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The Grand Design Solitude series of luxury Fifth Wheels for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK embodies the pinnacle of comfort and elegance in the recreational vehicle industry. The flagship Solitude line, which became part of McClain's RV portfolio of manufacturers more than a decade ago, has been our best-selling product and has continuously set sales records. This amazing RV stands out from the rest because it has nine different floorplans that can be customized, residential-style amenities, and more living and storage room than most Fifth Wheels on the market. You can be sure that you will enjoy the well-thought-out design of the high-quality construction, the ease of use of all the features and appliances, and the top-notch customer service that our clients appreciate, whether you are living and working in your Solitude, traveling the country and seeing the sights, or camping by a mountain stream and looking out the big windows. Long-term renters all over the country can feel very safe with this RV family because they offer one of the best warranties and best track records in the business. Find the right Grand Design Solitude for you at McClain's RV!

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Grand Design Solitude 310GK floorplan
Grand Design Solitude 370DV floorplan
Grand Design Solitude 376RD floorplan
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Grand Design Solitude 380FL floorplan
Grand Design Solitude 382WB floorplan
Grand Design Solitude 390RK floorplan
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The Grand Design Solitude luxury fifth wheels for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK offers an incredible range of 9 different floorplans to suit the needs and/or preferences of any number of families. The 310GK is the lightest Solitude model that is suitable for a wider range of tow vehicles, weighing less than 13,000 pounds. Additionally, the layout of the kitchen in the back gives you a ton of space to move about. The structure of the next model, the 370DV, is very different. There is a dinette and a large prep bar with stainless steel sinks in the middle of the kitchen. It opens up into a large living area in the back with comfortable theater seats and a large tri-fold couch. The 376RD has a large sitting area in the back that rises up from the main kitchen and has three sofas so that as many people as possible can fit. With its study and bunk room in the middle of the RV, the 378MBS has a pretty unique floor plan. The master bedroom and sitting area in the back are also very large. The 380FL Solitude's best features are its large front living area with enough seats for guests, its large kitchen in the middle, and its handy half-bathroom. The 380FL and the 382WB have a lot of the same features and comforts. However, the 382WB is different because it has a wet bar with a beverage fridge. The back kitchen of the 390RK is very large, with lots of counter room and a convenient spot for making meals. The master bedroom and bathroom are full of nice touches, and the main living area is great for having people over. Last but not least, the Grand Design Solitude 391DL is a well-known private fifth-wheel. It has two bedrooms that are each the size of a queen, two full bathrooms, and closets—each with its own door! The high-end 417KB completes the Solitude line and has a wide range of features that set it apart from other phones in its class. The front cap's huge master bathroom has a big vanity area for getting ready, a lot of floor space, and a separate shower. The sliding door leads to the master bedroom, which has a large queen bed, his and hers cabinets, and a video system on each side. As you walk toward the living room, there is a cute half-bath on your right. You go to the living room downstairs. Along with the theater seats, which face the entertainment center, there are two chairs that can be folded out. The large back kitchen is fully equipped and ready for the family chef. Moving toward the back will get you there. Head over to one of McClain's RV Superstores to see all of the Grand Design floor plans in person.

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Grand Design Solitude exterior


The Grand Design Solitude for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK are renowned for the excellence of their architecture, as well as the extraordinary attention to detail that goes into their construction process. The Solitude line's exterior design features make it clear that the factory is striving for excellence. There are Heavy Duty Dual axles and reliable H Rated 17.5-inch tires on all Solitudes. This is where the rubber meets the road. Tires that are filled with nitrogen need less maintenance and are less sensitive to temperature changes. The high-gloss sides are made to keep out as much noise and heat as possible. The aluminum-backed framework is twice as strong as traditional building methods, and the whole roof can be walked on for easy upkeep. The wind can't get inside your new Solitude because the bottom is completely sealed and insulated. This keeps everything working right and stops burning from hurting your pipes and other fragile parts. More than enough room for a whole family to store their things in the outdoor areas. If you buy one of the bigger Solitudes, you can also get a full-back closet with a slide-out tray for bags and trunks. There are some types of outdoor kitchens that you can use to grill on game day, for those of you who really know how to BBQ. When you're doing things outside, big powered curtains can keep you cool, dry, and protected from the sun and rain. One more thing is that your outside control center, which is in the trunk, can control all of your water flows and tank cleaning.

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Grand Design Solitude interior


The Grand Design Solitude for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK has industry-leading luxury features and amenities, unmatched interior features, and stunning embellishments. All Solitudes include large, welcoming kitchens with stainless steel sinks and 18 cu ft. refrigerators that are both easy to clean and suitable for home usage. The abundance of hardwood cabinetry in the kitchens presents a genuine, high-quality appearance and feel. Large pantries can store everything you might possibly need for the longest road trip, and the tile backsplashes look stunning! The four comfortable seats in the Solitudes, along with the wall-mounted dinette table provide a wonderful dinnertime experience. There are queen-size beds, a lot of cabinets, and closets in every bedroom as usual. Many of them come with a washer and dryer already installed, as well as great comfort features like 110v outlets and USB ports next to the bed, which are great for charging your electronics and CPAP machines. Because recessed LED lights are used in the ceiling and decorative areas, the lighting inside is bright without being too much. There will be trifold sofas or movie recliners in all of the Solitude's seating areas, maybe even next to each other. They have a lot of useful features, like warm seats, massage options, and even cupholders that light up. Their comfort is really great. In a normal house, the kitchen and living room share many of the same features as the bathrooms. For example, both have solid-surface countertops and stainless steel sinks. There is plenty of space in the showers for bigger people, and the porcelain toilet feels great. Even though listing all of this RV's inside features and benefits would take a whole page, there are a lot more. You'll be glad you went to McClain's RV Superstores right away to learn more about all of these great features and enjoy the highest level of comfort it provides.

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Why Buy?

The Grand Design Solitude for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK has a strong track record in the market for luxury, extended-stay fifth wheels and has a number of benefits over some of its "best" rivals. The benefits begin with the superior materials. Grand Design employs Luan, a significantly stronger material manufactured from actual, natural wood that improves the strength and durability of the RV, while many other RV manufacturers use Azdel for their walls and other structural components. The Solitude has many advantages over the leading rival, including significantly better insulation that makes year-round comfort possible. The heating pipes that are mounted on the wall are a small but important part of the Solitude. The floor-mounted grates that our competitors make will not get dirt and other things stuck in your vents. The quality checking process at Grand Design is very important to them. It looks at more than 300 different areas and starts before the product even leaves the plant. Solitude users are guaranteed to live in the best recreational vehicle (RV) on the market! Another reason why Solitude should be your first choice is that Grand Design offers great customer service and support. There are not one but two guarantees that come with every Solitude. The first is a basic, fully transferable one-year limited guarantee that covers any design or material flaws in the RV as a whole. The second promise only covers structural parts for three years and can't be given to anyone else. Unlike most of its competitors, Grand Design's guarantee won't be void if you live in the house full-time. This is one of its best features. Solace is a word that can be used instead of unmatched greatness, freedom, and grace. As soon as possible, make plans to visit McClain's RV Superstores.