2025 Grand Design Reflection 5th Wheel for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX

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Grand Design Reflection Overview


The 2025 Grand Design Reflection 5th wheels for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX provide outstanding value while ensuring that towability and value remain at the core of its commitment to clients. Reflection's eight different floorplans offer a variety of facilities with a focus on residential-style comfort and adequate living space for singles, couples, and families. They are typically between 33 and 41 feet long. Enjoy how the spacious kitchens, huge windows with a panoramic view, plush couches, and theater-style seats all contribute to the feeling of being at home. The Grand Design technical staff always puts quality first and is very passionate about the inspection and assembly work they do in their buildings. If you drive on open highways in a fifth wheel that has been through the strictest inspection possible, you can relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of your holiday without any worries. Because it is flexible, thought can be used anywhere and in any way. It helps people feel sure that they are making the right decision. Some makers may offer similar features, but none of them can compare to Reflection's huge selection. With all of these benefits in mind, Reflection is without a question the best choice for a modern RV owner.

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2025 Grand Design Reflection 303RLS floorplan
Reflection 311BHS
Reflection 320MKS
Reflection 324MBS
Reflection 337RLS
Reflection 362TBS
Reflection 367BHS


The 2025 Grand Design Reflection 5th wheel for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX offers seven beautiful floorplans with a variety of options to accommodate everyones needs. You'll appreciate the rear residential space, which features a tri-fold sofa and comfortable movie seats, starting with our smallest model, the 303RLS. Your meals will feel more formal thanks to the free-standing dinette, and the kitchen island has abundant counter space. The beautiful two-door bathroom has a window and a large radius shower. It also has lots of natural light. Your bedroom has more storage space than most rooms in this type because it has an extra laundry closet and several drawers. There is also a thick blanket for the queen bed. Another popular version is the 311BHS, which has all the same features as the 303RLS plus a large bunkroom in the back of the bus. The 311BHS has space for four more beds and a bathroom that is good for guests or little kids. Thanks to the stove and fridge in the outdoor kitchen, you have even more reasons to spend time outside. One of our newest models, the 320MKS, has a beautiful desk and hutch area in the back that can be used for any kind of work or study. In the middle of the unit, in the large country-style kitchen, there is plenty of room for the family cook to make dinner for everyone. The 30" microwave, three-burner stove, and oven make sure that everything is ready quickly, and the large 16-cubic-foot refrigerator has a lot of room for storage. All of these features are available on the 324MBS, as well as a very unique sleeping place in the middle of the coach. The 36" flip-up bed and 44" length of the bottom bunk make the sleeping space even better than it was before. The 337RLS is a popular model in the Reflection series and has many of the same features as the large living space in the back. However, the bedroom is moved to make room for a larger closet, a washer/dryer work area, and a 30" by 48" shower. You can have the most fun in front of the fireplace and 50-inch TV in the living room of the 362TBS, which has two big tri-fold couches and theater chairs. For people who like to be alone and quiet, there is a four-person dinette in a slide-out right next to the kitchen. The 367BHS is the first Reflection that is 41 feet long. It has a lot of different living spaces for the family. There is plenty of space in this model, with a king-sized bedroom, a bunk room in the middle with a loft above it, and a sitting area in the back that opens up to the kitchen. The big and comfortable back bedroom area will make it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

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Grand Design Reflection exterior


The 2025 Grand Design Reflection 5th wheel for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX stands out for its unrivaled dedication to quality. This building has fully laminated walls that block out noise, and the front cap, ceiling, and floors are all double-insulated to keep out cold air. Your tow vehicle has the largest turning circle because of its sleek, aerodynamic front cap. This also helps it get better gas mileage. The front cap's LED lights help you see while you're moving, and the high-intensity hitch lighting lights up your front for quick hookups. If you have a flat tire, you can keep going with the spare tire and carrier. The provided ladder is also useful for getting up to the roof for repair and inspection. The two 30-pound gas tanks may let you go on longer trips without having to fill up, and the aluminum wheels give the coach a stylish look. Every motorhome comes with a standard outdoor LP connection that makes it easy to hook up grills and other gas equipment. Some models even come with full outdoor kitchens to make life outside even more fun. You can clean up after a long trip and listen to music fit for a concert while outside the RV in the speakers and outdoor shower. The first system in its class that lets you level your RV with just one touch of a button. There is an inverter device, a 50-amp charge controller, and a 370-watt solar panel on the roof that make up the Reflection Solar Package. Even the doors to the storage spaces were made of high-quality materials. Heavy-duty insulation and metal slam locks have been shown to work reliably at zero degrees.

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Grand Design Reflection interior


The 2025 Grand Design Reflection 5th wheel for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX encourages you to take the wide aluminum steps up to the entrance. A refined and elegant decor welcomes you as you approach and enter through the door. The upgraded linoleum flooring immediately catches your eye. This recent breakthrough in high-quality vinyl provides a maintenance-free appearance throughout the coach for many years. The full-size kitchens, which have residential-style stainless sinks and 16-cubic-foot freezers, are lit up by soft LED lights on the walls and ceiling. With the microwave, the gas oven, and the three-burner stovetops, the family chef can make a wide range of meals. A high-rise tap with a pull-out sprayer is on each sink. There is a five-star hotel feel to the area thanks to the solid surface countertops, large cabinets that look like home furnishings, and window shades. Large theater-style chairs that can be heated and massaged are available, as well as useful Tri-Fold sofas for the living rooms. There are electric fireplaces in the entertainment areas that not only light up the coach but can also make it very warm when needed. The building also has a 40-inch HDTV. There are big sinks, medicine shelves, and real glass mirrors in the bathroom as soon as you walk in. The huge showers come in two different styles: a 30x48-inch square pan with a big skylight or a radius-style shower with doors that curve outward. The rooms have hotel bedspreads, queen-sized pillows, and bigger closets. Along with the cabinets and boxes, the bed has a large storage space under it that can be used for a number of different things.

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Grand Design Reflection why buy

Why Buy?

The 2025 Grand Design Reflection 5th wheel for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX is one of the most popular fifth wheels on the market, offering our customers the ideal combination of value, comfort, and towing capacity. Our commitment to producing a high-quality product is unrivaled by our construction processes. We make sure that our customers get a product that is ready to make memories for years to come by checking it over many times while it is being built and again at more than 250 different places when it is finished. The best laminated metal framing is used for the building. Even in the worst weather, the wood-trussed roof can hold up, and it's fully walkable. Because they keep your pipes, tanks, and belongings safe from harsh cold and heat, our fully enclosed undercarriages can be used all year. Grand Design sets the bar for truly exceptional products. Our competitors can't match our 3-year structural guarantee, which makes us stand out. Because they are approved for long stays, all Reflections have all the features of a five-star hotel. Grand Design does not void your warranty if you use your RV for long amounts of time like some other companies do. It stands out from the rest when you look at the market and all of your options.