2023 Grand Design Momentum M-Class for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX

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2023 Grand Design Momentum M-Class overview


The 2023 Grand Design Momentum M-Class series for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX represents a lightweight option among our collection of 5th wheel Toy Haulers. The M-Class has many of the same characteristics as the ordinary Momentum. Even though it’s lighter in weight than the Momentum, increases the number of tow vehicles that qualify, it isn't light when it comes to lavishing its owner with luxury and off-grid functionality. The M-Class offers its owners a wide range of possibilities for outdoor exploration with its 6 alternative floorplans, double or triple axles, and lengths ranging from 38' to 44'. The M-Class focuses on large garages designed to hold all your toys, but it also boasts opulent features in the other rooms that will make your stay comfortable wherever you are. Momentum M-Class will give you a pleasant home away from home whether you are skiing in the Alps, gazing up at the sky by the river, or out in the desert for a race.

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2023 Grand Design Momentum M-Class floorplans


The 2023 Grand Design Momentum M-Class for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX offers six different floorplans, providing owners plenty of alternatives for venturing out and seeing the world. The newest member of the M-Class family is the 336M. It boasts a distinctive garage with more than 200 cubic feet of usable space underneath the back bedroom. Even the bed may be elevated to create more parking space. The 30-gallon fuel station is located next to the garage. The bedroom includes a lot of drawers and cupboards in addition to a smooth transition to the bathroom. A full-sized butler's pantry, an island kitchen, and a sizable 18 cubic foot fridge are all found in the kitchen when you down the stairs. There are two Tri-Fold couches, theater seats, and a pretty amazing telescopic TV that emerges from the fireplace in the front living room, which is just a step up from the kitchen. The 349M comes next, lengthening the garage by 13'. Under the upper bunk bed, there are also washer and dryer connections, and a half bathroom is optional. A large 4-person couch in the dining room, from which you can see the large entertainment center, changes things up. The 349M also boasts a sunken tub/shower in the bathroom and a skylight that provides more than 6'6" of headroom, making it the first Momentum M-Class car to have one. And lastly, a 60-gallon gas station is standard starting with the 349M. The 351MS standardizes the half bath in the garage area and relocates the washing and dryer setup into the master bedroom, which is surrounded by two enormous closets on either side of the front cap. The island also has seating for two and a sizable stainless sink. With a 15' garage, the 381MS is the first Momentum M-Class to offer additional room for toys. A very intriguing flip-up cupboard in the master bedroom is also available, ready for your preferred high-definition television. The 395MS Momentum rearranges the furniture by separating the living room from the kitchen and creating a sense of privacy with two separate pullout sofas and theater seats. You get a very large L-shaped counter top and free-standing dinette to prepare and enjoy your meals instead of an island. The largest M-Class, the 398M, has all the aforementioned features in addition to an enormous 18' garage, two full Happi-Jack bunks, and enough room for up to 8 people to sleep.

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2023 Grand Design Momentum M-Class exterior


The 2023 Grand Design Momentum M-Class for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX enhances your outdoor living experience with a number of cutting-edge features. Let's start by discussing how to maximize your shade. Dual powered awnings for the main coach and the garage are standard on all M-Class vehicles, and they may both be operated from an interior panel. They shield you from the sun and rain so you may spend more time outside. Additionally, a concealed LED lighting strip is built within the awnings to keep your evenings bright. Every M-Class has two different entrances, one for the garage and one for the coach, each with aluminum quad entry steps, with the exception of the 336M, which has one set of entry-steps between the garage and living area. Before you track dirt inside, doorside spray nozzles clean your shoes. The All-in-One external Utility Center, which enables you to manage all of your water and flush tanks, is a component of the Exterior package. The metal slam locks and zero-degree rating of each external storage container ensure that the chilly temperatures stay outside. All of the Momentum's pipes and water tanks are protected by triple insulation, airtight sealing, and heating; it even features 12-volt tank warmers. The Front and Rear Under Unit Blue LED Lights are one of the more recent upgrades. Your campsite has a distinctive appearance thanks to the RV's underbelly glow. The 300-watt amplifier and 12-inch subwoofer of the Rockford Fosgate speakers, which are completely Bluetooth compatible, produce deep bass. Additionally, you can transport all the fuel required to keep your toys operating thanks to the toy hauler-specific fuel station, which has a capacity of up to 60 gallons.

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2023 Grand Design Momentum M-Class interior


The 2023 Grand Design Momentum M-Class for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX interiors are among the roomiest and most opulent you'll find in a fifth wheel toy hauler. The garage area will be our first stop. The garage sidewalls of the M-Class are protected with diamond plating, the flooring is made of tuff-ply, which is gas and oil resistant, and there are 2500lb tie down mounts to prevent your toys from slipping. The Happi-Jack bunk system allows for additional sleeping. When using the garage for storage or sleeping, powered rails allow the bunks to be lifted or lowered, and overhead bunk beds with their own TV add even more space. Gourmet-level kitchens with the top-of-the-line Insignia series of ranges, with 4 burner tops and 3.7 cubic feet of oven space, are found as you open the door from the garage to the living area. Amazingly, these ovens have a 42,500 BTU cooking power capacity. The impressive counter area can be used for meal preparation or just relaxing, and models with islands provide even more. Deep-seated stainless-steel sinks come with tall, stained bronze-colored faucets and sprayers. Dry goods can be stored in abundance in spacious pantries, and overhead cabinets are plentiful. Large, overstuffed couches are present in each living space, which are ideal for relaxing on. 49" high-definition TVs and 5,000 BTU electric fireplaces are features of entertainment centers. The shower heads, sink fixtures, and fiberglass sunken tubs in the bathrooms are all made of excellent bronze. Actual glass shower doors, real porcelain toilets, and skylights above the shower all contribute to the space's opulent feel. The bedroom welcomes you with a number of comforts, including the stunning headboard and bedside table in a home design. By your nightstand, there are 110v and USB outlets to keep all of your equipment charged. Large closets and drawers let you to store all of your clothing, and certain M-Class models come with spacious walk-in closets that can even accommodate a washing and dryer.

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2023 Grand design Momentum M-Class why buy

Why Buy?

The 2023 Grand Design Momentum M-Class for Sales Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX series of fifth wheel toy haulers, unmatched in this class of RVs, offers its customers an extensive level of both luxury and off-grid usability. The M-Class has more towing capacity and convenience than any other vehicle in its class and was created to appeal to a wider audience. The M-Class is the most thoroughly inspected toy hauler available on the market thanks to Grand Design's strict manufacturing standards, with over 300 separate points of inspection occuring both at the factory and at their unique off-site pre-delivery facility. The guarantee and their ongoing customer service reflect their confidence in their commitment to quality. Regardless of how they utilize the M-Class, the 3-year structural warranty gives each owner peace of mind that they are well-cared for. And the M-Class is designed for fun! It enables its owners to bring everything they require to enjoy a variety of situations, and then to unwind and rest at the end of the day. There is a world of entertainment waiting for you outside the Momentum M-Class, so come and experience the thrill!

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