2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX

2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM inventory

2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM Sanger Decatur Prosper TX


The 2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is a brand-new addition to the Grand Design family of travel trailers. The AIM series is the only single axle trailer that Grand Design has ever created, and it boasts four distinct lightweight floorplans that are designed to enhance both efficiency and mobility. One of the main goals of the AIM series was to be able to be pulled by a variety of different types of vehicles, and this goal has been attained. The AIM's starting dry weight of less than 3,600 pounds allows it to be pulled by a wide range of smaller trucks and SUVs. This makes it possible for more families to enjoy camping activities. Despite being lighter, Imagine AIM's usability and performance are unaffected in any manner. AIM has all of the opulent conveniences that one would expect from a product bearing the Grand Design brand. The floorplans are small, yet there is still enough space to enjoy camping.

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2023 Grand Design Imagine AIM floorplans


The 2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM series for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX has four distinct floor plans that are ideal for campers who like to enjoy the great outdoors but also appreciate residential style features. They definitely have the best of both worlds with this series. There is no slide out in either of the two smallest floor plans, the 15BH or the 15RB. A single bathroom and a bunkhouse can be found at the very back of the 15BH. As soon as you go through the front door, the kitchen and booth dinette will be on your right, and the bunk house and bathroom will be on your left. The restroom at the back of the 15RB is significantly larger than the bathroom in the 15BH, proving quite a bit more floorplace. The queen-sized Murphy bed is located to the right of the entrance to the trailer in the front cap, and there is a significant amount of storage space all around the bed. You will find your kitchen and dining space to the left of the entrance, and from there you will be able to access the bathroom. Each of these units is 19 feet and 11 inches long and makes efficient use of the space it possesses. Although the 16ML is just 20 feet long and the 18BH is 21 feet and 11 inches long, they both have the same gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), at 4,795 lbs. The floor plan of the 16ML is very similar to that of the 15RB; however, it offers a little bit more space and a tri-fold sofa that slides out to provide an additional sleeping area. A queen-size bed measuring 60 inches by 80 inches has taken the place of the Murphy bed. The slide in the 18BH may be pulled out to make extra room in the kitchen, and when it is, the stove and refrigerator are located on the slide. In addition, rather than a conventional dining table, this unit features a table top dinette set, very much like in a bar. The fold-up bed is located to the right of the entryway in the front cap of the RV when you enter the 18BH. On the left, you'll find your table top dinette and the kitchen that flows into the bunkhouse, which is right next to the bathroom. You're guaranteed to fall in love with one of the four floor plans in this collection.

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2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM exterior


The 2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM series for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX has an outside as interesting as the interior. In the front, you have a motorized tongue jack with two 20-pound propane tanks. On the side that is designated for outdoor cooking, you will find a propane fast connect and a slide out griddle. This allows you to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner while taking in the scenery. On top of that, you have an awning that is 12 feet 6 inches long and can be extended to 14 feet in length. Azdel is used in the building of AIM, which weighs approximately fifty percent less than wood at the same thickness, contributing to the overall weight reduction of this trailer. Azdel is a superb product since it is resistant to mold, mildew, rotting, and warping, in addition to providing good thermal insulation. Insulation for the flooring is R-30, compared to R-7 for the walls and R-40 for the roof. You may wash your dogs or clean your dirty boots by going to the spray port at the back of the camper. You'll also see that each trailer has a 150-pound hitch and is pre-wired for a backup camera in the back. The big rear cargo door of the 15BH can also be accessed from the camper's left side. You will have access to a fresh water fill and a black tank flush on the camper's business side. The black tank flush is used to wipe out the waste from the tanks. This side of the camper also houses the universal docking port for your electrical equipment.

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2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM interior


The 2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM series for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is intended to be a more comfortable and spacious interior. Grand Design used every square inch of the travel trailer to create an ambiance that feels like home. For the taller people, the interior ceiling height of 78 inches provides enough head room to move freely around the camper. Because of the camper's enormous panoramic windows that wrap around it, you can appreciate nature while still enjoying the creature comforts of your RV. Imagine AIM is fully equipped with a range of comforts, including premium home appliances, a television, plush seats, and mattresses. Grand Design uses better materials than many of its rivals when it comes to the building of its trailers. even the cabinetry, which among its numerous features has elements like solid drawer fronts and ball bearing full extension glides. Every AIM comes with a cooktop with two burners and a microwave convection oven as standard equipment. A coffee machine or crockpot can be installed on the excess area on the countertop, which can also be used for food preparation. You shouldn't be concerned about storage space because this camper has more than enough room for you and your family to pack everything you need for a weekend camping excursion.

2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM inventory

2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM why buy

Why Buy?

The 2024 Grand Design Imagine AIM for Sale Sanger Decatur Prosper TX is the best option for you to consider If you want to go camping in comfort while using a more compact RV. Because Imagine AIM weighs less than other similar products, transporting it will be easier if you only have a smaller truck or SUV. You are free to relax knowing that this lightweight travel trailer with a single axle will accomplish all of the goals you have set out for it. Grand Design upholds the same level of perfection for which it is renowned, therefore the shopping experience is unaffected by the lower price tag that is attached to the goods. Your weekend camping vacations will be a lot of fun when you bring this RV along because it can sleep up to four people comfortably and has plenty of room inside for you to keep all of your possessions. Visit Imagine AIM to see all it has to offer.

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