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Grand Design Imagine overview


The 2025 Grand Design Imagine travel trailers for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK will make it a fun time to take those weekend road adventures. With one of these light, easy-to-pull trailers, it will be simple to pack up and leave town with your whole family. Additionally, each Imagine will have a separate master bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a secure door for entry. The Imagine is made to be pet-friendly and has features like a food and water bowl that can be taken out and put away when not in use. Imagine is also great to use outside, as it comes with a lot of features that can be used outside. Think for a moment about you and your loved ones resting at a campsite in a national park. You are playing cards with them while listening to their favorite music on the speakers outside. Every Imagine camper comes with the Peace of Mind Package as standard. Whether you are moving, camping, or doing maintenance, it is made to make you feel good. This package comes with a lot of different things, like full fiberglass front caps, nitrogen-filled tires, walkable tops, and front rock guards. This is just a small list of the many features that come standard on RVs that are built with this much care and skill. Campers can stay outside in a wider range of seasons because each trailer has an efficient heater and walls that keep heat in. Think of all the wonderful times you'll have with the people you care about!

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Imagine 2500RL floorplan
Imagine 2600RB floorplan
2024 Grand Design Imagine 2660BS floorplan
Imagine 2670MK floorplan
Imagine 2800BH floorplan
Imagine 2970RL floorplan
Imagine 3100RD floorplan
Imagine 3210BH floorplan


The 2025 Grand Design Imagine travel trailers for sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK provide a large selection of floor plans for campers to choose from in . Imagine travel trailers produced in 2025 come in lengths ranging from 27' 11" to 36' 11", and their GVWRs are between $7,495 and $10,195. In 2025, almost all Imagine plans will have a private front-cap master bedroom with a 60 x 80 queen bed and lots of storage space above and below the bed. The 2500RL is the best there is when it comes to indoor fun! There is a large tri-fold sofa in the back sitting area that can be used as extra sleeping space. The 2600RB can fit a lot of people because it has both theater seating and a u-shaped dinette. It also gives you a lot more space to get ready in the morning because it was built with the bathroom in the back in mind. The 2660BS has a large bathroom in the middle of the coach, a full-size kitchen in the front cap, and a wide front slide-out that fits the queen bed. If you need more room on your kitchen counter, the 2670MK is a great option. This apartment has more shelf and counter room, and the kitchen sink is in the middle of the large back kitchen. The 2800BH has an extra three feet of length in the living area, which is used to add a tri-fold sofa next to the U-shaped dinette for more seats. The 2800BH also has a back bunk and a bathroom design. It's possible that the 2970RL will work better for you if the back living space of the 2500RL is too small. There is a huge 34' 2" living area in the back of this RV with a fireplace, a tri-fold sofa, and theater seats for relaxing and watching TV. This unit also has a cooking island, just like the 2670MK. With lengths of 35' 11" for the 3100RD and 36' 11" for the 3210BH, these are the two largest floor plans we have. Thanks to its two opposing rear slides, the 3100RD's back entertainment room can fit two tri-fold sofas and theater seats. This RV also includes a free-standing table for family dining. The 3210BH, which extends the kitchen and living areas with two large slides, is the longest at 36' 11". The separate bunkroom at the back sleeps up to four people, while the central kitchen and living area are perfect for hosting large groups of people.

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Imagine exterior


The 2025 Grand Design Imagine series is for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK has several useful exterior features. The Four Seasons Protection package features a double-insulated roof and front cap, which utilize high-density insulation to keep outside temperatures at bay. Because the underbelly is protected and heated, your tanks and pipes won't be out in the weather. There are a TV hookup, a big awning, outside speakers, a quick connect for propane, and a power tongue jack on the outside of the camper. The universal docking station makes it quick and easy to connect to almost any campground. It also gives you fast access to all of your utilities and water. Outside features also include a standard roof ladder for upkeep and access, as well as strong steel and aluminum folding stairs for ease of use. The metal slam latch storage doors keep your things safe and keep the heat in. The solar package comes with a 165-watt roof panel and a 25-amp charge charger, which can help you keep your batteries charged. Think about cooking on your grill while watching a game with your family while you're camping and the kids play. Imagine gives you the freedom and comfort to go camping with your entire family.

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Imagine interior


The 2025 Grand Design Imagine line of travel trailers for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK now features completely redesigned interiors. The colors needed to be brightened up, but Grand Design didn't want to add an excessive amount of white. The old countertops were removed and replaced with new ones that have a Carrera style and matte finish. Because there is so much stainless steel and black highlights and finishes all over the interior, it now looks classy and expensive. Everyone who worked on the Imagine gave the inside a full makeover. The wallboards are now much lighter, but the camper still has a traditional, homey feel to it. The camper now has linoleum floors that have been changed to look like pieces of wood. The camper looks more current with these floors, and they are also easy to clean. You will benefit from Grand Design's well-known, top-notch insulation and building, as well as the updated parts of the interior design. Your family will be warm with a 30,000 BTU heater, R-30 floor insulation, R-40 roof insulation, and R-7 wall insulation. The big windows that cover the whole RV make it feel light and airy, and they also give you great views of the area. The kitchens have big microwaves, 3-burner stoves, and double-door refrigerators that make it easy to cook any meal. Large residential showers and medicine cabinets with real glass mirrors may be found in the bathrooms.. The queen-size bed in the master bedroom has under-bed storage and a sliding cargo tray. Additionally, there are 110-volt outlets and USB charging ports in the closet cubby storage.

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Imagine why buy

Why Buy?

The 2025 Grand Design Imagine series for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK is the perfect travel trailer for the growing family or the couple looking to get out and explore. Backed by a Grand Designs industry-leading warranty, owners have a secure peace of mind when traveling with Imagine. They can travel and enjoy the vast open spaces for years and years because they are confident in having one of the best trailers on the market. What makes a Grand Design Imagine worth buying? If you want something that is not only lightweight but also useful and well-made, this is a great alternative. The abundance of practical features in this trailer will make camping with your family a breeze. Thanks to Grand Design's recognized industry-leading build quality, which also keeps you cool in the summer, you and your family will be comfortable in cooler climates.