2023 Grand Design Imagine XLS for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX

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2023 Grand Design Imagine XLS overview


The 2023 Grand Design Imagine XLS for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is the newest and most cutting-edge lightweight camper on the market today. The XLS series is able to be more compact on the outside while being relatively roomy and cutting-edge inside thanks to the combination of fiberglass siding and clever floorplans. Seven various floorplans make the most of the interior space by utilizing inventive packaging, allowing everyone to take full advantage of these exceptional trailers. The Imagine XLS is a turning point for smaller RVs since it can fit singles, couples, and even small families. Due to their design, which maximizes capacity while minimizing the towable weight, these trailers have an atmosphere of being exceptionally light and airy. Interiors that are cramped and dimly lit are a thing of the past. These RVs has an unparalleled sense of spaciousness among options in this class thanks to the high ceilings and big windows. Even the most discerning customer will appreciate the exterior fiberglass construction for years without anxiety because of its durability. Finally, the XLS series' small size and dual axles provide it excellent mobility and let you move it anywhere you want. Imagine XLS is certain to keep your demands in mind whether you are taking your significant other on a long-promised trip through the countryside or bringing your family on a mountain excursion. You can see for yourself that there is no competition when you come view the 2023 Grand Design Imagine XLS.

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2023 Grand Design Imagine XLS floorplans


The 2023 Grand Design Imagine XLS series for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX offers seven highly distinct and well-thought-out floorplans, very useful for a range of applications. With a slide that can accommodate a dinette and a Murphy Bed up front, the 17MKE offers a very distinctive layout. Because of this, a 22" trailer has a lot more usable floor space than many of our competitors. With the addition of a few bunks in the back, the 21BHE maintains the compact yet roomy idea and is a great option for small families. The 22MLE is a fantastic choice for couples because it has a queen-sized bed up front and a sizable slide that includes the theatre seats and kitchen amenities. Enjoy a leisurely and filling dinner at the booth dinette. The slide is moved to the opposite side in the 22RBE, greatly expanding the living space. It also has a few other really intriguing characteristics. The spacious bathroom at the back of the trailer offers lots of space and comfort, and the bedroom can be entirely closed off with a full-size residential door. One of Grand Design's most well-liked bunk house models is the Imagine XLS 23BHE. The bus includes a separate bedroom up front and two full-size bunk beds at the back. There is a ton of space in the slide-out kitchen for cooking and hosting guests. In the 23LDE, the master bedroom and living space are divided by an incredibly spacious bathroom. The theatre seating on the slide gives you a spacious living area to enjoy your camping trip to the fullest. The brand-new 25BHE is a fantastic illustration of how to maximize both space and usefulness. The large hinged bed in the front folds down to use your floor space when it's time for bed. The full-size bunk room in the back has space for up to four guests to snooze. This layout is one of our most distinctive since it incorporates a sizable slide to house the kitchen and cinema seats.

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2023 Grand Design Imagine XLS exterior


The 2023 Grand Design Imagine XLS for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX maintains providing excitement and enjoyment of camping as its primary focus. Every model includes a standard outside spray port that makes it simpler to take off your shoes after a strenuous ascent and keeps rocks and other debris from entering your car. All versions also come with LP quick connect so you can immediately use your grills and other propane accessories. So that you won't miss the big game while you're out of the trailer, you can connect and control any outside TV using the outside Co-Axial connectors. A few XLS variations also include an outside refrigerator, allowing you to keep drinks and other cold items close at hand. Every model comes with a sizable outside storage space that is at least 20% larger than what the competition provides. The pass-through storage compartments are accessible through large slam lock doors. Each Imagine trailer features incredibly large motorized awnings that make it possible to create a cozy patio area that is shaded, and the wide, solid aluminum entry steps ensure a secure entrance to the trailer. Bluetooth-enabled speakers so you can listen to music outside and a 165W solar power package so you can keep your batteries charged are further external conveniences. Imagine XLS is the greatest option when you consider the durability of the fiberglass shell and the superb craftsmanship.

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2023 Grand Design Imagine XLS interior


The 2023 Grand Design Imagine XLS for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX has a rich and excellent interior. The home-style cabinets, which are made of solid real wood, are quite sturdy and appear like they will last for a very long time. Your family will feel comfortable inside the trailer all year long because of the completely ducted air conditioning system that evenly distributes climate-controlled air throughout the entire trailer. Campers experience a sense of openness thanks to the ceiling, which is the tallest in the segment at 78", surpassing other options. All kitchens are equipped with deep sinks made of stainless steel in the conventional style, as well as double-door domestic-style refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. The Murphy bed variants come with a queen-sized mattress and lots of storage space in the bottom drawers. Standard electrical and USB connectors keep your bedside appliances working and charged. There are also other comfort amenities like plush, fluffy domestic bedspreads. Standard HD televisions and LED lighting are both included in the Ultimate Power Package. A large central display panel is in charge of managing all the contemporary conveniences and features. The high-positioned heating vents are another interior element. Imagine XLS, in contrast to other manufacturers, lifts the heating vents higher on the cabinet sidewalls, keeping them off the floor, clean and free of dirt and debris. The bathrooms have a variety of opulent features, such as a sizable walk-in shower with a wide skylight that gives the shower extra height and light. Wide counter spaces and roomy medicine cabinets with genuine glass mirrors are typical. Think of XLS as the interior design champion of the RV world.

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2023 Grand Design Imagine XLS why buy

Why Buy?

The 2023 Grand Design Imagine XLS for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is industry leading in many aspects that go into producing the highest-quality, longest-lasting trailers. RV purchasers seeking the best in design and construction won't be let down by the advantages of Grand Design's quality control. Insulation is a key factor in comfort, and Imagine offers the best. You won't have to worry about the weather outside or noises while you're camping thanks to the R-40 insulation in the roof and front cap, R-30 insulation in the flooring, and R-7 insulation in the fully laminated walls. Frequently, cheaper materials employed by other manufacturers settle, leaving certain walls hollow and devoid of filler. To stop gaps from forming in your insulated areas, Grand Design employs firm foam, which fills all open spaces and never slips or falls out of place. Along with keeping the tanks secure in cold weather, the heated and sealed undercarriage will shield your storage compartments and essential electrical equipment from extreme heat. Many other RV manufacturers do not offer this thoughtful perk. Thanks to its many innovative features, Imagine XLS can give long-term residential consumers a sense of security. The 2023 Grand Design Imagine XLS family includes a range of RVs with four-season capability, solar power, luxury, and comfort. It is a clear choice for many families who want to enjoy the joys of camping.

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