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2025 Grand Design Momentum MAV overview


The 2025 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. travel trailer toy haulers are a brand-new addition to the Grand Design family. Their goal was to make a lightweight toy hauler with metal sides that would go well with Grand Design's already great collection but wouldn't break the bank. Momentum customers want quality, new ideas, and useful products, and the MAV line has all of those things and more. People who want to take their all-terrain toys and their friends and family with them when they go off-grid will love the MAV series. They start at much lower prices than the competition and have room for up to six people to sleep. It can tow a lot of different vehicles because it's not heavy, and the garage is big enough to fit a lot of different bikes, ATVs, and other vehicles you can think of! M.A.V. stands for Momentum Adventure Vehicle, and you can go on many great trips with it for many years. M.A.V. is ready for fun in the great outdoors thanks to its strong metal exterior and the best warranties in the business. Because both the water and gas tanks are big, you can go on longer trips. The interior has only the best materials and a high-end look and feel, making it a great spot to unwind at the end of the day. The house has many other features that make it feel like a home. You should check out these great toy trucks at McClain's RV Superstores.

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Grand Design Momentum MAV 22MAV floorplan
Grand Design Momentum MAV 27MAV floorplan


The 2025 Momentum M.A.V. series features two floorplans that are absolutely packed with features and benefits. The 22MAV has an innovative layout that allows it to take advantage of every bit of available space. There is a queen-size Murphy bed in the front of the unit that can be turned into a big couch when not in use. There are storage spaces both above and below the bed. There is a sliding door to the bathroom to the left of the bed. The bathroom has a big walk-in shower, a corner-mounted sink, and a toilet right in front of the shower. If you leave the bathroom and walk backwards along the same wall, you'll find your kitchen. Your refrigerator is a standard size for a home. Your stove and oven are next to it, and there is a microwave placed above the counter. In the back, there are two chairs in the style of Euros and a sofa that rolls out, along with a table that can be taken out for meals. You can also choose the top bed, which can be raised to the ceiling with bars when it's not being used. There are a lot of great things about the 27MAV that are typical of the very famous Momentum collection. When you walk in through the main door, look to the left to see the amazing cargo area and how well it fits in with the kitchen. When you put the folding dinner table and benches in the garage together, you have a nice place to eat with your family. Along with the movable bunk bed that can be folded up and stored close to the ceiling, they can also be opened up to make extra sleeping spaces. You can easily load and unload your toys in and out of the garage thanks to the lowered ramp door. Move it to make a hanging patio platform that can be used as both a party deck and a place to watch the world go by. Come up with new ideas. As soon as you walk back into the kitchen, you'll notice the large "L"-shaped table that gives you plenty of room to prepare meals. There's enough space for a TV, and the tools look like they belong in a home, so even the pickiest chef will be happy. You can store a lot of things in the overhead cabinets. There is a hidden doggie drawer where you can keep your pet items safe. As you walk down the hall from the kitchen, the master bathroom will be on your left. When you slide open the huge wood door, you'll be amazed at how much space you have. The toilet that you flush with your foot is nice, and the walk-in shower is very big. You can be completely private in the shower thanks to the folding screen, and getting ready is easy thanks to the large countertops and deep sink. The comforts are finished off with the medicine cabinet and hardwood cabinets. When you walk into the bedroom, you'll find even more comfort. There are large storage closets and end tables on both sides of the queen-size bed. A padded headboard and 110V and USB charging ports are also included to keep your tools charged and ready to go. You can hang your clothes on the full-size cabinet on the other side of the bedroom, which also has extra drawers for them.

