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2024 KZ Escape Travel Trailers Overview


The 2024 KZ Escape Travel Trailers for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK are incredibly lightweight campers designed for the maximum in comfort, versatility, and fun. This collection is of exceptional quality. Because it was built from the ground up to be as light as possible, The Escape lives up to its name by allowing its owners to take it almost anywhere they choose. These trailers may be carried by a far wider range of tow vehicles thanks to their starting weight of approximately 3,000 pounds and modest length of about 18 feet. As a result, a larger number of families are now able to go camping regularly. Most Escape versions only have one axle, which allows you excellent maneuverability in small areas. The revolutionary Hatch variants were the first of their kind to enter the market, and because to the large, back vertical door, they provide excellent screened-in living area. Insects and other annoyances are kept out of your camper while you and your family enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. A strong and long-lasting foundation for Escape is provided by Azdel composite panels, and maintenance is made simple by fully walkable roofs with lifetime warranties. With the ten different floorplans available for the Escape family, singles, couples, and even young families may enjoy the camping lifestyle. You may transport even more of your lifestyle on the journey because of the big refrigerators, additional storage spaces, and a selection of essential amenities. KZ delivers when it comes to "Escape," whether it's for a little weekend getaway or an extended road vacation. By visiting one of McClain's RV Superstores, you will learn more about the possibilities that these amazing travel trailers have to offer.

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2024 KZ Escape Travel Trailer Floorplans


The 2024 KZ Escape Travel Trailer for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK allows customers to choose from 10 really intriguing and unique floorplans. There are three distinct layouts in the Escape Hatch series, an especially creative subcategory. The fun begins with the E17 Hatch, which is ideal for single travelers or couples seeking a hideaway. The whole front portion of the camper is filled with a large bed. The rear of the camper has the dining room table, couches, and roomy storage cabinets. In addition to the 14-foot side awning, the broad, vertical back door also rises and may be used as a patio cover. The front "L"-shaped sofa on the E18 Hatch includes a discrete footrest that, when not in use, tucks beneath the main section. This can also be used as a bed extender. The main bed may be raised on motorized rails when not in use, giving direct access to the hatch entry and significantly increasing the amount of useable floorspace. The E20, Hatch's largest model, has two twin beds up front that can be converted to a king bed by simply inserting another panel. Twin dinette tables and overhead cabinets with storage are also included. The straightforward yet stylish all-new E181MK serves as an introduction to the Escape trailers. The dinette takes up very little floor area because it is situated on the slide and faces the entertainment center. The front of the trailer has a queen-size bed, and the kitchen is equipped with a large countertop, a stove, a microwave, and a refrigerator. The front queen bed and dinette slide are still present on the E181RB, but the length of the rear bathroom has been increased. There is plenty of area for clothing in the bathroom thanks to a large closet, thus there is no concerns about running out of storage space. The shower's basin is large enough to double as a makeshift tub. The E191BHK is the smallest bunk variant offered by Escape. It has a highly functional outdoor kitchen with a stove and a refrigerator, as well as two quite large rear bunks that measure 28" x 74". The sleeping space also has a huge storage cupboard. There are many similarities between the E201BH and the 191, except the E201BH features a queen-sized Murphy bed in the front instead of a regular bed. The Murphy bed may be folded up against the wall and used as a sofa when not in use, freeing up additional usable floor space. Similar to the E20 Hatch, the E201TB features a double bed set up in the front of the trailer. By using the included extension panels, the two twin beds may be transformed from sitting couches during the day to a King-sized bed at night. The roomy rear bathroom of the E211RB offers a large shower and a roomy hanging closet. On one side of the slide is the dinette, refrigerator, and pantry, while inside is the galley and sofa. One of the two dual-axle models and the largest Escape car is the E231BH. For children or guests, the two 4-by-6-foot bunks in the back offer plenty of sleeping space. On the other side of the spacious bathroom, they are. The dinette and refrigerator are on one side of the dining room as you enter, and the large kitchen area and sofa are on the other. The front queen bed can be moved around easily, and there is a good storage cupboard on the right side.

