2024 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX

2024 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. inventory

2024 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. Overview


The Grand Design portfolio recently gained the 2024 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. toy hauler for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX. They were created to offer a lightweight, aluminum-sided toy transporter that matched Grand Design's already exceptional line at a more affordable price. Customers who buy items from Momentum expect them to be of high quality, innovative, and functional, and the MAV series delivers on all three counts. The MAV series features sleeping space for up to six people and starts out at a price that is much less than the competition, making it ideal for folks who wish to bring their friends and family along and take their all-terrain toys off the grid. Due to the small weight and sizable garage, one can select from a wide range of ATVs, motorcycles, and other vehicles. The Momentum Adventure Vehicle can take you on years' worth of incredible excursions. M.A.V. caters to outdoor enjoyment with its Strong aluminum exterior and industry-leading guarantees. Longer travels are feasible because of the high-capacity tanks for both your water and your propane. After all is said and done, you'll have a great place to relax thanks to the interior features, which are all of the highest caliber and create an opulent ambiance. The rest of the cabin is filled with additional residential-style amenities. Visit a McClain's RV Superstore to get a better look at these wonderful toy transporters.

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2024 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. floorplan


The facilities and advantages of the 2024 Momentum M.A.V. series for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX two floorplans are abundant. The 22MAV features a unique design that allows it to make the most of every square inch of space. A queen-size Murphy bed that can be used as a large couch when not in use is located at the front of the unit. It also has storage areas above and below the floor. The bathroom, which includes a huge walk-in shower, a wide corner-mounted sink, and a toilet right in front of the shower, is accessed by a sliding door to the left of the bed. As you exit the bathroom and proceed towards the back of the model, the kitchen is along the same wall. Your residential-sized refrigerator is located next to your stove and oven, which also have a microwave positioned above the countertop. Two euro-style seats, a roll-over sofa, and a portable eating table are located in the back. The Top bed is an additional choice; when not in use, it may be raised on rails to the ceiling. There are various highlights from the wildly popular Momentum series on the 27MAV. Look to your left as you walk through the first door to see the magnificent cargo space and how seamlessly it integrates into the kitchen. Use the folding dining table and benches to set up a cozy dining area for you and your family in the garage. In addition to the adjustable bunk bed, which can be elevated almost to the ceiling and stored, they may be pulled out and utilized as sleeping spaces. You have a stunning entrance to the garage, where you can load and unload your toys when the ramp door is lowered. Use your imagination to construct a hanging patio platform that can serve as both an observation deck and a party deck when moved. Back inside, near the kitchen, there is a sizable "L"-shaped counter top with plenty of room for food preparation. Even the pickiest cook will be satisfied by the residential-style appliances, and there is even room to mount a television. A concealed doggy drawer protects your pet's needs, while the overhead cabinets provide a variety of storage options. The master bathroom is on your left as you head down the hallway from the kitchen. The amount of space you have at your disposal will astonish you once you slide the massive wooden door open. The big walk-in shower offers plenty of room, and the foot-flush toilet is a pleasant touch. The big sink and spacious worktops make getting ready a snap, and the sliding screen guarantees your complete privacy while using the shower. The medicine cabinet and the oak cabinets round out the comforts. You are met by a higher level of elegance as you enter the bedroom. Large storage lockers and bedside tables are located on either side of the queen-size bed. Amenities like a padded headboard and 110 volt and USB charge connections are also offered to keep your equipment charged and ready to use. There is a full-size hanging cabinet with additional drawers for your clothing on the opposite side of the bedroom.

