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2025 Grand Design Reflection 100 overview


The Reflection 100 Series is an excellent choice for those looking for a lightweight fifth-wheel RV that offers a wide range of features. These fifth wheels are specifically designed to be a budget-friendly alternative to the larger Reflection 150 series. They have a lightweight construction and sleek design, making them easy to tow with modern half-ton trucks. The Reflection 100 Series provides a variety of floorplans that cater to different preferences. Whether you are looking for a couple's retreat or require ample space for the entire family, we have a layout that will perfectly cater to your needs. Specifically engineered to ensure a safe and hassle-free towing experience, Reflection's advanced safety features make traveling a breeze, whether in the mountains or across the plains. Enhanced maneuverability allows you to navigate through even the narrowest spaces with confidence and stability. It is quite amazing how many premium features are incorporated, especially for the incredibly affordable pricing they are offered at. The pleasure of living on the road is enhanced when your kitchen is furnished with top-notch appliances. The kitchen's sophisticated appearance has been thoughtfully crafted to blend in with the residential-style décor. This makes your travels more than just journeys; it makes them significant experiences. Grand Design has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of exquisite pieces, and the Reflection 100 Series continues this illustrious heritage.. These 5th wheels are constructed with a strong foundation, featuring aluminum framing and laminated sidewalls. This design ensures that they can endure the challenges of the road and maintain a sturdy and durable structure. With well-designed closets, cabinets, and under-bed storage, you can bring along all the essentials for your journey without feeling cluttered. Safety is a top priority, and these 5th wheels come equipped with features such as backup cameras, anti-sway technology, and robust braking systems. Convenience is also key, with user-friendly control panels and easy-to-operate setups for utilities. The Reflection 100 Series provides a one-of-a-kind blend of affordability and outstanding comfort, elevating the overall quality of your travel experiences. Visit McClain's RV Superstores in Texas and Oklahoma to explore their impressive collection of lightweight 5th wheels.

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2025 Grand Design Reflection 100 22RK floorplan
2025 Grand Design Reflection 100 27BH floorplan
2025 Grand Design Reflection 100 28RL floorplan


The 2025 Grand Design Reflection 100 series offers three inviting floorplans guaranteed to meet a variety of needs. The 22RK is the smallest of the collection, at 26 ft. 11 in. in. length and less than 7,000 pounds dry weight. As you enter the back, there is a full-length counter at the rear of the unit, with a large sink, multiple overhead cabinets, a stove, and a microwave. Across from the counter is a bench with storage for shoes or other outdoor equipment. On the slide is the 60-in theater seats, or a tri-fold couch is optional. Next to the seats is your 10-cu.ft. refrigerator, with plenty of space for your groceries. Across from the theater seats is a booth dinette with room for up to 4, plus a large entertainment center with a 40-inch LED TV and several more overhead storage cabinets. The walk-in shower, spacious sink area, porcelain toilet, and linen closet are located in the master bathroom on your right as you ascend the steps towards the front of the RV. In the master bedroom, the large queen-size bed has storage space under it, large overhead cabinets, and two vanity tables. To make the model look like the 27BH's master bedroom and bath, just move the bathroom to the other side of the model. There is a big tri-fold sofa in the living room with a long row of cabinets above it, right next to the stairs. The living room slide has a big U-shaped dinette that's 80 inches long and has enough space for 4 people. It can also be set up as 78-inch theater seats if that's what you'd rather have. From your sitting area across the floor, you can see both the entertainment center, which has a big LED TV mounted on the wall for easy viewing, and your kitchen to the right. The kitchen has a huge L-shaped counter with lots of space, several overhead cabinets, and even a flip-top counter extension that gives you even more room to prepare food. There are a few steps next to the kitchen that lead to the bunks in the back of the coach. In the bunk area, you have a small room and storage space under the stairs. Both are 48x74. When it comes to size, the Reflection 100 line has one with the 28RL. The 27BH has the same layout in the front, but the rear-living plan is a little different in the back. Instead of the 27BH's bunks, there is now a large tri-fold couch with large cabinets above it. The left slide has two theater seats that can be leaned back so that you can comfortably watch TV or the fireplace across the coach. There is a dinette for four people next to the theater seats. It has two different chairs and a bench. In the middle of the floor is a big island with a sink and taps. The fridge, stove, and microwave are on the same slide out as the entertainment center.