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2024 KZ Escape Travel Trailer Exterior


The 2024 KZ Escape Travel Trailers for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK demonstrate a dedication to excellent quality. The exterior panels are fortified using Azdel composite materials, which are stronger, lighter, and less susceptible to warping than regular wood panels. With a lifetime warranty, the Tufflex roof material provides a seamless barrier against the elements. High density block insulation fills in the metal frames and laminated sides. This is crucial since the insulation fills the whole space from floor to ceiling and is stable. Many of our modern competitors still use traditional insulation, but it can shift and settle with time, creating gaps within the walls and subjecting your interior to excessive heat or cold. Tinted windows, digital TV antennae, a sturdy rear bumper where you can store your sewage hose, and a strong diamond plate rock guard that shields your camper from road debris are all included as standard equipment on Escapes. The front windscreen, which is fashioned like an automobile, improves the aerodynamics of the trailer overall while giving occupants an exceptional view when stopped. A motorized awning is a standard feature on all Escapes and offers camping guests shade and weather protection. An HDTV omnidirectional antenna and a WiFi setup are also included. In the case of a sudden wind blow, the friction hinged door won't also crash shut. You may choose the Off-Road/Off-Grid option for complete boondocking capability, and all Escapes come with solar pre-wiring. It has a solar controller, a 1000-watt inverter, and a 100-watt roof-mounted panel. Other enhancements include a bigger tongue-mounted bike rack, heated holding tanks, improved ground clearance, and aluminum wheels. The campers' single 13,500 BTU air conditioner can quickly warm or cool them. The Advantage package also includes a spare tire and container, a leash clasp for your canine companions, stabilizer jacks, and stronger Aqualon Edge tent material for the awnings.

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2024 KZ Escape Travel Trailer Interior


The 2024 KZ Escape Travel Trailers for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK has interiors that are cozy, adaptable, and stylish. Due to smart packaging and creative space management, they feel reasonably roomy and have a great deal of storage despite the trailer's small size. The flooring of the coach is designed with a residential appearance. This results in a sturdy and orderly appearance. You have enough food storage capacity thanks to a large 12-volt, 8 cubic foot refrigerator that is placed in each kitchen. The microwave and two-burner stove offer a range of cooking options, while the euro-style cabinet doors add a touch of refinement. The cabin is illuminated by recessed LED lighting, which casts a soft glow that is neither harsh nor overwhelming. The monitor panel at the end of your overhead cabinet controls the slide, awning, and water heater in addition to giving you the most recent information on the levels in your main tanks. You could carry your JBL Bluetooth speaker everywhere you go by charging it. Making meals is simple thanks to residential-style countertops and a stainless-steel sink. Every window has pleated window coverings, which assist to reduce light and enhance the interior. After a long day, you may relax on the couch and soft cushions in the dinette. The 20,000 BTU furnace is another basic feature that will keep you toasty even on the coldest winter nights. The restrooms contain huge basin shower pans and foot-flush toilets. To provide the owner more options for outdoor activities or a night out, every Escape includes accommodation for them, whether in the big overhead cupboards or the wardrobe closets.

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2024 KZ Escape Travel Trailer Why Buy

Why Buy?

The 2024 KZ Escape Travel Trailers for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK are perfect for the picky camper searching for excitement and adaptability in their new RV, and they provide an excellent value as well. KZ Recreational Vehicles has provided a variety of family-friendly travel trailers designed to encourage outdoor fun ever since company was founded in 1972. Customers may buy an Escape or any of their other items with great confidence because of their products' unmatched excellence in the RV industry. Each trailer is carefully inspected by committed specialists to ensure that the highest construction standards are met. Even more thorough is the daily random 300-point inspection, which takes around 8 hours to complete. A random trailer will also be investigated and examined by KZ management to ensure that the company's quality standards are met. Escape is an impressively convenient option for people who wish to go camping with the least amount of hassle. Since they are relatively light, a wider variety of tow vehicle alternatives may be taken into account, enabling more families to take advantage of them without having to switch. You have options with Escape's 10 different floorplans, which vary from the distinctive Hatch variants to the larger traditional units. Every trailer is covered by KZ's industry-leading True 2 warranty. Since Escape offers all of these thrilling activities at a very low price, it enables you to live by the KZ maxim "Go. Camp. Live.”

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