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2024 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. exterior


The 2024 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. toy hauler for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX has a number of distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from the other Momentum models. Strong Wall Aluminum provides the camper with sides that are 25% thicker than competitors. This increases the trailer's endurance and longevity, allowing it to operate trouble-free for many years. Following that is Grand Design's great emphasis on insulating its trailers, particularly M.A.V. The R-40 value of the roof and floor is similar to the value of a residential dwelling. This is because of the layer of fiberglass and radiant foil that runs the length of the trailer, preventing excessive heat and cold from infiltrating. The completely laminated sides have an R-11 rating, which is among the highest for an aluminum-sided RV, keeping not just cold and heat extremes outside, but also lowering the level of outside sounds audible within. The standard Solar system is yet another significant modification to all Momentum M.A.V. versions. With the 165-Watt panel, 25 AMP controller, and even the 12V refrigerator, you can camp for longer and in more areas. Just connect the batteries and you're ready to go. Outdoors, there's an automatic tongue jack for easier connecting to your tow vehicle and two 20-pound propane tanks to save down on fill-ups. The enormous storage tanks further prolong your off-grid duration. With a fresh water capacity of 96 gallons, a grey water capacity of 74 gallons, and a black tank capacity of 37 gallons, you can go on a lot more excursions without worrying about your tanks becoming dry. Outside, you have an up to 19" power awning that provides ample shade and keeps the rain at bay. With the LP fast connect, you can instantly attach a grill or other outdoor cooking equipment and enjoy your barbecue with no effort. To keep the large cargo storage doors shut, they are magnetic and fitted with actual slam locks. Your spacious pass-through storage compartment is ideal for personal things, and the universal docking station allows for quick and easy camping hookups. You can get up and running quickly by combining water, satellite, and electricity in one handy spot.

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2024 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. interior


The 2024 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. toy hauler for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is packed with unusual and distinctive features that are guaranteed to please its users. When you climb the wide metal entry stairs, your attention is pulled to the dark wood cabinets and how it contrasts with the smooth worktops and wood-look vinyl flooring. The worktops provide plenty of prep space, and the stainless-steel sink is wide and undermounted for easy cleaning. Your kitchen is well-equipped for even the most demanding cooks, with a three-burner stove and oven, as well as a huge microwave. The 12-volt, 8 cubic foot fridge has plenty of space for your needs, and the ample storage in the overhead cupboards allows you to stock up for those long excursions. The 84" internal height provides an impression of spaciousness as you move around without feeling cramped or crowded. When you approach the garage, you'll see a pull-down bed that can be raised or lowered to create more floor space or sleeping space. You may reach the three-person rollover sofas on each side of the storage space when the bed is lifted. With the accompanying folding table, you have a fairly spacious eating space for up to 6 people. When it comes time to store your possessions, the couches fold up to the sidewalls and the bed rises to the ceiling, resulting in a garage space that is more than 13 feet long and 80 inches wide at its widest point. This space may hold a side-by-side, an ATV, or even two motorcycles. You'll notice the excellent recessed LED lighting as you make your way through the kitchen back toward the bedroom. By combining artificial light with the natural light coming from your windows and skylight, you'll have enough light without it being overly bright or harsh. The walk-in shower in the master bathroom is roomy and has a sizable skylight for more light and headroom. When opened, the retractable shower curtain cleans itself of water drops and offers privacy when closed. With storage in the bathroom cabinet and beneath the sink, the countertop is both spacious and useful. A typical Queen-size bed, two sizable storage lockers on either side, wide bedside tables, and USB charging ports are all present in your bedroom. The drawers beneath a large closet on the opposite wall have plenty of space for storage.

2024 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. inventory

2024 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. why buy

Why Buy?

The 2024 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. Toy Hauler for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is the newest addition to the Grand Design range and one of the market's most inventive and exciting new goods. The Momentum M.A.V. is the newest aluminum-sided toy transporter on the market, and it delivers the Grand Design reputation for quality and durability in a low-cost design. One of the broadest warranties is offered for Grand Design products. An 18-year warranty is included with the roof, giving you years of protection from rips or leaks. Additionally included are a one-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and a three-year restricted structural warranty. Grand Design has put in place a robust inspection process to guarantee that the campers that are delivered to clients have undergone a thorough inspection both during and after the production process. No other business uses this strategy. Visit a McClain's RV Superstore location to see everything the M.A.V. has to offer.

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