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Grand Design Momentum MAV exterior


The 2025 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. toy hauler family has many innovative exterior features that separate it from its Momentum family. First, the Strong Wall Aluminum, a unique industry exclusive, features sidewalls that are 25% thicker than the competition. This adds to the durability of the trailers, giving it years of maintenance-free service. Next is Grand Design's impressive dedication to making sure its toy haulers are well insulated. M.A.V. is no different. The roof and the floor both have an amazing R-40 rating, which is the same as a house rating. The layer of fiberglass and thermal foil that runs the whole length of the trailer keeps the trailer from getting too hot or too cold. The fully laminated walls have an R-11 rating, which is one of the best for an aluminum-sided RV. This keeps extremes of heat and cold outside and lowers the noise level inside as well. All Momentum M.A.V. models now come with the Solar package as standard, which is another new option. With the 165-watt panel, 25-amp remote, and even the 12-volt fridge, you can camp for longer and in more places. Just put in the batteries and go. Other features to look forward to are the two 20-pound gas tanks, which reduce the need for fill-ups, and the power tongue jack, which makes hookups easier. The big holding tanks give you even more time away from the grid. You don't have to worry about running out of space in your tanks when you have 96 gallons of fresh water, 74 gallons of gray water, and 37 gallons of black water. On your patio, you have a 17- or 19-foot motorized umbrella that gives you a lot of shade and keeps the rain out. The LP Fast Connect makes it easy to add a grill or other outdoor cooking tools so you can enjoy your picnic without any trouble. To keep the huge container doors shut, they have true slam latches and magnetic closures. The large pass-through storage area gives you a lot of room for your own things, and the universal docking station makes hooking up at the campground quick and easy. You can get up and going quickly because water, satellite, and electricity are all in one place.

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Momentum MAV interior


The 2025 Grand Design Momentum M.A.V. toy hauler series has a number of unique and interesting interior features that are sure to delight their owners. When you walk up the wide, aluminum entry steps, your eyes are drawn to the dark wood cabinetry and how it contrasts with the seamless countertops and wood-like linoleum floor coverings. There is a lot of space on the tables to prepare food, and the stainless steel sink is very deep and undermounted to make cleanup easy. Even the pickiest chefs will find everything they need in your kitchen. It has a 3-burner stove, an oven, and a big microwave. The 8-cubic-foot, 12-volt refrigerator has plenty of space for your basics, and the overhead cabinets have so much space that you can really stock up for long trips. There is a lot of room inside thanks to the 84-inch inner height. You don't feel squished or crowded at all. The pull-down bunk bed can be raised or lowered as needed, whether you need more floor space or more room to sleep. You can see it as you walk toward the garage. When the bunk is up, you can get to the rollover chairs on either side of the storage space. Each one has three seats. With the folding table that comes with it, you can have a nice place to eat for up to six people. If you want to store your toys, the garage is more than 13 feet long and 80 inches wide at its widest point. This is because the sofas fold up to the walls and the bunk rises to the sky. There is plenty of room here for an ATV, a side-by-side, or even a few motorcycles. As you go back from the kitchen to the bedroom, you'll notice the nice hidden LED lighting all over the inside. With all the natural light coming in through your windows and roof, you have plenty of light without it being too much or unpleasant. There is a lot of room in the walk-in shower in the master bathroom. It has a big skylight that lets in more light and gives you more headroom. This shower curtain can be pulled back to give you privacy. When you open it, it cleans itself of water drops. The counter top is big and useful, and there is storage space in the medicine cabinet and under the sink. There is a standard queen-size bed in your bedroom, with two big closets on either side. There are also wide bedside tables and USB ports for charging devices. On the other side, there is a big wardrobe with lots of storage space in the drawers below. The bed can be raised to show even more storage spaces below it.

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Grand Design Momentum MAV why buy

Why Buy?

The 2025 Momentum M.A.V. is the newest addition to the Grand Design Toy Hauler lineup and is among the most innovative and exciting new products on the market. As the newest aluminum-sided toy hauler available, the Momentum M.A.V. brings along the reputation of quality and dependability that Grand Design is famous for, all in a budget-friendly package. Grand Design backs up their products with one of the most comprehensive warranties available. The roof comes with an 18-year warranty, giving you years of coverage against any punctures or leaks. Also standard are the 3-year limited structural warranty and the 1-year bumper-to-hitch warranty. Grand Design has a very thorough inspection process, ensuring that the campers that reach the customers have been exhaustively inspected, both during the manufacturing process as well as once completed. No other manufacturer has such a process in place. Come and experience what the M.A.V. brings to the table at one of McClain’s RV Superstores locations.

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