layout that is similar to the 25TB's. On the driver's side of the 25TBS's seating area, there is a small slide-out that houses the fridge and a smaller couch that can be made into a bed. The kitchen, which includes the well-known L-shaped workstation, two stovetops, and a sink, is situated behind the passenger. The cabinetry below the stove now has the convection microwave fastened to it. Similar to earlier iterations, there are several storage cupboards over both the eating and kitchen areas. The front coach layouts of the Ultra 25IB and the Ultra 25TB are identical with regard to the opposite seating and kitchen areas. The shower and toilet are likewise in distinct rooms, despite the fact that the rear walls are slanted for a little different design and yet plenty of space. The rear bedroom now has a large queen-sized island bed with lots of room for movement around it, various ceiling storage cabinets, and two closets, one on either side of the bed. The Ultra 25UL (Ultra Lounge) has a unique design. The complete back of the sofa is a U-shaped wraparound couch with enough room for up to six people. It may be utilized as a large booth for eating or as a lounge area by removing the connected, removable table. The removable platform provides you with a large base and a king-sized sleeping area when it's time for bed. Moving toward the front, the split bathroom is laid out similarly to earlier designs, with the shower on your right and the toilet on your left. Due to how the back lounge is set up, the front of the bus has a larger kitchen space. Although the sink and stove are still near one another, the counter space has been expanded farther along the driver's side wall. Both above and below the counter, there are several cabinets and drawers. A magnificent freestanding cabinet with a matching countertop is situated across from the entry steps, while the refrigerator and convection microwave are situated across from the coach.

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2024 Regency Ultra Brougham exterior


From the outside, the 2024 Regency Ultra Brougham Class B+ RVs for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK stand out from their competitors. The Ultra Brougham's 7'10" width and slimmer look give it a sleek, athletic attitude. On top of the strong Mercedes-Benz chassis, Regency adds vacuum-bonded aluminum, which is incredibly resilient and lightweight, for the floor, ceilings, and interior walls. Fiberglass that has been gel-coated and insulated for long-term use without upkeep makes up the outside walls. To get the look you desire, pick from four exterior colors. The white/sterling silver exterior, with its brilliant silver tint flowing through the cab and coach regions and white top and bottom, produces a dramatic contrast. The white is replaced with the lighter silver shade from the Silver/Sterling Silver palette, keeping the middle's darker aspect. For a spectacular contrast to the lighter gold top and bottom and deeper bronze core portion of the sandstone exterior, the white/autumn exterior replaces the light gold with white. When viewed from the front, the automobile seems fairly aerodynamic due to the integrated front fiberglass cap and aerodynamic-looking running boards. As you move along the side, you can see the motorized retractable step for the coach entrance and the retractable awning. You may enter a huge covered space through the awning, which also includes integrated LED lights for use at night. In addition to the different exterior storage areas that are top-hinged for convenience and Durakote-lined for durability, certain versions also come with a larger pass-through compartment. You may rinse off in the outside shower after a long day before getting inside the bus. A 6,000-pound towing hook has also been fitted at the back, and the polished aluminum wheels look great. The Ultra Brougham has a substantially lower profile than comparable RVs since it is just 10'6" tall overall and includes a roof-mounted 13,500 BTU A/C. You can stay off the grid for a long time thanks to your freshwater tank's capacity of 26 gallons and your black and gray tanks' combined capacity of almost 37 gallons. The SPARK Lithium System, which is required for all Regency RVs and includes a 320W hard solar panel, a SMART 40-amp charger, a luxury system LCD display, and other features that enable off-grid camping, when necessary, is installed in all Regency RVs.

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2024 Regency Ultra Brougham interior


The 2024 Regency Ultra Brougham Class B+ RVs for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK are like stepping inside an opulent hotel room. Your senses are greeted by the aroma of leather, residential-style furnishings and décor, and the feel of high-quality materials used throughout the cabin. The captain's seats in the vehicle's cab are covered in premium leather. The four hues that are offered are white, tan, gray, and black. You may choose between a light maple tan or a dark cherry cabinet hue. Speaking of the cabinets, they are all proudly constructed from American hardwoods by hand. The soft-close function on all the drawers and doors adds even more luxury. The bus has thick vinyl flooring that looks weathered and like wood. Everywhere, even behind the cabinets, there is a ton of dimmable LED lighting that is simple to access from numerous switches. The skylights give the main seating spaces a feeling of spaciousness and airiness. The couches and chairs are all coated in a quality leather-like material and diamond stitched for an opulent look and feel. While the sinks and faucets are constructed of stainless steel, the kitchen countertops are all solid-surface quartz. The showers have sliding glass doors, and the medicine cabinets even have real glass mirrors. The sinks and faucets in the bathrooms are constructed of the same materials. Large amounts of natural light are brought into the cabin through the large windows. Whether you are entertaining guests, relaxing on the patio, or doing nothing at all after a strenuous day outside, the Ultra interiors will keep you indulged.

2024 Regency Ultra Brougham available

2024 Regency Ultra Brougham why buy

Why Buy

The pinnacle of elegance and sophistication is represented by the 2024 Regency Ultra Brougham Class B motorhomes for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK. Since Regency started producing conversion vans in the 1980s, several prestigious consumer advocacy organizations have recognized the firm as a producer of products of the highest caliber. They remained steadfast in their commitment to the business in 2014 as they moved into the RV sector. Their constantly growing product line does not cause them to lose focus on their main goal, which is to create high-quality recreational vehicles that exhibit real craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. A three-year, 36,000-mile warranty is included with every new Regency recreational vehicle, making Regency's warranty one of the best on the market. Regency does this to support the caliber of their offerings. McClain's RV Superstores is happy to offer these top-notch RVs that were made in Texas at each of our locations and welcomes customers to stop by and take a test drive.

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