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2025 Grand Design Reflection 100 exterior


The Grand Design Reflection 100 Series fifth wheels' exterior elements demonstrate the company's dedication to quality, functionality, and aesthetics. These expertly designed RVs are not only meant to withstand the rigors of the road but also to provide passengers with a comfortable and convenient outdoor experience. The aerodynamic shape of the Reflection 100 Series not only improves fuel efficiency but also adds to a smoother, more stable towing experience. This slim design reduces wind resistance, which reduces strain on your tow vehicle and improves overall road performance. Grand Design builds the Reflection 100 Series with laminated sidewalls. This way of building makes the structure stronger, better insulated, and lasts longer while also making the building lighter. The gel-coated fiberglass body of the RV not only makes it look shiny and classy, but it also does a great job of keeping the weather out. All of them have TV connections and speakers, so you can watch your favorite shows, movies, or sports games while taking in the beauty of nature. There are large pass-through storage compartments inside that give you plenty of room to keep all of your outdoor stuff organized. Thanks to this smart design feature, you can still bring everything you need on trips and still have enough room to live. LED-powered awnings provide shade and protection, making the area a cozy place to relax outside. With the Reflection 100 Series, setup and upkeep are a breeze thanks to utility connections that are placed in convenient places. These links make sure you can get to all the important things, like power, cable TV, and city water.For year-round guests, the Reflection 100 Series has a four-season package with insulation, a heated and enclosed underbelly, and heated holding tanks. Finally, the Grand Design Reflection 100 Series of fifth wheels has some of the best outward features on the market. From their aerodynamic shape to their sturdy construction to their outdoor entertainment features, these RVs are made to make life outside comfortable and fun. The Reflection 100 Series is a popular choice for people who want to have fun on the open road, whether they've traveled a lot or this is their first time renting an RV.

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2024 Grand Design Reflection 100 interior


The opulent and thoughtful interior amenities of the Grand Design Reflection 100 Series of fifth wheels are widely known for turning your RV into a home away from home. These RVs raise the bar for interior design in the sector by emphasizing comfort, usefulness, and aesthetics. High-quality furniture that offers comfort and style may be found inside. After a full day of exploring, cozy couches and recliners beckon you to unwind. These carefully chosen things give the room a touch of luxury and make it feel better. The kitchen is one thing that makes the Reflection 100 Series stand out. Steel appliances like microwaves, ovens, and freezers are the best you can get. With lots of counter room and storage, stylish cabinets, and eye-catching backsplashes, you can make a kitchen that looks like any modern home kitchen. There are some really nice master rooms in these fifth wheels. All three types have queen-sized beds with high-quality mattresses that make sure you have a good night's sleep. You can also pack everything you need for long trips because the closets and storage areas are very large. The most advanced leisure systems from Grand Design have raised the bar for fun. Large LED TVs that are mounted on the walls in ways that catch the eye make it fun to watch movies or all of your favorite shows at once. The Reflection 100 Series has good temperature control systems that put your comfort first. You can now travel all year because these RVs have heating and cooling systems that keep you comfy no matter the weather. It's never a problem to store these fifth wheels. Well-designed closets, drawers, and cabinets give you a lot of place for your things, so your living space stays clean.

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2025 Grand Design Reflection 100 Why Buy

Why Buy

The Grand Design Reflection 100 Series stands out as a smart choice over the competition for several compelling reasons. Grand Design is known for its superb craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. The Reflection 100 Series is evidence of this commitment to excellence. With their sturdy design, these fifth wheels are made to survive the test of time and the rigors of the road. Grand Design offers one of the best warranties in the business to support its goods. This provides comfort and demonstrates the manufacturer's faith in the strength and quality of their RVs. Grand Design has garnered a loyal following of satisfied customers who applaud the business for its commitment to support and customer service. This outstanding reputation is proof of the company's dedication to offering a first-rate RV ownership experience. To sum up, the Grand Design Reflection 100 Series is an alluring bundle that blends superior workmanship, creative design, opulent interiors, and reasonable prices. These fifth wheels stand out from the competition and offer an exceptional travel experience, whether you're a weekend adventurer or a full-time RVer. Choosing a Grand Design Reflection 100 means investing in a comfortable, adventurous, and worry-free lifestyle rather than merely purchasing an RV.

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