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The 2023 Grand Design Solitude S Class for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX is one of the most reasonably priced luxury fifth wheels on the market today. There are 5 various floorplans in this RV, so you can customize the layout to meet your needs. The wide body frame that Grand Design successfully devised is what helped this RV gain popularity. Camping enthusiasts can enjoy open floor plans with spacious living areas and lots of storage thanks to the broad body chassis. The biggest distinction between this RV and the original Solitude is how slightly altered its construction is in order to reduce costs. Don't be fooled by the RV's reduced price; it is composed of high-quality materials and has luxurious amenities throughout. You will have a very capable RV to camp for extended periods of time thanks to the 7000-pound heavy duty axles and 5-side aluminum cage used in the construction of this vehicle. Given that this RV is approved for full-time habitation, you can anticipate excellent insulation as well as residential-quality luxury appliances.


The 2023 Grand Design Solitude S Class for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX has 5 distinct floorplans you can pick from between 34 and 40 feet in length. Each design exemplifies Grand Designs' strong eye for practical and luxurious camping. The shortest model, the Solitude 2930RL, is just over 34 feet long and has a slide-out bedroom for closet space and a slide-out kitchen for a more open living and cooking area. The 37' 11" length of the 3330RE was built around the spacious rear entertaining space. This camper contains a theater room where you can watch TV or unwind in front of the fireplace, as well as two tri-fold sofas that can easily be made into beds. Your attention will be drawn to the Solitude 3460FL by its distinctive front living area, which makes use of the front cap for theater seats so you can watch your favorite sporting event while camping. The 3460FL divides the living space from the kitchen space, successfully giving the impression that the unit is considerably larger. Both the 3740BH and the 3950BH are 40'4" long and have kid-friendly rear bunk quarters. This increases the main bedroom's privacy further in the front. The main distinction between the two is that the bunkhouse in the 3740BH has a half bathroom while the skylight shower in the 3950BH has a full bathroom. With these floorplans, Grand Design offers their clients a wide variety to pick from.

2023 Grand Design Solitude S Class Interior


The 2023 Grand Design Solitude S Class for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX features the stealth air conditioner among many innovative amenities. The stealth A/C system uses a figure 8 ducting design to increase airflow by 23% while operating much more quietly than the competitors. The racetrack ducting system aids in providing even air distribution throughout the coach. With its luxury furnishings, the S-Class will make you feel quite comfortable. As soon as you enter, you notice the updated, modern design, solid wood furnishings, and high-quality appliances. A personal refrigerator, microwave, and a sizable oven will be included in every RV! You may benefit from the spacious, wide floorplan, which provides you plenty of room to cook meals. With the help of the relaxing reclining seats, you may unwind after dinner while watching your preferred TV program. You might not even realize you're in an RV thanks to the stylish modern design. From the inside, this impressive collection resembles a house nearly perfectly. The Solitude S-Class contains every item you have at home. On the queen-sized bed in the main bedroom, you can get a good night's rest. The front cap glass allows you to look at the stars when lying in bed at night. Additionally, this RV includes enormous panoramic windows that run the length of the vehicle, allowing you to enjoy the inside of your RV while remaining connected to the outside world.


The 2023 Grand Design Solitude S Class for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX has excellent insulation throughout and is rated for four seasons of camping. Radiant foil insulation and R-40 fiberglass insulation are used to insulate the entire roof. Fully laminated sidewalls, slide-out walls, and a slide-out roof were all installed by Grand Design. Many rival RV manufacturers fail to insulate these regions. The pipes under the camper and your floor are kept warm by the floors' triple R-45 insulation and sealed underbelly. They also went above and beyond to insulate the 5th wheel's gooseneck. To ensure that every Solitude S-Class camper satisfies the Grand Design criteria, it is tested in a range of temperatures from 0 to more than 100 degrees. The fireplace and high-efficiency furnace can keep everyone toasty during the winter. The heating capacity of the fireplace and furnace is 40,000 BTUs. In this RV, neither being overheated during the summer nor being cold during the winter will ever be a concern. The well-designed ductwork and insulation make for the ideal camping environment.

Grand Design Solitude S Class

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Why then would you choose to purchase a 2023 Grand Design Solitude S Class for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX? So this RV is ideal for you if you want a top-notch camping experience at a reasonable price. You'll be able to camp comfortably as well as take advantage of the wonderful outdoors. Imagine the family watching their favorite show on TV while relaxing outside beneath your awning or inside in the luxury of your theater seating. With their well-built RVs and best-in-industry warranties, Grand Design has you covered so you can camp more and worry less. When it comes to fifth wheels, the Solitude S class is the best of the best. Come check out this camper's ample storage and the high caliber construction Grand Design uses to create their products.

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