2024 Grand Design Momentum M-Class Toy Hauler for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX

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Grand Design Momentum M-Class overview


The 2024 Grand Design Momentum M-Class Toy Haulers for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX, is your best bet If you're searching for a lightweight toy hauler that doesn't skimp on luxury features. The features of the Momentum and the M-Class are very similar and share many conveniences. Although it is lighter than the Momentum, increasing the number of tow vehicles that may be used, it is still not light when it comes to lavishing its owner with luxury and offering choices for off-the-grid activities. The M-Class provides its owners with a wide variety of outdoor exploration options thanks to its six distinct floorplan configurations, double or triple axles, and lengths ranging from 38 to 44 feet. Although the M-Class is renowned for having enormous garages that can fit all of your toys, it also boasts opulent amenities in the other rooms that will make your stay comfortable no matter where you are. With the Momentum M-Class, you may go desert racing, boating on a nearby lake, or snowmobiling in the mountains, and each of these activities will feel like a relaxing extension of your home.

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Grand Design Momentum M-Class 349M floorplan
Grand Design Momentum M-Class 351MS floorplan
Grand Design Momentum M-Class 381MS floorplan
Grand Design Momentum M-Class 395MS floorplan
Grand Design Momentum M-Class 398M floorplan
Grand Design Momentum M-Class 414M floorplan


Offering a selection of six distinct floor plans, the 2024 Grand Design Momentum M-Class for Sale Owners in Denton Little Elm Flower Mound TX have lots of chances to go exploring outside. The 349M model, which has a 13-foot-long carport, will be discussed first. Underneath the upper bunk bed are laundry and dryer connections, and a full bathroom is an optional extra. From the comfortable four-person dining room couch, you can see the huge entertainment center. The 349M is remarkable since it is the first Momentum M-Class car with a skylight that provides more than 6 feet of headroom and a deep bathtub/shower in the bathroom. Lastly, a 60-gallon fueling station is required, starting with the 349M. The master bedroom features a brand-new laundry and dryer setup with two roomy closets on either side of the front cap, and the 351MS has standardized the half bathroom in the garage area. Additionally, there is an island with a sizable stainless steel sink and counter seating for two people. With its 15-foot garage, the Momentum M-Class 381MS is the first vehicle to offer more room for toys. A special flip-up cabinet in the master bedroom might hold your preferred high-definition television. The 395MS Momentum creates a private zone by dividing the living area from the kitchen with two separate pullout sofas and theater seats. Rather than a cooking and dining island, there is a roomy L-shaped countertop and a free-standing dinette. In addition to the features listed above, the largest M-Class, the 398M, has an enormous 18-foot garage, two full Happi-Jack bunks, and plenty of room for up to eight people to sleep. The 414M is the most current model to be added to the M-Class portfolio. Its unique garage also has Happi-Jack bunks and a separate overhead sleeping system. Even the optional bunk bed may be lowered to create more garage space. The sixty-gallon gas station is located next to the garage. Numerous cabinets and drawers from the bedroom seamlessly transition into the bathroom. On the front cap are lavish barn-style sliding doors and a large prep area for washing and drying. Head downstairs to the kitchen, which has an island kitchen, a large butler's pantry, and a 20-cubic-foot refrigerator. A short distance away is the mid-living space, which features theater-style seating, a Tri-fold couch, a 4-person diner, and an incredible telescopic TV that emerges from the fireplace.

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grand design momentum m-class exterior


The 2024 Grand Design Momentum M-Class Toy Haulers for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX ensures that your time spent outside will be enhanced by a selection of cutting-edge amenities. Let's start with how to use the shade that is now available to you. Every M-Class vehicle comes standard with two independent powered awnings, one for the garage and one for the main coach. Both of these awnings may be controlled from an interior panel. You could find that you would rather spend more time outside because they shield you from the sun and rain so well. A stealth LED lighting strip that has been installed inside the awnings allows you to enjoy well-lit evenings around your patio area. Except for the 336M, which has a single set of entry stairs between the garage and the living space, each M-Class model has two unique entrances, one for the garage and one for the coach, both with aluminum quad entry steps. By strategically placing water nozzles around the entrance, you may wash your feet and avoid tracking dirt inside. A single exterior utility hub for managing all of your water and flush tanks is part of the exterior kit. The metal slam locks provide secure fittings on your outdoor storage containers, and the zero-degree rating keeps the low temperatures outside, where they belong. Heating, triple insulation, airtight sealing, and 12-volt tank warmers all serve to protect the water tanks and pipes on the Momentum. The inclusion of front and rear under-unit blue LED lighting is among the more recent improvements. Your camping trip will be noticeable thanks to the light coming from underneath the RV. The Rockford Fosgate speakers' 12-inch subwoofer and 300-watt amplifier are both completely Bluetooth-compatible and capable of producing powerful bass. You may transport all of the fuel your toys would require and have access to it around-the-clock at the sixty-gallon gas station that was built specifically for toy carriers.

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Grand Design Momentum M-Class interior


The 2024 Grand Design Momentum M-Class Toy Haulers for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX are among the most spacious and elegant toy haulers available. The garage side walls of the M-Class are diamond-plated metal for durability, the floor is made of oil- and gas-resistant tuff-ply plastic, and there are 2500-pound tie down mounts to keep your toys from sliding around. The Happi-Jack system allows you to utilize the foldup couches as bunk beds or seating. The bunks may be raised and lowered using powered rails, making them suitable for storage or sleeping. When you walk into the kitchen from the garage, you'll notice premium stoves from the Insignia line. Each of these stoves has four burner tops and a 3.7 cubic foot oven. The combined BTU capacity of these ovens is 42,500 BTU. Models with islands provide you more counter space, which you may use to prepare meals or just relax. Bronze-colored faucets and sprayers are coupled with deep-basin stainless steel sinks. Large pantries with lots of dry storage space are available, as are numerous overhead cabinets. Every living room has a large couch that can be filled with pillows and blankets to create the perfect place to unwind. HD televisions and 5,000 BTU electric fireplaces are very common in entertainment centers. The shower heads and sink fixtures on the bus have an antique bronze finish, which gives it a genuinely upscale appearance. A few of the extravagances are skylights above the shower, real porcelain toilets, and glass shower doors. You can conveniently charge all of your electrical equipment thanks to the nearby 110v and USB outlets. Everything has a place thanks to the roomy cabinets and closets, and some M-Class models even have walk-in closets large enough to accommodate a washing machine and dryer.

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Grand Design Momentum M-Class why buy

Why Buy?

The 2024 Grand Design Momentum M-Class Toy Hauler for Sale Rockwall Dallas Garland TX is unrivaled in its class of toy haulers, offering clients an unparalleled level of luxury. In terms of capacity, the Momentum M-Class provides more convenience features than any other fifth wheel in its class. Grand Design has strong manufacturing standards in place, and as a result, the M-Class has been inspected at over 300 distinct places. Both the factory and its specialized off-site pre-delivery facility conduct testing. By continuing to offer customer service and guarantees, they demonstrate their confidence in their dedication to quality. No matter how they are used, Momentum M-Classes give their owners peace of mind, according to the three-year structural warranty. The M-Class was created to optimize your enjoyment, too! It enables its users to take everything they require to engage in a variety of activities, as well as to unwind and sleep at the end of the day. Get outside and live the adventure with the Momentum M-Class because there is a whole new world of fun waiting for you!