2025 Grand Design Momentum M-Class Toy Haulers for Sale Denton Little Elm Flower Mound TX

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Grand Design Momentum M-Class overview


The 2025 Grand Design Momentum M-Class Toy Haulers for Sale Denton Little Elm Flower Mound TX is your best bet If you're looking for a lightweight toy hauler that doesn't shortcut luxury features,. The M-Class and the regular Momentum have several features in common, and their qualities are very similar to one another. It is lighter than the Momentum, which makes it possible to use more tow vehicles, but it is not light when it comes to giving its owner luxury and enhancing their ability to live off the grid. The M-Class's six different floorplan configurations, double or triple axles, and lengths ranging from 38 to 44 feet give its owners a wide range of outdoor exploring choices. The M-Class boasts lavish amenities in the other rooms that will make your stay comfortable no matter where you are, even if it is well known for having spacious garages that can accommodate all of your toys. The Momentum M-Class will make each excursion, whether it be a desert race or a woodland exploration, feel like a cozy extension of your home.

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Grand Design Momentum M-Class 349M floorplan
Grand Design Momentum M-Class 351MS floorplan
Grand Design Momentum M-Class 381MS floorplan
Grand Design Momentum M-Class 395MS floorplan
Grand Design Momentum M-Class 398M floorplan
Grand Design Momentum M-Class 414M floorplan


With six different floor plans to choose from, the 2025 Grand Design Momentum M-Class for Sale Denton Little Elm Flower Mound TX offers owners plenty of opportunities to venture outside and explore. There will be a discussion on the 349M model first, which has a 13-foot-long carport. Laundry and dryer connections are located under the higher bunk bed, and a complete bathroom is an optional feature. The big TV stand can be seen from the comfortable couch for four people in the dining room. The 349M is unique because it is the first Momentum M-Class car with a skylight that gives you more than 6 feet of headroom and a big bathtub/shower in the bathroom. Lastly, starting with the 349M, there needs to be a 60-gallon gas stop. The 351MS has made the half bathroom in the garage area more standard. The master bedroom now has a washer and dryer set up, as well as two large closets on either side of the front cap. There is also an island with a big stainless steel sink and bar seating for two people. With its 15-foot trunk, the Momentum M-Class 381MS is the first to offer extra room for toys. In the master bedroom, there is also a unique cabinet that flips up and can hold your favorite smart TV. The 395MS Momentum makes a private space between the living area and kitchen with two separate pullout sofas and theater seats. You don't have an island where you could cook and eat; instead, you have a large L-shaped bar and a dinette that stands alone. In addition to the features listed above, the 398M, the largest M-Class, has a huge 18-foot garage, two full Happi-Jack bunks, and enough sleeping room for eight people. It is the 414M, which is the newest model in the M-Class line. Its garage is also unique because it has Happi-Jack bunks and a different overhead bed system. Even the extra bunk bed can be lifted to make more space in the garage. The sixty-gallon gas station is right next to the garage. The bedroom has a lot of drawers and closets that are easy to get to from the bathroom. On the front cap, there is a large prep area for washing and drying, as well as beautiful barn-style folding doors. The kitchen has a 20-cubic-foot fridge, an island kitchen, and a big butler's closet. Go downstairs to find it. The mid-living area is not far away and has a dinette for four people, a Tri-Fold couch, theater-style seats, and an amazing TV that telescopes out from the fireplace.

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grand design momentum m-class exterior


The 2025 Grand Design Momentum M-Class Toy Haulers for Sale Denton Little Elm Flower Mound guarantees your time outdoors will be improved by a variety of cutting-edge amenities. Let's start by talking about how to utilize the shade that is now available to you. Two independent powered awnings, one for the garage and one for the main coach, are standard on every M-Class vehicle. You can control both of these curtains from a panel inside the RV. You will definitely spend more time outside, even though it will rain or shine. A sneaky LED lighting strip has been hidden inside the awnings so that you can enjoy well-lit nights. Every M-Class model has two separate entrances, one for the garage and one for the coach, each with four aluminum entry steps. The only exception is the 336M, which has a single set of entry steps between the garage and the living room. There are water taps near the doors that make it easy to wash your feet and keep you from tracking dirt inside. Inside the outside package, there is a utility hub that lets you control both the water and flush tanks. The metal slam locks make sure that your outdoor storage bins are securely attached, and the zero-degree rating makes sure that the bitter cold stays outside, where it belongs. Heating, triple insulation, airtight sealing, and 12-volt tank warmers all keep the water tanks and lines safe on the Momentum. LED lights have been added under the units as one of the most recent changes. Your campsite will stand out thanks to the light coming from under the RV. The speakers from Rockford Fosgate have a 300-watt amplifier and a 12-inch subwoofer that work with Bluetooth and can make strong bass. The sixty-gallon fuel station is designed specifically for toy drivers, so you can bring all the fuel your toys need with you. You can also use it whenever you want, throughout the day.

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Grand Design Momentum M-Class interior


The 2025 Grand Design Momentum M-Class Toy Haulers for Sale Denton Little Elm Flower Mound TX is among the roomiest and most luxurious toy haulers you can find. The M-Class's garage side walls are protected by diamond plating, the floor is built of oil- and gas-resistant tuff-ply, and there are 2500-pound tie-down mounts to stop your toys from sliding around within the garage. The Happi-Jack system adds a set of bunk beds. The bunks may be raised or lowered using powered rails, so the garage can be used as storage or as a place to sleep. The bunks can also make out into couches. Overhead, there is an additional sleeping area at the far end of the garage, with a television and more sleeping space. Premium stoves from the Insignia series can be found when you open the door from the garage into the kitchen. These stoves each have four burner tops and an oven with a 3.7-cubic-foot capacity. The total BTU capacity of these ovens is 42,500 BTU. The extra counter room that models with islands offer can be used to prepare meals or just to relax. Steel sinks with deep basins are paired with tall taps and sprayers that have been patinated bronze. There are a lot of cabinets above the counter and large closets that can hold a lot of dry goods. Every house has a big couch that can be stuffed full of pillows and blankets to make it the perfect place to sleep. A lot of entertainment units have HD TVs and electric fireplaces that can heat up to 5,000 BTU. The coach looks really fancy because all of the shower heads and sink faucets have an antique bronze finish. Some of the things that make the area stand out are the real porcelain toilets, the glass shower doors, and the skylights above the shower. With the 110v and USB ports on your desk, it's easy to charge all of your electronics. The drawers and closets are very roomy, so everything will have a place. Some M-Class models even have walk-in rooms that are big enough for a washer and dryer.

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Grand Design Momentum M-Class why buy

Why Buy?

The 2025 Grand Design Momentum M-Class Toy Hauler for Sale Denton Little Elm Flower Mound is unmatched in this class of toy haulers, providing customers with an exceptional level of luxury. Momentum M-Class has more convenience features than any other fifth wheel in its class and is the most capable toy hauler in its class in terms of capacity. The M-Class has undergone more than 300 distinct inspection points as a result of Grand Design's stringent manufacturing standards. These tests have been conducted at the plant as well as at their specialized off-site pre-delivery facility. The fact that they continue to provide customer service and warranties shows how confident they are in their commitment to quality. Momentum M-Class users can be sure that their cars will work properly for three years, no matter how they are used. The M-Class was also made to make you enjoy yourself more! Users can relax and sleep better at the end of the day because it lets them pack everything they need for a variety of activities. You can find a whole new world of fun outside with the Momentum M-Class. Get out there and see it for yourself! You can see it for yourself by going to McClain's RV Superstores.