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2023 Grand Design Transcend Xplor over view


The 2023 Grand Design Transcend Xplor for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX family of travel trailers is the pinnacle of excellence, value, and cutting-edge value in the growing aluminum-sided towable market. With an astonishing selection of 15 different adaptable floorplans and a design centered on lightweight mobility and use, the Transcend Xplor will give your family years of dependable service and priceless memories. Transcend Xplor can perform in a variety of conditions. It actually surpasses many of its rivals in function, whether you are planning a cross-country journey, a fishing excursion to a nearby lake, or a ski trip with the family. You have more alternatives for where and how you want to live the RV lifestyle because of the revolutionary weight-saving methods that make Transcend Xplor accessible to a larger range of tow vehicles. Transcend Xplor also offers a wider range of price points than other manufacturers currently on the market. The Transcend Xplor trailer series stands out from the others with more standard features and equipment, including such mandatory packages such as the Four Seasons, Elevation, and Solar packages. The 2023 Grand Design Transcend Xplor line is the market leader in its segment offering an affordable choice of travel trailers that customers have come to expect from the most forward-thinking RV manufacturer in the industry.

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2023 Grand Design Transcend Xplor floorplans


The 2023 Grand Design Transcend Xplor for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX family of aluminum-sided travel trailers offers an impressive list of 15 interesting floorplans with a variety of cutting-edge features and options for you and your family. The 200MK is the smallest model in the lineup, but it has a lot to offer, including a queen bed and a spacious U-shaped dinette for enjoyable meals. An incredibly large bathroom with a nice-sized walk-in shower is added to the 221RB at the back of the coach. The 231RK flips things around with a sizable rear kitchen that is furnished with stainless steel fixtures and a sizable countertop ready for food preparation. With a queen-size Murphy Bed in the front of the coach and large side bunks in the slide out for visitors, the brand-new 235BH substantially expands your floor space. With a big, corner-based back kitchen counter, theater seating, and a booth dinette for multiple seating options, the 240ML is a chef's dream. With its wide back tri-fold 70" sofa and theater seating slide-out, the 245RL is a well-liked model among clients. The 247BH includes a sizable bunk bed section in the back that offers plenty of space for family or guests to sleep. With the spacious sleeping space located at the front of the trailer and the large bedroom on a slide at the back, the new 251BH reverses the bunk models traditional layout. A desirable floorplan, the 255MK boasts a huge front kitchen with plenty of room for cooking and entertaining. Since it offers a wonderful rear bath layout that is highly popular with couples and modest families, the 260RB has consistently been one of the best-selling models. The 261BH and 265BH both have roomy bunk sections, although they do so in different ways. The 265BH has really cool bunks behind a foldout couch at the back of the coach, which offers a unique area of peace and quiet, whilst the 261BH has the more conventional bunk beds at the back corner. The 297QB is the first 35" model available with a sizable, separate bunkroom at the back of the coach, complete with twin bunks and drawers for ample of storage space. Even outside the trailer, there is a separate storage area. Large bunkrooms are another feature of the 315BH and 321BH, which also provide a very roomy living and eating area with space to fully appreciate your RV experience. The outstanding selection of floorplans from Transcend Xplor is unmatched, and it will undoubtedly satisfy the requirements of your family.

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2023 Grand Design Transcend XPLOR exterior


The 2023 Grand Design Transcend Xplor for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX line of travel trailers boasts one of the most amazing collections of exterior features of any aluminum-sided options on the market right now. Firstly, the aluminum itself, which is the most significant outside component. Transcend Xplor has outer aluminum walls that are nearly twice as thick as the competition, giving you a surface that is resistant to travel and weather-related dings and scratches for many years to come. Additionally, the thicker metal acts as a fantastic sound and temperature barrier, keeping your camper quiet and cozy no matter the environment. The Transcend Xplor has a heated and sealed substructure that offers real four-season capability for crucial electronics and plumbing. A standard spare tire and ladder, a power tongue jack, and power awnings are just a few of the practical additions made by the Elevation package. The external speakers with Bluetooth connectivity make outdoor entertainment enjoyable. Additionally, the standard solar power package allows you to keep your devices charged when you are off the grid and can even maintain the charge of your coach's batteries. Expanded water storage tanks for clean, grey, and black water make frequent trips to the dumping stations unnecessary for your off-grid activities. Additionally, two 20-pound propane bottles enable for longer stays in the woods. A sealed, completely walkable roof tops off the outside characteristics, ensuring years of performance without leaks.

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2023 Grand Design Transcend XPLOR interior


The 2023 Grand Design Transcend Xplor for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX interior is very reminiscent of a home, giving families a comfortable setting wherever they go camping. Your first indicator of the quality and livability of the unit is its 78" inside height. This creates a feeling of spaciousness and comfort that is unsurpassed among rivals. The residential experience is greatly enhanced by impressive features including HD flat-screen televisions, standard Cable/Wifi hookups, and motion-sensitive LED lighting throughout the coach. When the winter months arrive, a 35,000 BTU furnace keeps things nice and toasty. In the summer, a ducted air conditioning system distributes the cold air, and the optional 13,500 BTU second air conditioning unit can truly provide you with an additional degree of warm season comfort. Additional residential features included in Transcend Xplor include modern furniture, real hardwood drawers, and seamless counter top surfaces. Cooking is a cinch thanks to the 3-burner range, stove, and microwave, and there is plenty of space for food preparation thanks to the deep stainless steel sinks. The walk-in shower is wonderful for those who are taller, and the foot-flush toilets and medicine cabinets on the wall are all nice touches. A high-quality mattress and comforter fit for a home are provided in the bedroom. Plenty of outlets and USB connections may be found in the bedroom, making it easy to charge electronics at any time. Even better than the built-in cupboards and drawers is the lift-up bed, which has its own secret storage space underneath. The Transcend Xplor provides a wide variety of amenities, most of which are unavailable on the market's other aluminum-sided, cost-effective trailers.

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The 2023 Grand Design Transcend Xplor travel trailers for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX are significantly superior to that of the competition. Shutting out the elements efficiently is the QuadSeal sealant, which can be found at each of the coach's four corners and provides a sturdy initial structural adhesive. Insulation levels exceed costlier trailers and even homes, and the external aluminum is thicker and more robust than those of any other manufacturer. You won't have to worry about the weather getting into your camper thanks to the R-9 rated walls and R-40 rated roof insulation. The soundproofing does a great job of keeping out unwanted sounds and creating a tranquil ambiance within. Like all of Grand Design's products, the Transcend Xplor comes with a three-year structural warranty, which is the longest in the industry. The roof covering comes with an 18-year warranty, the axles with a 5-year warranty, and the tires with a 12-month replacement warranty, so you know they're confident in their goods. The fun and experiences you have with Transcend Xplor will last a lifetime.

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