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Grand Design Imagine AIM


The 2023 Grand Design Imagine AIM Travel Trailers for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX were added after the success of the larger Imagine campers became apparent. The Imagine AIM, which stands for "Adventure in Motion," was made for owners who wanted a lightweight trailer with all the great features Grand Design is known for but at a lower price. This unique travel trailer has four different floor plans, all of which are very lightweight. The lower weight means that a larger number of potential clients have access to these compact models.  As usual, Grand Design doesn't skimp on features like modern residential cabinetry, a walk-in shower with a skylight, a double-door refrigerator, and more. The Image AIM series blazes it own path, and is perfect if you want a smaller, lighter camper that is full of high-end features and budget friendly.

Grand Design AIM floorplans


The 2023 Grand Design Imagine AIM travel trailers for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX have four different floor plans, and are great for campers who want to enjoy the great outdoorswith all the comforts of home. The 15BH and 15RB are the two smallest layouts, and neither of them has a slide out. In the back of the 15BH is a small bathroom and a bunkhouse. When you walk in, the kitchen and booth dinette will be to your right, and the bunk house and bathroom will be to your left. The 15RB has a larger bathroom in the rear that span the full width of the trailer. It features a large linen cabinet as well as a oversink cabinet, for even more storage, and a large shower with a skylight. When you first enter, the queen-sized Murphy bed is to the right in the front cap. When not needed, it can be folded up, and provides a flip out couch with storage cabinets beneath. On the left is where your kitchen and dining area are, and from there you can get to the bathroom. Both of these units are 19'11" long and make the most of the space they have. The 16ML is 20 feet long and the 18BH is 21 feet and 11 inches long, and both keep the total weight down for ease of towing. The layout of the 16ML is the same as the 15RB, but it has a little more space and a tri-fold sofa in a slide-out for extra sleeping space. The Murphy bed has been replaced with a 60x80 queen bed. For more room in the kitchen, the 18BH pulls out its slide to put the refrigerator and stove on it. This unit also has a bar-style table top dinette instead of a traditional dinner table. When you walk into the 18BH, your queen-size murphy bed is to the right in the RV's front cap. On the left is your dinette, and a huge kitchen that flows into the bunkhouse, which is next to the bathroom. You are sure to fall in love with one of this trailer's four floor plans.


The interior of the 2023 Grand Design Imagine AIM for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX was fashioned to be both spacious and relaxing, with no sacrifice to practicality. Everything about the travel trailer was designed by Grand Design to make you feel comfortable. The internal ceiling height of 78" should be sufficient for the headroom needs of even the tallest passengers. The camper's large wraparound windows make it easy to take in the scenery without giving up any of the conveniences of home. Grand Design paid close attention to details like these, including amenities like high-quality appliances, a TV, and plush chairs and beds. Grand Design, unlike most other manufacturers, uses high-quality components in their trailers. All the way down to the cabinetry, which makes use of solid wood for the fronts and stiles of the drawers and the cabinets, as well as ball bearings for the entire range of the hinges. Each unit has a convection microwave and a stovetop with two burners. If you choose for a stove with just two burners, they free up more counter space for other appliances like coffee makers and slow cookers. This camper has more than enough space for a family of four to take a weekend camping vacation without worrying about where to put everything.


Everything about 2023 Grand Design Imagine AIM travel trailers for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX is interesting. At the very front, you will find your motorized tongue jack and two 20-pound gas tanks. On the camping side of the RV, a pull-out griddle is equipped with a propane quick-connect, allowing you to use any of your portable grills while on the go. Your 12'6" awning extends out to 14 feet from the ceiling. Compared to wood of same thickness, the lightweight Azdel used in AIM's construction weighs around half as much. Azdel's excellent insulating properties and resistance to mildew, mold, rot, and warp make it a fantastic building material. The ceiling is insulated to R-40, the walls to R-7, and the main floor to R-30. If you go around the back of your camper, you'll discover a handy spray port where you can wash off your dirty shoes or your pet. The trailers all have a 150-pound hitch and a place in the back for a backup camera. The 15BH will include a large luggage door in the back that can be opened from either the right or left side of the camper. You'll find the camper's fresh water fill and black tank flush on the vehicle's utilitarian side. This side of the RV is also home to your universal docking station.

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2023 Grand Design Imagine AIM

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The 2023 Grand Design Imagine AIM Travel Trailers for Sale Fort Worth Weatherford Arlington TX is perfect for you if you have a smaller pickup or SUV. If you need a compact trailer, and yet want to go camping in luxury, your search is over. You may be certain that this lightweight single axle travel trailer will meet all of your requirements. The lower cost does not reflect any reduction in the premium quality for which Grand Design is renowned. Your weekend camping adventures will be a fun with this RV since it can sleep up to four people comfortably and has plenty of room for your gear.

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