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2024 Grand Design Imagine travel trailer inventory

2024 Grand Design Imagine overview



The 2024 Grand Design Imagine travel trailers for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK will make it a fun time to take those weekend road adventures. With one of these lightweight, easy-to-tow trailers, you and your whole family will have no trouble packing up and heading out of town. In addition, every Imagine will include private master rooms, complete with a queen-sized bed and a secure access door. Imagine is designed to be pet-friendly and comes equipped with built-in features such as a food and water bowl that can be pulled out and stored when not in use. Imagine also provides a wonderful outdoor experience, with several amenities included for outdoor usage. Just for a moment, picture yourself and your loved ones relaxing at a campsite in a national park, where you and they are enjoying a game of cards while listening to some of their favorite songs on the outdoor speakers.The Peace of Mind Package is a standard feature of every Imagine camper. It is made to give you comfort whether you are camping, traveling, or doing maintenance. This kit comes with a number of features, including front rock guards, fully walkable roofs, full fiberglass front caps, and nitrogen-filled tires. These are only a handful of the many features that are included as standard equipment on RVs with this level of expert craftsmanship. Each trailer has an efficient furnace and insulated walls, allowing campers to stay outside during a wider range of seasons. Just picture all the lovely moments you'll share with those you care about!

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2024 Grand Design Imagine floorplans


The 2024 Grand Design Imagine travel trailers for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK have a wide variety of 9 distinct floor plans for its clients to choose from. Imagine travel trailers can range anywhere from 27 feet 11 inches to 36 feet 11 inches, and their gross vehicle weight ratings can range anywhere from 7,495 to 10,195 pounds. At a length of 27 feet 11 inches, the 2250RK is the shortest of the bunch. This model comes with a kitchen in the rear, which provides you with a huge amount of counter space for preparing meals as well as plenty of overhead cabinets for storing your belongings. The entertainment room, refrigerator, and pantry are all housed within this unit's slide-out, another unique Imagine trait. Every Imagine will include a spacious master bedroom in the front cap. This bedroom will include a queen bed that is 60 inches by 80 inches, as well as a lot of storage space both above and below the bed. The 2400BH comes in as a close second in terms of length at 28 feet 11 inches. In the back of this apartment will be a bunkhouse that is 47 inches by 76 inches and has storage for bikes underneath. Your U-shaped dinette, which can be upgraded to a theater dinette as an option, will fit inside the slide out. If you are still interested in having additional space, then the 2600RB or 2500RL may be the best options for you. Their lengths are each slightly over 29 feet. Because the 2600RB was designed around the rear bathroom, it provides a significantly more spacious area in which to get ready in the morning and conduct all of one's daily activities. The 2500RL gives you a large tri-fold sofa in the rear living area. Moving on to larger trailers, the 2800BH is the bigger brother of the 2400BH and measures 32 feet in length. The 2800BH utilizes the additional length in the living area for more seating with an added tri fold sofa adjacent to the U-shaped dinette. This is the primary change between the two models, since the rear bunkhouse and bathroom layout are the same in both models. If you are looking for additional kitchen counter space, then the 2670MK will be the best option for you. It has a sizable kitchen in the rear that includes an island with a sink in the middle that provides even more countertop and cabinetry space. The aft of the 33' 11" long 2910BH has been converted into two huge bunks measuring 54 inches by 74 inches each. In addition, there are drawers and a closet in the bunkhouse. If the amount of living space provided by the 2500RL is not sufficient for your needs, the 2970RL most certainly will be. This RV's back living room is huge, measuring 34' 2" in length, and it features theater seating as well as a tri-fold sofa where you can watch TV and enjoy your fireplace. In a similar fashion as the 2670MK, this model also includes a kitchen island. It is possible to put two tri-fold sofas and theater seating into the rear entertainment area of the 3100RD thanks to the utilization of two opposing rear slides. This RV also comes equipped with a table that can be used for meals. The 3210BH come in at a length of 36 feet 11 inches, making it the longest Imagine.

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2024 Grand design Imagine exterior


The 2024 Grand Design Imagine series for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK has several useful exterior features. The Four Seasons Protection package features a double insulated roof and front cap, which utilizes high density insulation to keep the outside temperatures at bay. The heated and enclosed underbelly will keep your pipes and tanks from being exposed to the elements as well. You will have access to a number of convenient features on the exterior of the camper, including a power tongue jack, a huge awning, outdoor speakers, a quick connect for propane, and a TV hookup. With instant access to all of your utilities and water, the universal docking station makes it simple and quick to connect at almost any campground. Other exterior features include Solid-Step aluminum folding stairs for convenience and a standard roof ladder for access and maintenance. The metal slam latch cargo doors keep your cargo well-secured and are also insulated. A 165w roof panel and 25 amp charge controller are included in the solar package, which is helpful for maintaining the charge of your batteries. Consider cooking outside on your grill while enjoying a sporting event while camping with your family and watching the kids play. Imagine gives you the freedom and comfort to go camping with your entire family.

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2024 Grand Design Imagine interior


The 2024 Grand Design Imagine line of travel trailers for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK now feature completely redesigned interiors. The colors needed to be brightened up, but Grand Design didn't want to add an excessive amount of white. The old countertops were removed and replaced with new ones that have a Carrera style and matte finish. The interior design now has a sophisticated and expensive looking appearance thanks to all of the stainless steel with black accents and finishes everywhere. The interior of the Imagine was given a complete makeover so that all of the wallboards now have a significantly lighter appearance while still preserving the camper's traditional, homey feel. The camper now has linoleum floors that have been modified to seem like wood planks. These floors make the camper look more modern and are easy to maintain. You will profit from Grand Design's renowned industry-leading insulation and construction in addition to the interior design's updated elements. A 30,000 BTU furnace, R-30 floor insulation, R-40 roof insulation, and R-7 wall insulation will provide your family with plenty of warmth. You get some fantastic views of the countryside and a light, airy feeling throughout the entire RV thanks to the wide panoramic windows. The kitchens have huge microwaves, 3-burner stoves, and double-door refrigerators, making them ideal for preparing any meal. The bathrooms have spacious residential showers and medicine cupboards with real glass mirrors. The queen-size bed in the master bedroom has under-bed storage and a sliding cargo tray. Additionally, there are 110v outlets and USB charging ports in the closet cubby storage.

2024 Grand Design Imagine travel trailer inventory

2024 Grand Design Imagine why buy

Why Buy?

The 2024 Grand Design Imagine series for Sale Oklahoma City Norman Edmond OK is the perfect travel trailer for the growing family, or the couple looking to get out and explore. Backed by Grand Designs industry leading warranty, owners have a secure peace of mind when traveling with Imagine. Bolstered by their knowledge of having one of the best trailers on the market, they can travel and enjoy the wide open spaces for years and years. What makes a Grand Design Imagine worth buying? If you want something that is not only lightweight but also useful and well-made, this is a great alternative.The abundance of practical features in this trailer will make camping with your family a breeze. Thanks to Grand Design's recognized industry-leading build quality, which also keeps you cool in the summer, you and your family will be comfortable in cooler climates.

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